Women And Men Will Never Be The Same Sexually

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In recent years it has become popular to believe that if only those of the opposite sex would get rid of their hangups, they would act sexually like me. Wrong.

While men and women are often the same, obviously it is in the sexual area of existence that we are often most different from each other.

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In an ideal society without sexism, men and women would have, on average:
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(1)Different hormones coursing through our veins usually make men more interested in sex all the time and women potentially more emotionally volatile during PMS-time.

(2) The tendency for women and men to favor different sides of the brain causes (on the average) more female talking interest and more male sexual interest.

(3) Our bodies are different and do respond somewhat differently during sex.

It is our choice, to celebrate our sexual differences or to remain unhappy complainers about the opposite sex.

Because women and men favor different sides of the brain, it is not desirable that equal numbers of each sex be in most job categories. Equal opportunity, however, is HIGHLY desirable.

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