Sexless Marriage: Key Factors

In any marriage there are challenges to be expected.

Many couples often find themselves in a place where they do not know how to move forward, or perhaps lack understanding of certain aspects of their partner or relationship.

After natural external stressors like having a baby or experiencing menopause can heavily impact a marriage, in some cases, result in lack of sexual intimacy.

This can cause further complications and marital conflict. In a partnership where even the smallest conflict is left unresolved, consequently causes negative outcomes such as loss of intimacy, poor communication and negative emotions from one or both spouses. 

The commitment of marriage promises to maintain unity. Through learning your spouse, understanding them and working together towards improving your marriage. It is not easy to maintain a healthy marriage without consistently working towards overcoming your challenges. 

What challenges in marriage can lead to potentially irreversible marriage problems and unhappiness? It is natural to experience a loss of intimacy or completely sexless marriage as a result of work pressure, having a baby or possibly dealing with impotence. 

Let’s take a closer look at what challenges are more likely to cause conflict in marriage and how to avoid, resolve and overcome setbacks effectively. There is always a way forward that can help rebuild a healthy marriage and reconnect couples.

Impotent Husband Sexless Marriage

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Impotent Husband Can Cause Sexless Marriage

Impotence can cause tremendous strain on a marriage. Leaving both partners feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and in some cases – depressed. Impotence or erectile dysfunction can happen as a result of internal or external stressors. Oftentimes couples are under extreme pressure from work and personal obligations which adversely affects relationship intimacy. 

The most common causes of impotence;

Performance anxiety 

  • Depression 
  • Anxiety
  • Substance abuse
  • Emotional and mental state 
  • Work stress and obligations
  • Underlying health issues 
  • Medication reactions
  • Poor blood pressure or circulation 

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a common condition in men aged between 20-60 years old. It can be extremely uncomfortable to discuss for both partners as it is a sensitive subject. This leads to a loss of intimacy in a marriage, moreover, negatively affects both partners’ mental well-being. The psychological effects of no sex in a marriage can be long-lasting and severely damaging to a partnership. 

The effects of a lack of intimacy on a wife can be just as imposing. The experience of an impotent husband and sexless marriage can leave a wife feeling tremendously anxious, suspicious, undesirable, and confused. This conversely creates further strain on marriage with sexual intimacy challenges. Being able to talk about erectile dysfunction and sexless marriage is the first step to overcoming the challenge. 

Upholding the respect and integrity of your partner when healing intimacy challenges is a key factor in creating comfortability to openly communicate. An Impotent husband can cause sexless marriage, consulting a sex therapist for direction, wisdom, and support has been a successful method for couples. With the help of a certified, professional, and experienced sex therapist, addressing sensitive challenges will become manageable and easily overcome. Erectile dysfunction and lack of sex can be improved. 

Multiple women find themselves asking, ‘Can a marriage survive without sex?’. The answer is yes. It is less common for a marriage to survive without sex, however, it is a challenge that can be resolved and conquered. If you have found that your husband has ED and refuses help, there are a few sex coach recommendations that you can apply. These tips may improve erectile dysfunction and sex in marriage, however, we do strongly advise seeking professional marriage counseling for further fine-tuned and personal advice. 

1. Communication

Erectile dysfunction is an extremely sensitive topic to discuss. Open and honest communication between wife and husband can ease the pressure and create a form of intimacy. 

2. Various forms of intimacy.

Introduce different kinds of intimacy beyond intercourse. Various forms of stimulation can be just as satisfying, spice it up a little. 

3. Lifestyle improvements.

A healthy lifestyle can improve overall well-being which has a direct positive impact on both psychological and physical well-being. 

4. Introduce new things to the marriage

Try something new, exciting, and out of the box. This can reignite the fire between you and your partner. A spontaneous romantic dinner or intimate movie night could be a good idea. 

5. Accompany your partner to the doctors.

It may be uncomfortable at first but showing support can help your partner feel closer to you. Offer to accompany them to their doctor’s visits. 

