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If you have the impulse to search out Sex Therapy for a sexual problem, do so. However, there are two elements of most such therapies that you may do yourself which may prove helpful:

(1)Education about body sexual parts may be accomplished by reading and/or by exploration with a willing partner.

(2)An early feature of Sex Therapy is often the touching and massaging of one's partner. At first sexual parts are avoided and then approached days later only if the massage goes well.

If you have the impulse to seek out Sex Therapy for a sexual problem, do so. Such therapy is often efficient and relatively rapid.

Often specific books on sexuality will be helpful. For men or women, I suggest New Male Sexuality by Bernie Zilbergeld and For Yourself: The Fulfillment of Female Sexuality by Lonnie Barbach.

A Tip for Men Making Love to Women
The old talk of a vaginal orgasm is considered bunk by many experts today. You men reading this will understand what many women want most, if you understand that the woman's vagina is like your testicles, enjoyable and important sexually. But without significant stimulation of the clitoris (analogous to your penis) orgasm and maximum sexual pleasure are not likely.

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Women, on average, make many life choices that contribute to their incomes being lower than those of men.

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