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Differences in the definition of "sexual experience" have led in recent times to significant miscommunication about Rape. It has become common to say that Rape is not a sexual experience. Such a statement makes sense to most women, who identify with the helplessness facing such an inhuman power trip and with the pain of being so tortured. Typically, there is not one ounce of sexual pleasure. It feels like torture and is torture. The experience does not feel sexual. On the other hand, many men disbelieve the words, "Rape is not a sexual experience." Their gut reaction is, "of course it is a sexual experience!" If one defines "sexual experience" as an experience involving the genitalia, their reaction is valid. Obviously, "sexual experience" is being defined differently.

Even simple-appearing trauma knots are often complex, usually resisting being untied with a few simple insights or quick fixes.

A current question asked by some men reveals that they don't understand some current feminist thinking. The question is, "How can there be no distinctions between Rape, date-Rape and husband Rape?" Fortunately, many women are now speaking out about the obvious distinctions.

It has become virtually impossible to voice any differing ideas about this emotionally volatile subject (Rape) without being labeled as insensitive or worse. There are differing opinions out there, but as in the case of the pro-life/ pro-choice clash, genuine discussion and acceptance of differences (which might lead to positive joint action) seems to be prevented by the emotional volatility.

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Labeling one another as straight, gay, bisexual, etc seems very important to many. But it can be a trap because of lack of clearcut distinctions and lack of awareness that sometimes our desires will change over time.

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