6. Offer support but don’t pressure

Let your partner know that you are there for them throughout the journey. Try not to pressure them into sharing their sentiments on demand, but do let them know you are always there. 

7. Avoid taking pills

Couples faced with erectile dysfunction causing sexual avoidance commonly tend to make use of erectile dysfunction medications. Try to avoid this as it can cause further damage.

It can be extremely challenging to cope with an impotent husband sexless marriage. Regain sexologist online are trained professionals who offer couples support, guidance, and educated advice to make it easier to cope with impotent husband and sexless marriage. 

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Menopause And Sexless Marriage

Sex therapists are extensively trained in coaching couples through understanding how to get the better of menopause causing reduced intimacy. Who is sex therapy for? Regain sex therapy is for those who seek to fix a sexless marriage due to menopause. It has been proven that being aware of how menopause can affect intimacy in a marriage improves your sex life. 

Menopause begins in a woman’s life between the ages of 45-50. Twelve months after a woman’s last menstrual cycle, the menopausal cycle begins, affecting all women uniquely. 

The most common symptoms are; 

  1.  Changes in energy levels.
  2. Hormonal changes.
  3. Weight gain.
  4. Hot flashes.
  5. Vaginal dryness.
  6. Sleep changes.

These symptoms can cause a loss of sexual interest and lower libido as the female anatomy transitions. Adversely, menopause can cause less sexual activity, as well as psychological and emotional distress for husband and wife. Crucial psychological and emotional effects of non-sexual marriage and menopause can lead to sexual avoidance or complete loss of intimacy

According to sex therapists, dealing with menopause during a marriage requires ongoing hard work, and is possible to conquer. Menopause causes a lack of sexual desire if not dealt with effectively and with the correct support, consequently resulting in irreversible damaging effects. The most common cause of divorce due to no sexual interest in marriage after menopause is due to lack of understanding, communication, and effective methods to manage and navigate the challenge. 

Is it possible to fix a sexless marriage caused by menopause?’. Contrary to popular belief, reintroducing sexual intimacy and creating a healthy marriage is possible. These are methods advised by professional sex therapists for couples dealing with a lack of sex;

1. Communicate

Commonly overlooked. It is crucial to openly communicate your thoughts, feelings, and suggestions to your partner. 

2. Don’t sleep in separate beds or rooms

Married couples often swear that space will create intimacy. Sleeping in separate rooms or beds will only worsen a marriage with intimacy challenges.

3. Self-care and a healthy lifestyle

Make sure your lifestyle choices are improving your quality of life and health. Ensure that both you and your partner are healthy, this contributes positively to reintroducing sex into a marriage.

4. Introducing oils.

Sex during menopause can be painful due to a lack of lubrication caused by vaginal dryness. When engaging in intercourse, try to introduce essential oils and water-based lubricants. 

5. Treatment

If your menopause symptoms persist, seek professional treatment for medication or couples sex therapy. 

6. Get educated.

For both husband and wife, it is important to understand the effects and causes of menopause. It can be useful to have factual knowledge about menopause. As a couple, it will allow you both to communicate, understand and respect one another’s perspectives on menopause and sexless marriage.

If the effects and symptoms of menopause causing sexless marriage continue to persist, it can be useful to connect to a professional Regain, sexologist near me or online therapist, for tailored advice and further methods to manage menopause and lack of sex in marriage.

Sexless Marriage After Baby

A baby is a beautiful blessing in a marriage. However, an immense amount of stress and conflict arises after having a baby. Maintaining a sex life or getting your sex life back after a baby seems unimaginable, however, it is achievable. It is important to understand that losing sex drive after a baby is common, moreover, it is normal. Having a baby can cause a loss of sexual attraction to a husband or wife, or a husband not interested in sex.

Many couples face strenuous challenges when learning how to get sex drive back after a baby. It is advisable to confront these challenges to avoid the further damages and dangers of a sexually inactive marriage.

Causes and effects of no sex in marriage after a baby

  1. Lack of sleep.
  2. Loss of connection and communication. 
  3. Fear of painful intercourse.
  4. Postpartum depression.
  5. Change in the schedule. 
  6. Low sex drive.
  7. Lack of sexual attraction. 

