Achieving A Calmer Pornography Viewpoint

The following excerpt is from the self help
psychology book, Be Your Own Therapist.

Some societal groups keep on hoping that something dreadful will be proven about pornography so that it can be banished. To their discomfort nothing dreadful has been found. These groups would do well to examine themselves, for discomfort about an issue like pornography always speaks worlds about those so discomfited.

The religious groups with strong opposition to pornography usually teach much repression of sexuality to their members. The Puritan ethic was mentioned earlier, and the Catholic influence will be discussed later in this chapter. In these groups, full expression of one's sexuality is not OK, and approved sexuality is narrowly defined within strict limits. Such groups often have no idea how destructive they are psychologically to their members who have different sexual orientations.
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Most who believe that pornography degrades women are typically trapped by one of the following unhappy beliefs: (1)that one person can actually degrade another (see Chapter 9 for more about degrading), (2)that many aspects of sex between consenting adults are still not OK or (3)the only OK sex is in a long-term committed relationship. To change these ideas probably will require elimination of some beliefs learned in early childhood. The women involved in pornography may be degraded to some, but not necessarily in their own eyes. Many female porno stars treat it like a job.

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