Emotional Effects of Childhood Trauma on Adults. Best Emotional Trauma Therapy Near Me.

The effects of childhood trauma and emotional trauma can be extremely detrimental in adults when left untreated in the long run. Certified emotional trauma psychologists and specialists have completed studies that begged the answer to the question of how childhood trauma and emotional trauma affect adulthood, and the answer was evidently negative as the effects of untreated childhood trauma can cause emotional trauma, PTSD, mental illness, and various other psychological challenges. Childhood trauma and depression psychologist is always highly recommended to make sure that you avoid any further emotional, mental, or psychological damage.  

 Emotional trauma or childhood trauma resulting from a life-altering traumatic event can leave scars that cause a tremendous amount of pain, sometimes resulting in unbearable mental health challenges and even developing into physical illness. If you have started experiencing emotional trauma, depression, or anxiety as a result of trauma. In that case, we urge you to connect to the best emotional trauma specialist to guide you through identifying the signs of emotional trauma in adults, teach you how to avoid the effects of childhood trauma on adults, and help you with navigating through trauma from emotionally abusive relationships and giving you the relevant steps to learn how to heal from childhood emotional trauma.

Effects of Childhood Trauma on Adults

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How do I find a good specialist in emotional trauma therapy near me?

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What is an emotional trauma?

Emotional trauma happens as a result of a traumatic experience which can be caused by a one-off event like a tragic accident, the loss of a loved one, or even a violent experience, whether physical, mental, or emotional. These kinds of events cause a tremendous amount of distress which causes emotional trauma and when left untreated, can lead to psychological challenges like depression. Emotional trauma can leave you feeling extremely anxious, helpless, uneasy, constantly battling with overbearing bad memories, and feeling unsafe.  

 Ongoing emotional trauma is commonly a result of extraordinarily stressful events like living in a dangerous or crime-ridden neighborhood where you never feel safe, sexual abuse or physical violent abuse or terrorism, etc. 

 While traumatic events can happen to anyone if you are already under any kind of stress, experiencing a traumatic event can cause you to be even more traumatized causing a deeper and more challenging amount of emotional trauma.

 Responses to trauma of any kind, whether you have been personally involved or have witnessed any kind of trauma as above mentioned, you may experience some form of emotional response which could look or feel like this:

  • Numbness or emotional absence
  • Rapid and unexplained change of emotional state, from shock – guilt – fear – anger- denial
  • Intense and long periods of sadness and crying
  • Moodiness, from happy to sad, then angry and agitated, or sad and then suddenly tense and anxious
  • Difficulty concentrating or focusing on one thing
  • Constantly replaying the event or having nightmares about it
  • Immediate distress, uneasiness or discomfort when triggered by something that reminds you of the event
  • Self-isolation, social avoidance, and withdrawn behavior from loved ones and arivites

 There is always a way forward to a better, more healed, and reclaimed life. If you have felt that you may need help dealing with emotional trauma or want to start learning how to overcome childhood trauma – BetterHelp online methods of therapy with a trauma specialist near me is your next step.

Signs of emotional trauma in adults?

It is of the utmost importance and in your best interest to identify and acknowledge the signs of emotional trauma in adults in order for you to reach out to an emotional trauma specialist that can help you learn how to heal from emotional trauma.

 How do you know if you have emotional trauma from childhood trauma? Start here with identifying these signs, symptoms, feelings, and emotional reactions:

  1. Physical challenges; extreme exhaustion/fatigue, trouble sleeping, easily frightened or startled, edginess, hypervigilance, rapid heartbeat, bodily aches and pains, muscle tension, unexplained sexual dysfunction, abnormal or irregular appetite.
  2. Psychological concerns; anxiety, panic attacks, irritability, anger, fear, obsessions, disbelief, shock, social detachment, isolation, guilt, shame, and depression.
  3. Behavior changes; Withdrawing from loved ones, family, or friends, social avoidance, withdrawing from enjoyable activities.
  4. Cognitive changes; Difficulty concentrating, intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, nightmares, confusion, or mood swings.

 If you or a loved one are experiencing persistent emotional trauma symptoms, we highly recommend reaching out to an emotional trauma specialist as soon as possible. Avoid and overcome the effects of childhood trauma in adults, and learn how to heal from emotionally abusive relationships that cause emotional trauma and distress, put yourself in a position where you can be knowledgeable on how to heal from emotional trauma and even PTSD in adults from childhood trauma.

How childhood trauma affects adulthood emotionally?

While most adults hope to leave childhood trauma to subside and heal on its own, as a result, end up suffering from trauma-related depression, PTSD, anxiety, and other psychological, physical, and mental challenges.

Childhood trauma can be extremely damaging and cause severe psychological and mental challenges leading to lifelong illnesses if not dealt with correctly. Childhood trauma is common, a report done in the US showed that thousands of people had experienced traumatic life changing events before the age of 16, childhood trauma affects more than two-thirds of children in the US, and over 54% of families had reported that they had experienced traumatic life experiences.

If left untreated or unresolved for a long period of time, childhood trauma and emotional trauma can develop into life-threatening challenges, from psychological illness to physical illness resulting in other areas of your life becoming affected. BetterHelp has the best online childhood trauma and emotional trauma specialists that will help you build the strength to overcome emotional trauma and depression, as well as learn how to heal from emotional trauma as a result of your traumatic experience.

How does online emotional trauma therapy work?

Our process of online methods of therapy has been curated in a way that is affordable, convenient, and effective. With direct access to an emotional trauma specialist near me, you are given the advantage of easy access to your chosen psychologist to schedule sessions based on your availability. No worries about travel time and having to rearrange your life to fit in a session, and to be able to reach out when you need a dose of comfort or motivation or just someone to talk to, they’re there. Your childhood trauma and emotional trauma therapist for adults is there whenever and however you need them.

BetterHelp online methods of therapy are intentionally affordable and convenient and it’s all from the comfort of your home. Having online childhood trauma and emotional trauma therapy sessions gives you the benefit of being completely comfortable, stress, and anxiety-free.

You are always safe, acknowledged, and guided by BetterHelp childhood trauma therapists.

Emotional Trauma Therapy Near Me

How will emotional trauma therapy help me to improve my life?

You will learn how to deal with emotional trauma and the effects that it may have on your day-to-day life, It’s important to heal your challenges in order for you to grow as an individual and take control of your emotions so that it does not affect your ability to enjoy a full, energetic and self-fulfilling life.

 You are immediately putting yourself in a position to get your life back, you are allowing yourself to deal with your challenges directly and learning how to overcome them with the guidance of a certified emotional trauma therapist.

 Dealing with unresolved childhood trauma will teach you a lot about yourself and guide you to becoming the healed person you deserve to be. Release the childhood trauma, let go of the fear holding you hostage and give yourself the chance to heal BetterHelp today.

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