Is She Feeling Confused about Her Gender? Find an Excellent Online Gender Therapist to Help Her.

I am concerned about my daughter. She is confused about her gender.

Not long ago, my daughter came to me and asked me why she doesn’t feel like a girl. She was highly upset by the fact that she had to wear dresses and visit the women’s bathroom when that was not how she felt on the inside.

I thought that it would pass and she would gain confidence and comfort in living as her biological sex. However, I found her in the middle of a meltdown one day sitting in front of her bedroom mirror. She was crying hysterically and trying to explain how uncomfortable she feels every day.

I want to help her, I hate seeing my daughter in so much pain. Her friends have started leaving her out of fun activities and calling her terrible names. My husband and I desperately wanted to intervene but we had no clue where to start, what to say, or how to help.

A close friend of mine was explaining to me that her son experienced the same thing not long ago. She then shared with me that she had done the research and found someone that could help. When she suggested online gender therapy, I knew that I had to get my daughter connected with an excellent gender therapist online.

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How did I find an excellent Online Gender Therapist?

My husband and I spent hours doing research on gender dysphoria and how to best help our daughter. Because we were unsure of how to help my daughter, I took my friend’s advice and visited Pride Counseling

We read through all the information on gender dysphoria and it made sense that our daughter was experiencing this. We immediately signed her up. 

A few hours later just before our daughter returned from school, we had been matched with the most excellent gender therapist. Before introducing our daughter, we had a video chat session with the therapist. We asked questions and discussed why she is confused about her gender and what feelings of gender dysphoria can feel like. 

We felt extremely helpless but our gender therapist online reassured us that our daughter is in safe hands. Thereafter, our daughter had a one-on-one session with the gender therapist. 

It was amazing that after just one session, moreover, she could sit down and talk to us about her feelings of gender dysphoria easily. 

It became a priority to get involved and educate ourselves about how we can assist our daughter. We saw that we could join online therapy for LGBTQ. There is a wide variety of LGBTQ-friendly services that are offered. From Christian counselors for gender dysphoria, ROGD therapists, and LGBTQ-affirming therapists. This offered reassurance, additionally, gave us plenty of confidence in the platform and specialists.

Get matched with a Pride Counseling Online Gender Therapist.

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions. Start by filling out this survey in it’s entirety.

Singing up to get matched with your online gender therapist is simple. Visit the website Pride Counseling and complete the short questionnaire carefully. This questionnaire is used to identify how best the counseling team can help you.

Within a couple of hours to days, you will be matched with an excellent online gender therapist.

Best counseling for feelings of dysphoria – Pride counseling

Ever since finding Pride Counseling, helping my daughter through her gender confusion has been easy.

We never understood what she was experiencing or how we could help her. After getting connected to such an excellent online gender therapist, we have become educated and understanding of the situation.

It is less stressful than having to drive my daughter far out for an in-person therapy session, additionally, it compliments our family routine and that way we can all be supportive of her.

In comparison to in-person methods of therapy, this platform allows her to feel safe, respected, and comfortable: it is highly effective and affordable.  She has direct access to her gender therapist online who she is able to contact frequently through her account profile. She can also choose between four different methods of communication.

Having online gender therapy sessions makes it easier for us to monitor how her sessions are going, as well as, learn how we can best support her.


How does an online gender therapist work?

The sessions with online gender therapy are easy to plan and schedule. After being matched with your therapist, the platform creates a virtual room for convenient communication with your gender therapist. 

You will be given the option to choose between four different communication methods. This is to ensure comfort and convenience.

  1. Live messaging.
  2. Live chat.
  3. Video call.
  4. Phone call.

You are provided with a number that you can use to call your therapist from a landline or cellphone. If you choose any of the other forms of communication, simply log into your account and schedule a time.

Why is Pride Counseling the best service for her if she is confused about her gender?

Before we decided to sign our daughter up for online gender counseling, establishing how to offer support was difficult, additionally, it was extremely painful to be so helpless and witness her suffering. 

When discovering Pride Counseling, we were reassured that the professional, certified and experienced team would be able to offer appropriate support. We learned that choosing this option for our daughter would be the best. The team is well-trained and more importantly, experienced in assisting the LGBTQ community. 

We appreciate that the therapy services are affordable and highly effective. It makes us feel more assured when allowing our daughter to leave the house. She has become more comfortable and secure in her identity now.

Online gender therapy is an excellent option.


My husband and I work full-time, so we required an affordable method of therapy for our daughter.

After researching in-person therapy services, we were shocked to see the price of a one-hour-long session was between $60-$190! It was highly expensive. However, online gender therapy, we pay a membership fee of $60-$90/week which is billed every 4 weeks.. 

For a long-term plan, this was a considerably sensible option for us.

    How will an online gender therapist help substantially improve her life?

    The experience of our daughter’s gender confusion was unbearable. We were unable to comprehend why she was suddenly confused about her gender. It was an eye-opening moment for us to educate ourselves on gender dysphoria and feelings of gender dysphoria. 

    After connecting with the online gender therapist, our concerns were relieved. The change in our daughter was noticeable and she was doing much better. Whenever she starts to show symptoms of gender confusion, she can contact her gender therapist instantly. 

    It is such a consolation to be able to support and guide her through this journey. We highly recommend trying online gender therapy for any parents experiencing a similar circumstance.

    Confused About Her Gender


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