Sex & The Catholic Church

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Catholic clients often have sexual difficulties that are largely caused by the current teachings of the church. Hope seems to spring eternal in them that the church will somehow eventually make sense in sexual matters. However, that seems unlikely, given the fact that a major goal of those making the church rules is celibacy. Why would anyone expect sexual sanity from those who were pursuing (or cheating on) a goal of celibacy? Denying oneself such an important part of human functioning, one's sexuality, leads to much compensatory behavior (i.e., "saving" others, judging others, trying to feel good by doing good, alcoholism, etc).
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We generally do NOT choose our sexual preferences. We choose to act on them, but sexual arousal is rarely a choice for us. It is either there in certain circumstances or it is not.

The desire to increase church membership also currently leads to condemnation of birth control. The church needs to get the message that no-birth-control just equals poverty. Instead, the church often blames the industrialized nations for not giving much of their wealth to the poorer nations. This blame helps the church remain in Stage I denial of any responsibility on the church's part for keeping poor nations poor.

To agree completely with the Catholic church in sexual matters just seems to lead to personal unhappiness. Therefore, most of my clients choose to disagree with the church's sexual promulgations while retaining their faith. They come to believe that (1)the church is peopled by fallible human beings and that (2)instead of swallowing some rather crazy sexual stuff, they have a personal responsibility to evaluate what those fallible humans in the church hierarchy might be saying.

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The ultimate in self responsibility: Wherever I am unhappy, there is where I need to change myself. Most of us blame others.

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