Empath counseling near me. I’m an empath and I need help!

The term “empath” has become extremely popular in recent years. It is used to describe someone with a higher- than- normal degree of empathy, to the point of being an “emotional sponge”.

Being an empath is an overly complex diagnosis.

One common characteristic of empaths is that they absorb other people’s emotional states, affecting their own emotional states.

Being an empath is like being in a catch-22 situation.

Empath counseling near me

Psychology Sessions from Home

Empaths have more emotional awareness of other people and of animals. They are acutely aware of the feeling’s tones, nuances, and current energies states of their surroundings but they have a difficult time suppressing these emotional states. 

Are you an empath or hyper-empathic person?
This is not a straightforward diagnosis. Like with any other physical issue, diagnosing a person as an empath must be done by a licensed psychologist or a psychiatrist. Based on their professional experience, their interaction with the client, tools such as a personality questionnaire followed by the use of outcome measurements, a diagnosis will be determined.

Here are some characteristics of an empath:

  • When you are among a group of people, do you feel as though you “absorb” their energy and emotional states?
  • Are you being highly affected by others’ emotional states to the point of affecting your daily and functional activities?
  • Do you feel over fatigue or emotionally drained by other people’s emotional states?
  • Do social events or large gatherings affect your well-being?
  • Are you hypersensitive to noise, smells, or excessive talking- especially when what is going on is not engaging you?
  • Are your social, romantic, and work relationships been affected because of your hyper-alertness to other people’s emotional states to the point that you want to be alone?
  • Do you feel you need to learn how to say no without feeling guilty or to set more explicit boundaries to preserve your inner resources?
  • Do you tend to take on so much that you are afraid of becoming swamped by the needs of others or feeling engulfed by friendships or intimate relationships?

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I’m an empath and I need help. Where can I find help?

A hyper empathic person has an amazing gift and power. But sometimes we need to know how to channel that gift and learn techniques to properly control this amazing sense, so it does not affect your emotional well-wellbeing. This is when having a professionally experienced team of therapists and counselors like Betterhelp will come in handy.

As one of the largest online phycological well-being platforms, Betterhelp is a great option to get help for empaths as they match you with therapists that suit your needs through this detailed survey. Simply completing the survey, and rest assured that this is the beginning of receiving help, and your help is on the way.

I’m an empath and I need help. Why do I need empath counseling?

Being an empath doesn’t mean you are crazy. Think about yourself as having an amazing superpower, but you need the proper means to control those superpowers and a mentor can provide those.

One of the most important tools for empaths is to how to protect themselves so as not to be overwhelmed with the emotions of others. It is also important for them to be a member of a healing community where they feel safe, understood, spiritually connected, and supported.

OK, I’m an empath and I need help. How do I find empath counseling near me?

Is online counseling a better option? Is it a more effective tool than an in-person session?

In these uncertain and fast changing times, having a professional and reliable team that will focus on your health is a priority. Here are some benefits of online empath counseling:

•   Reliable and easy scheduling: The ability to meet from anywhere makes it much simpler to find a time that works for you and your therapist.
•   Familiarized online platforms: The internet is a powerful tool; the session will be easy to follow using familiarized platforms for video conference.
•   Privacy: You can choose where you feel more comfortable and more private for your sessions to get started. As long as you have internet, online counseling will be provided where you feel comfortable and will help you avoid commutes, waiting times, and awkward meetings with other people in the clinics.
•  A more relaxed environment: Emotional issues could be a sensitive topic in your life. Online therapy allows you to attend your session from a space where you feel comfortable to open-up, which can be far more effective.
•  Consistency equals effectiveness: When it comes to the effectiveness of treatment, consistency is key. That is exactly what you get with an online counseling service, like Betterhelp.
•  Affordability: In-person counseling services could get pricey. Online sessions could be more affordable by eliminating other expenses such as parking and transportation.

I'm an empath and i need help!

Why choose Betterhelp?

It all starts with the mission: making professional counseling accessible, affordable, convenient – to anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help, anytime, anywhere. BetterHelp offers access to licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited psychologists (Ph.D. / PsyD).

An extensive study by the Berkeley Well-Being Institute found BetterHelp to be as effective as face-to-face counseling, i.e. 98% made significant progress to achieve their goals and 94% of the clients prefer Betterhelp over the face-to-face sessions. Betterhelp has established reliable partnerships with organizations such as Mental Health America (MHA), Telemental Health Institute, International Society for Health Online (ISMHO) and the American Medical Student Association.All that said, if you think that online counseling is not for you, pursue help in however way you see fit. Do some research (empath counseling near me) and choose your therapist of choice for an in-person visit.

Reach Out!

You have a great gift. If being hyper empathic is affecting your life, we are here to help. You are not alone! We care about your wellbeing. So, reach out and get the support you need, so that you can better understand your uniqueness.

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