Although less sexual intimacy in marriage after a baby can be daunting and overwhelming, there are methods you can practice that will help get your sex life back after kids. It is crucial to consistently and effectively communicate during these challenges to maintain a healthy marriage.

How do sexologists improve marriages after a baby? Through knowledge, understanding, and specified advice.

If you are yearning to reconnect with your partner after a baby, you may ask yourself, ‘why is my husband not sexually attracted to me after a baby?’. This can cause anxiety, depression, and confusion. You may want to try anything and everything to get your sex drive back. Try these advised tips from sexologists;

Recovering a sexless marriage after a baby;

1. Make time for each other

Quality time together can be beneficial for both spouses. Make sure you are planning time to spend one-on-one, this will help you reconnect without distractions. 

2. Talk and listen respectively

The foundation of reconnecting after a baby is open, respectful communication, and listening. Share your fears, thoughts, and feelings regularly.

3. Take it slow.

Although rushing to get back to ‘normal’ is what you may want to do, rather take small steps towards getting your sex life back. Reintroduce the romance and the fun. Plan date nights, dinners, or enjoyable activities you do together. 

4. Don’t restrict sex to intercourse

There are various ways to be intimate with each other, it does not always have to be intercourse. Explore different ways of being intimate. 

Sexologists are proficiently and extensively trained to guide married couples through the challenge of sexless marriage after a baby. Regain offers affordable and convenient 24-hour sex therapy online for couples facing a loss of sexual intimacy in marriage after a baby.

Consider connecting to a sexologist online that will be available to you 24 hours at your convenience. Consulting a sexologist for assistance, guidance, and support with intimate challenges in a sexless marriage after a baby can be useful. You will have the opportunity to express concerns, fears, and thoughts and receive effective advice.

Dangers Of Sexless Marriage

What is a sexless marriage and what causes it? The key understanding marriage without sex is a lack of or complete loss of sexual intimacy between a couple. A sexless marriage can be caused by a multitude of internal and external stressors

  • Conflicting schedules 
  • Family expansion 
  • Health challenges
  • Work pressure
  • The conflict between husband and wife
  • Infidelity
  • Dishonesty 
  • Lack of communication
  • Erectile dysfunction 
  • Menopause 

Moreover, the dangers of sexless marriage can range from loss of intimacy to divorce in extreme circumstances. Unfortunately, many couples don’t understand how to confront these challenges before they become irreversible. This consequently results in feeling trapped in a sexless marriage which causes feelings of resentment, anger, shame, and loneliness. Partners are more commonly inclined to withdraw from one another when challenges arise in a marriage, as a result, this creates an unpleasant experience making the marriage more susceptible to weaknesses and danger. 

The indicators of sexless marriage can be subtle, identifying them from the onset can help avoid the dangers of the loss of sexual activity

How do I know what to look for?”

The most common indicators of sexless marriage are easily overlooked, however, they are extremely important to acknowledge. 

  1.  You or your spouse withhold sex as punishment. 
  2. You don’t feel as attractive anymore. 
  3. You avoid talking about sex entirely. 
  4. There has been infidelity. 
  5. One or both partners watch pornography. 
  6. Sex only happens on special occasions. 
  7. There is a lack of privacy and time for yourself. 
  8. You feel disconnected. 

These are signs that you may be heading towards a a loss of sex and becoming vulnerable to the dangers of a sexless marriage. Couples are encouraged to stay connected and work through these challenges together. The journey to reconnecting and avoiding the damages requires consistent work, communication, and support. 

Sexologists recommend couples try these methods to help them face and conquer the challenges of a sexless marriage. 

  1.  Nurture intimacy and emotional closeness. 
  2. Don’t compare your sex life to movies or other couples. 
  3. Plan to spend time together with no external distractions. 
  4. Let each other know what’s happening on a personal level. 
  5. Listen and communicate respectfully. 
  6. Spice up the sexless relationship by introducing new ideas to your sex life. 
  7. Do regular check-ins with each other. 

