The following excerpt is from the self help
psychology book, Be Your Own Therapist.

The book, Creative Imagery by William Fezler Ph.D., is highly recommended. Just by following along with his images, your creativity and joie de vivre will flourish. As a sample, read the following Creative Imagery Beach Scene (Fezler 1989, 45) into your tape machine and listen to it several times, creating in your mind your own images:

"...You are now going to take a sensory voyage. You are going to construct a scene in your mind's eye so vivid it will be as if you are actually there.

You are walking along the beach. It's mid-July; very, very hot; five o'clock in the afternoon. The sun is getting low on the horizon although it has not yet begun to set. The sky is a brilliant blue, the sun a blazing yellow. Feel the heat from the sun against your face; feel the warmth of its rays against your skin.

You are barefoot. Feel the hot, dry sand beneath your feet. Walk closer to the water. Feel the wet, cold, firmly packed sand beneath your feet.

Hear the beating of the waves, the rhythmic crashing, back and forth, to and fro, of the water against the sand. Hear the loud, high cries of the gulls circling overhead."

Go after spontaniety, creativity, playfulness, fun and laughter now! Don't wait for some unlikely time in the future.

The above is just one small sample, which I hope whets your appetite for more. Practicing images can prove invaluable in the promotion of creativity, spontaneity, fun, playfulness and laughter. I recommend Dr. Fezler's book for two additional reasons: (1)it teaches self-hypnosis and (2)it explains other ways for you to help heal yourself of all sorts of psychological difficulties.

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