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codependent narcissist relationship

Narcissism is a personality disorder that causes someone to be deeply insecure, in constant need of validation from those around them, and struggle with low self-esteem. In a codependent narcissist relationship, it is common to find that a narcissist will put themselves first, making a codependent relationship more toxic and draining for the codependent partner. When a narcissist is in a codependent relationship, they enjoy being taken care of and being the center of attention all the time. It becomes an addictive cycle for both the narcissist and codependent partner.

It is unfortunate when this pair comes together, a codependent narcissist relationship is known to be extremely unhealthy. Although it may seem like a perfect match, because a codependent will always feel validated by meeting all their narcissistic partner’s needs, they will never learn healthy boundaries or rebuild their self-esteem or individuality. On the other hand, the narcissistic partner will continue to enjoy being tended to and fail to be mutually interdependent.

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What is a narcissistic codependent relationship?

A narcissist codependent relationship has a lot more in common than we think. Because both codependent and narcissistic people lack confidence and self-esteem, this dynamic provides a sense of purpose and fulfillment for both partners. However, it is an unhealthy way of maintaining a relationship. In a narcissistic codependent relationship, a narcissist will feel a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment from the codependent’s constant caretaking. As a result, the codependent partner will often feel a sense of purpose and receive validation from their acts of caretaking. This cycle of codependency does not allow either of the partners to grow or heal from unhealthy attachment habits and behaviors. Instead, it becomes toxic and negatively impacts one or both partners’ mental and emotional well-being.

Can a narcissist codependent relationship work?

This kind of relationship requires hard work to break codependency. If one or both partners are codependent, you will need to develop healthier habits of interdependence. Because both narcissists and codependents struggle with an undefined self, they don’t have a true identity of who they are and heavily depend on the opinion and appraisal of those around them.

How do you know the signs of a codependent narcissist relationship?

The narcissist codependent relationship can become emotionally abusive if not managed accordingly. Because both partners rely excessively on each other’s approval, it makes the narcissist and the codependent incapable of positive self-worth. Consequently, this can result in long-term emotional distress, anxiety, and depression which is known to complicate further challenges.

These are common signs of a codependent narcissist relationship.

  1. One or both partners feel anxious, fearful, or on edge when they are separated.
  2. Heavily reliant on the relationship and partner for validation of self-worth, self-esteem, and confidence.
  3. You or your partner assume that the other person’s problems are yours too.
  4. There is always an excuse or justification for bad or negative behavior.
  5. You feel bad for putting yourself first or doing something just for you.
  6. One or both partners needs to control the other.
  7. There are weak or no boundaries and privacy.
  8. There is an emotional imbalance between you and your partner.
  9. The codependent partner is likely to be exploited for their good nature.
  10. The narcissistic partner lacks empathy for their partner.

Codependent narcissistic relationships can be potentially damaging and cause severely negative impacts on both partners. We encourage you to seek professional advice from a trained codependency therapist.

Can a codependent and narcissistic relationship work?

According to codependency therapists and marriage counselors, a codependent and narcissistic relationship has the potential to work. However, it is extremely challenging to maintain a healthy balance between both partners. When dealing with a narcissist, you have to be aware that narcissistic personality disorder in itself comes with a large degree of selfishness. With a codependent, there is a contrasting vast amount of selflessness. When the two combine and make a narcissist codependent relationship – naturally there will be challenges.

There are indeed ways to make a codependent narcissistic relationship work.

For the codependent in the relationship, it is suggested to try these steps:

  1. Focus on yourself. You need to rebuild your self-esteem, confidence, and individuality.
  2. Identify the root causes and triggers of your codependent habits and behaviors.
  3. Realize and accept that you cannot always be there every time your partner needs you.
  4. Practice being assertive, this way you will be able to say no if anyone is taking advantage of you or if you are uncomfortable doing what is asked of you.
  5. Learn to set firm boundaries. Setting boundaries will help you rebuild strength, slowly you will become more comfortable voicing your true feelings and opinions.
  6. Do things for yourself. Be active outside the relationship, this will help you maintain your interests and keep you feeling strong and happy.

For the narcissist in the relationship.

