Online Gender Therapist: Dealing with Gender Confusion.

Have you ever felt out of place in your own body? Looked in the mirror and didn’t feel entirely comfortable.

Not long ago, one of my friends asked me to come over for lunch because he needed to talk to me about something. I asked him if everything was alright and he said we’d talk when I got there.

We sat down and as we started eating he went quiet and started crying. I was shocked and didn’t understand what was happening. Eventually, he calmed down and started to explain what he’s been experiencing. He told me that he’s been feeling as though his biological sex does not align with how he identifies. He was confused and feeling embarrassed. He told me that he’s been buying women’s clothes and when he dresses up in female clothes he feels more comfortable.

He asked me what he should do and if I thought that gender confusion could be a phase. Because I had never experienced anything like gender dysphoria, I didn’t know how to help him at the time. I decided to be his confidant and do what I could to comfort and support him.

A couple of weeks later, I had come across a gender therapist online that was LGBTQ-friendly. I immediately called my friend and we sat down to explore the website together.

online gender therapist

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How did I find a good Online Gender Therapist for Gender Confusion?

Finding a good online gender therapist for gender confusion was easier than we thought. When we started the process, my friend had to answer a short questionnaire about himself, his lifestyle, and his objectives.

This questionnaire was used to connect him to the most appropriate and eligible gender therapist.

As we waited we read through the information on the Pride Counseling website and saw that they offer a wide range of online therapy for LGBTQ! This reassured him.

Not long after completing the questionnaire carefully, we received a notification saying that he’s been matched with an online gender therapist.

Get matched with a Pride Counseling Online Gender Therapist.

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions. Start by filling out this survey in it’s entirety.

If you want to get matched with an online gender therapist, visit the Pride Counseling website.

Simply complete the short questionnaire carefully. Make sure that you are as genuine as you can be. This helps the team connect you to a great gender therapist.

Shortly afterward, you will be matched with a gender therapist to start your online sessions.

Why is Pride counseling your best Service for Gender Confusion?

Because my friend is a student, his budget was not big but he still needed professional treatment for gender dysphoria. Using the online gender therapist has been the best option for him.

Once we completed the sign-up process. He decided that he wanted to ask his therapist questions about his feelings of gender dysphoria.

He scheduled his first session and then asked all his questions. She was so well prepared and experienced in her field that he felt at ease about discussing gender confusion.

He told me that his sessions were helping him understand the causes of gender dysphoria and the different types of treatment for gender dysphoria.

Pride Counseling is highly inclusive, they offer LGBTQ marriage counseling, transgender couples therapy, gay marriage counseling and so many more incredible options. All their specialists are LGBTQ-affirming.

Because these sessions were affordable, convenient, and highly effective. It was easy for him to continue his busy schedule and still have good quality gender therapy.

Causes of Gender Dysphoria

Gender dysphoria can be caused by a variety of reasons. Although gender development is complex and is still being studied and debated, these are common causes of gender dysphoria.

  1. Childhood neglect.
  2. Witnessing or experiencing domestic violence.
  3. Physical or sexual abuse.
  4. Hormonal imbalances.
  5. Genetics.
  6. Disruptions in sex development.
  7. Prenatal chemical exposure.

The exact causes of gender dysphoria are still unclear. However, as children grow older, they may experience feelings of confusion between their assigned sex and gender identity.

How can I get a Gender Dysphoria Diagnosis?

A gender dysphoria diagnosis is highly individual. To be diagnosed with gender dysphoria an individual must be experiencing or have been experiencing clinically significant distress in social, work, and other areas of their lives.

These feelings must be experienced for more than five months and the individual must additionally have been experiencing the following:

  1. An extreme mismatch between assigned biological sex and gender identity.
  2. A continuous desire to get rid of their assigned sex.
  3. A strong desire to have their gender identity as their primary gender.
  4. A desire to be considered and treated as their gender identity.
  5. The belief that their gender identity is the primary cause for their reactions to their assigned gender.

Gender dysphoria can occur in young children and adolescents. It is important to identify the signs and receive the correct gender therapy or treatment.

Can gender confusion be a phase?

Gender dysphoria commonly starts during childhood and can carry on into adolescence and adulthood.

Many individuals experience periods of gender dysphoria during puberty and not necessarily later in life.

Gender dysphoria is an individualistic experience and is unique to each person. Whether gender dysphoria continues into adulthood is primarily based on the individual’s development.

Pay close attention to social, emotional, physical, and psychological development. If gender dysphoria does not impact these development stages, then it might pass as a phase.

If the symptoms of the individual’s gender dysphoria continue and become apparent. Gender dysphoria treatment should be considered.

What are the best Treatments for Gender Dysphoria?

Gender dysphoria treatments are assigned after your diagnosis by a professional healthcare provider.

Treatment methods for gender dysphoria can help individuals explore their gender identity. These options are made to assist with finding a gender role that is more comfortable and compatible.

Gender dysphoria treatment may include:

  1. Hormone therapy.
  2. Changes in gender roles and expression.
  3. Surgery.
  4. Behavioral therapy.

These treatment options are to help ease discomfort and distress. It is important to remember that one option may not work for you as it does for others.

Consulting a professional gender therapist to help you identify what you need.

How does an Online Gender Therapist work?

A Pride Counseling online gender therapist will be available to you based on your preferences. The platform provides you with a private virtual room where you can communicate with your gender therapist.

You have the option of using any of the four communication methods.

  1. Live messaging.
  2. Live chat.
  3. Video chat.
  4. Phone call.

The platform will give you a contact number that you can use to directly call your gender therapists on. Your personal contact information is kept private.

When you need to schedule a session, simply log into your account and set a time with your therapist and preferred method of connecting.

How will an Online Gender Therapist help me to improve my life?

I was so grateful to have been able to help my friend find trustworthy, professional, and supportive gender therapy.

It has been an incredible journey for him. He has become comfortable with his gender identity and learned more about gender dysphoria.

His sessions with his gender therapist have helped him understand the causes and symptoms of gender confusion. More importantly, how to cope with it.

He is confident, secure, and empowered in his gender identity now.

For anyone experiencing gender dysphoria or gender confusion. Know that you are not alone and that someone is there to support you through it.

online gender therapist

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