Best Online Schizophrenia Therapist Near Me. Therapy for Schizophrenia from Childhood Trauma.

Children that experience traumatic events during childhood before the age of 16 are three times more likely or prone to develop psychological challenges or become psychotic as a result.

The more severe the trauma, the higher the likelihood of developing life-threatening challenges later on in life.

It has been found that the type of trauma experienced in childhood heavily determines the specific psychotic signals or symptoms that develop later in life.

 Schizophrenia from childhood trauma can cause exceptionally damaging effects, when left untreated by a specialist in schizophrenia, most times develop into unmanageable and detrimental psychological challenges.

Connecting to a specialist to assist you with dealing with your trauma to better take care of your schizophrenia is a safe option.

It is strongly advised when choosing a specialist for you that you are willing to accept and acknowledge the help you need and deserve.

Schizophrenia Therapist Near Me

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How do I find a good therapist specializing in schizophrenia?

We understand that this journey can be very overwhelming and daunting.  We have worked timeously with schizophrenia specialists to ensure that we are able to connect you to the best possible therapist specializing in schizophrenia to allow you to feel safe, protected, and in the best hands to begin your therapy.

Connect to your choice of a schizophrenia specialist that will help you through understanding the connection and effects of childhood trauma and schizophrenia with BetterHelp.

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BetterHelp has been fortunate enough to help thousands of individuals that had been experiencing and struggling to manage the same challenges. We can guarantee that you are in good hands and well on your way to healing.

In comparison to traditional methods of therapy, BetterHelp online therapy sessions are highly affordable, convenient, and effective.

Our team of therapists and specialists are available and accessible for your convenience, with the simple dial of a button or a click of a finger, whenever and wherever you are.

We have curated a one-step signup,  answer this questionnaire carefully, and shortly thereafter you will be given a selection of the most appropriate and eligible schizophrenia therapists we feel are most suitable for you based on your answers.

Make sure that you choose a schizophrenia therapist that is not only experienced, trained, and certified to be able to guide and assist you best in your current situation but also makes you feel as comfortable and safe as possible.

What is schizophrenia from childhood trauma in adults?

Childhood trauma:

Childhood trauma is a conscious or unconscious disruptive emotional reaction to a terrible life-changing event or experience.

Experiencing trauma during adolescence has numerous emotional, mental, and even psychological effects. The nature of the trauma you have experienced determines how your brain processes and categorized the event.

In most cases individuals that develop schizophrenia as a result of childhood trauma were not able to process the emotional trauma, as a consequence, your brain stores the shock from the trauma and causes PTSD which later if left unresolved, develops into more severe psychological challenges.

Schizophrenia in adults is a severe neuropsychiatric disorder that causes persisting symptoms throughout their lives.

Schizophrenia from childhood trauma is associated with multiple severe episodes, consistent negative emotions, and cognitive deficits.

Unresolved childhood trauma causes severe distress that renders individuals to be more vulnerable or susceptible to developing schizophrenia.    

If you feel that you have schizophrenia or are at risk of developing schizophrenia, we advise you to please connect to a schizophrenia and childhood trauma specialist as soon as possible.

Indicators of schizophrenia:


Usually involves hearing or seeing things that don’t exist. For someone with schizophrenia, this usually impacts and affects their daily reality, making it extremely hard to decipher reality and augmentation.

Hallucinations can either mean hearing voices or sounds or seeing things.


False beliefs that are highly unrealistic and not based on reality. Delusions lead you to believe things like you are being harmed or under attack when nothing is happening. You are paranoid about conversations and comments in conversations being aimed at you.

Schizophrenia can cause delusions that are catastrophic.

Negative symptoms

Reduced or lack of ability to function normally. Sometimes people will even neglect personal hygiene or have an apparent lack of emotion – no eye contact or empathy during conversion.

Extremely disorganized or abnormal motor behavior

Someone with schizophrenia starts to exhibit childlike reactions when it comes to having to do chores or reacting to instructions. It becomes hard to function normally, leaving them vulnerable and unable to behave appropriately in social or public settings.

Symptoms of schizophrenia are heavily dependent on the individual and the severity of the trauma experienced.

Not everyone will experience the same type of schizophrenia from childhood trauma. That is why we insist that you connect with a therapist specializing in childhood trauma and schizophrenia that will guide you through what happens when schizophrenia occurs in childhood.

Causes of childhood-onset schizophrenia

There is no clear cause of how schizophrenia in childhood occurs, many studies have been done to figure out when and how childhood-onset schizophrenia occurs as a result of childhood trauma.

It has been said that it develops the same way that adult schizophrenia does.

When someone experiences trauma in childhood, there is a disruption in the chemical balance of the brain, including neurotransmitters called dopamine and glutamine which can cause or contribute to the development of schizophrenia.


There are multiple high-risk factors associated with childhood-onset schizophrenia, however, as the precise cause has not yet been identified, there are contributing factors:

  1. A family with a history of schizophrenia
  2. Older age of the father
  3. Increased immune system activation – inflammation
  4. Pregnancy or birth complications – malnutrition or exposure to viruses affecting the brain
  5. Mind-altering drugs or psychoactive drugs in teenage years

If left untreated, childhood-onset schizophrenia can cause complications and consequences later in life that could be life-threatening:

  1. Mental illness – suicide attempts or behavior
  2. Self-harm
  3. Anxiety or stress-related disorders, panic disorders, or OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder)
  4. Severe depression
  5. Self-isolation
  6. Disrupted or dysfunctional family settings or dynamics
  7. Distressed personal relationships
  8. Inability to live alone or independently
  9. Health and medical problems
  10. Legal or financial problems
  11. Aggressive behavior

How does online therapy for schizophrenia from childhood trauma work?

It’s important to realize that your challenges are not bigger than you.  Although they may seem unmanageable, it is in your best interest to start your healing process with a schizophrenia specialist to help you through understanding the causes of childhood-onset schizophrenia.

The therapist will guide you with security through learning how schizophrenia from childhood can affect your life as an adult, as well as healing the childhood trauma linked to schizophrenia.

BetterHelp has taken the time out to train each of our schizophrenia and childhood trauma specialists to the best of our ability to ensure that we offer you the most affordable, personal, and effective trauma therapy sessions we can.

Schizophrenia from Childhood Trauma

How will therapy for schizophrenia from childhood trauma help me to heal and enhance my life?

One of the best benefits of BetterHelp online methods of therapy is that we have made it possible for you to always have the advantage of 24-hour direct access to your schizophrenia therapist who you can schedule sessions with based completely on your availability.

BetterHelp online trauma therapy sessions are affordable and convenient and it’s all from the comfort of your home.

Having online childhood trauma and schizophrenia sessions gives you the benefit of being completely comfortable, stress, and anxiety-free.

You are always safe, acknowledged, and guided by BetterHelp childhood trauma therapists.

No worries about travel time and having to rearrange your life to fit in a session, and to be able to reach out when you need a dose of comfort or motivation or just someone to talk to, they’re there, whenever and however you need it.

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