  1. You should practice ways to become more self-confident, this will build your self-esteem and resilience.
  2. Understand and accept that your partner cannot be there all the time. You will need to learn to reassure and affirm yourself at times.
  3. Learn to manage your challenges by yourself. This can help you maintain stability when your partner cannot be there for you.
  4. Practice positive affirmations. In times of self-doubt, it is helpful to be able to pick yourself up and reassure yourself that you are loved and worthy of love.
  5. Let go of unrealistic expectations of your partner.
  6. Create healthy boundaries for yourself that do not invade your partner’s wellbeing or make them compromise their morals and values to accommodate you.

Couples in a codependent narcissist relationship are encouraged to seek professional guidance from a codependency therapist. The aim of this is to allow both partners to freely express their fears, concerns, and vulnerabilities. A codependency therapist can help both partners effectively overcome unhealthy attachment habits and create a mutually interdependent relationship.

There is always room for healing and a way forward.

Can I change a codependent and narcissistic relationship?

Because a codependent and narcissist relationship is primarily based on both partners’ desire to be loved, low self-esteem, and need for validation – it is challenging for this pair to create a healthy relationship. Although it seems that because the codependency cycle cannot be broken, changing a codependent narcissistic relationship seems impossible.

To change a codependent and narcissistic relationship and create a healthy and happy relationship, both partners need to admit to negative habits that have developed in the relationship.

Therapy for codependency is an effective method for couples in a codependent narcissist relationship. Through private sessions with a professional codependency therapist, you will learn how to identify the root causes of codependency and narcissism. This is the first and most important step when learning how to change a codependent and narcissistic relationship.

Being able to identify individual past trauma that may have triggered either codependency or narcissism can help you heal and let go of unresolved challenges that cause negative impacts on your marriage or relationship.

In a codependent and narcissistic relationship, it is crucial to heal the problem from the root instead of trying to fix your partner. As a result, you will both learn how to develop and maintain a healthier relationship.

Take note of these steps that can help you change a codependent narcissist relationship.

  1. Identify negative codependent and narcissistic behaviors that have developed throughout the marriage.
  2. Both partners need to acknowledge and talk about these behaviors.
  3. Set clear and strong boundaries to ensure that both partners are not being taken advantage of.
  4. In times of crisis or conflict, try not to revert to bad habits and handle the situation from an objective standpoint.
  5. Focus on individual improvement and healing instead of trying to fix your partner.
  6. Identify the codependent cycle.
  7. Take note of internal and external triggers, and develop methods that can help you self-regulate instead of reacting negatively.
  8. Consider going for talk therapy with a codependent therapist or marriage counselor.

Couples who are in a codependent narcissist relationship will struggle to break away from codependency. Although it may be offering one or both partners a sense of love, acceptance, and validation – it is an unhealthy dynamic to continue. Over time the cycle of codependency and narcissism can be extremely damaging to both partners’ mental and emotional well-being. To avoid these negative impacts, we advise couples to seek professional guidance from a codependency therapist.

How does Online therapy for codependency work?

Regain online codependency therapy offers couples private, professional, and effective therapy sessions with a certified and experienced codependency therapist. You have the advantage of conducting individual sessions or couple sessions, this allows you to comfortably discuss intimate challenges in a safe space. Regain online codependent therapy allows you to develop personalized healing methods that will help you and your partner build a stronger, more balanced, and healthier relationship. Regain online methods of codependency therapy are affordable, convenient, and highly effective.

How will Online therapy for codependency help me fix my relationship?

Online codependency therapy sessions are entirely based on your availability and comfort. You have the advantage to plan and schedule your sessions as you wish. Not only can you conduct high-quality professional therapy from your chosen safe space, but you can also choose a codependency therapist that you feel most comfortable with. You will learn about the possible past trauma that may have triggered codependency or narcissism. Your codependent therapist will guide you through healing and overcoming unresolved challenges.

Fixing and changing a codependent narcissist relationship isn’t easy, it is an emotional journey that requires educated advice, guidance, and support. Regain codependency therapists are experienced and capable of helping you heal.

Reclaim your life and build a happy, healthy, and loving relationship.

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