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(Pornography Excerpt Continued)

Because so many pornographic scenes are chauvinistic, some believe that pornography must be correlated with increased abuse or maltreatment of women by the men who enjoy the pornography. This has not proven true.

Most men's fantasies when they look at porn have not been shown to involve power or domination over the porn star or other women. Therefore, why would one expect a correlation between porn and violence toward women? Pornography has been a favorite area for some women to blame men, saying men don't respect women's sensitivity and hurt feelings about pornography. Such women are not even to the stage of understanding that their upset responses of hurt feelings and bruised sensitivities regarding pornography are their problems.
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Yes, many men do search out porn for immature or fear-of-relationship reasons, but that does not mean that women need to continue feeling upset about such men. For there will always be many immature and relationship-fearing men. It has become popular for some women to make a blanket judgment of porn as "immaturity." They would understand far better if they talked with their sisters who have for medical reasons received testosterone shots. The hormone testosterone drives a person to much increased levels of (1)sexual interest, (2)erotic fantasies, and (3)sexual activity. Searching out pornography to discharge these increased sexual levels of interest seems to make sense for many. If pornography bothers you, I suggest looking within at your own discomfort to see how you could change your unhappiness. There has always been (remember Pompeii?) and will always be pornography at some level or another out there. Do you wish to remain unhappy about it forever?

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