Making Changes
Stages In Healing Quiz

1. Denial is the first stage if healing:
True False ..... more @ Psychological Stages Of Healingtrue

2. Blame and anger are evidence of the second stage(out of 5) of healing:
True False ..... more @ Psychological Denial and Blametrue

3. When making changes, small steps are usually the most effective:
True False ..... more @ true

4. "Impossible" successes often result from pretending (or visualization):
True False ..... more @ true

5. Procrastination is both: often necessary and often a trap---
True False ..... more @ true

6. To change the world, the maxim "think globally, act locally" is most appropriate:
True False ..... more @ true

7. To change others, being angry, critical and demanding of them is the best choice:
True False ..... more @ false

8. Self-criticism is a useful self help tool:
True False ..... more @ Self Criticismfalse

9. The choice between doing nothing or taking action is often difficult; if you are BOTHERED, it is best to take some action, however small:
True False ..... more @ true

10. Our intentions to read many books or to complete many projects often rob us of energy to accomplish such intentions. Get rid of most of your intentions!:
True False ..... more @ true

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Answers: (False: 7, 8) (All Others True)