Reaching out to a professional sex therapist has assisted countless couples to regain their strength and passion in marriage. Regain offers 24-hour affordable online sex therapy for those seeking guidance, support, and advice to improve sex in marriage. 

Sex therapy aims to educate and motivate couples to work towards maintaining a healthy marriage. Regain sex coaches provide an alternative, impartial and professional perspective when avoiding the dangers of the lack of intimacy in marriage. With an array of the most proficient, certified, and experienced sex therapists, you are guaranteed to find the perfect match.

Sexless Marriage Depression

Sex is an important factor in a marriage. In circumstances where there is a loss of intimacy and sexual activity, it can cause potentially irreversible emotional and psychological consequences. Loss of sexual desire of intimacy in marriage is known to cause negative impacts on both partners, including depression. 

The emotional effects of a changes in your sex life can be detrimental to both spouses. The reason being is that when sexual intimacy in a marriage is taken away, partners become emotionally distressed. Harboring negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings. 

The emotional effects of a sexless marriage can be identified as; 

  1.  Loneliness
  2. Depression or anxiety 
  3. Feeling rejected 
  4. Frustration or anger 
  5. Resentment towards your partner 
  6. Negative feelings towards sex
  7. Low self-esteem and insecurity 
  8. Suspicions 

Over time these emotional effects can progressively worsen and develop into disastrous consequences, such as infidelity and divorce. Sex therapists advise couples to identify and acknowledge any changes or concerns about their sexual intimacy in a relationship as early as possible. 

Regain online sex therapy for sexless marriage introduces couples to new and effective methods to avoid losing sexual intimacy in a marriage. With direct access to a specialist in depression and anxiety therapy near me or online, you and your partner will learn how to identify the warning signs of sexless marriage depression

Identifying the signs of depression due to loss of sexual interest or activity is unique to each couple. Ensure that you are paying close attention to your partner and the dynamic of your marriage. Look out for these signs of sexless marriage depression; 

  1.  Stress and anxiety 
  2. Unusual sleeping or eating habits 
  3. Avoids intimacy 
  4. Restlessness 
  5. Noticeable changes in weight 
  6. Self-isolation 
  7. Lack of emotional presence 
  8. Loss of connection 

Learning to cope with the lack of sexual intimacy in marriage causing depression is a challenge. At times you may feel overwhelmed by trying to rebuild sexual intimacy in your marriage, and you may feel disconnected from your partner and alone in the marriage. It is advised that you try steps to reconnect and communicate with your partner to support you in coping with depression. 

Suggestions from an anxiety and depression therapist; 

  1. Acknowledge when and how it started. 
  2. Inform your spouse. 
  3. Find an appropriate moment to discuss your depression with your partner. 
  4. Be honest with yourself. 
  5. Discuss if sex is a dealbreaker. 
  6. Take the pressure off of sex.
  7. Gradually reintroduce romance. 
  8. Seek personal support or therapy. 

It is common to develop depression as a consequence of sexual changes in a marriage, anxiety, divorce, and emotional distress. Further psychological challenges are known as a consequence of little to no sexual activity. If the effects of sexless marriage are not managed effectively and from the onset, your marriage could be at risk of separation or infidelity.  

Be advised that seeking professional sex therapy can be beneficial to your marriage and your personal capacity. The key factor in overcoming depression is being able to acknowledge and address the problem directly.

Sexless Marriage Depression

Sex coach for couples in a sexless marriage

A sex coach is a trained professional who specializes in helping couples improve and enhance their sex lives. They offer insight and guidance on how couples can overcome the uncomfortable challenges involving sex. A sex coach for couples in a sexless marriage, provides a safe space to discuss their intimate concerns and thoughts. 

What is a sex coach? A sex coach for couples in a sexless marriage effectively trains couples to reconnect and enhance their marriage through intimate sessions. This offers a deeper understanding of the effects a sexless marriage can have. As well as educating spouses on how to reverse a non-sexual marriage and be aware of the psychological effects that a loss of intimacy can have on marriage. The factors of sexless marriage are important to acknowledge in order to avoid the risk of permanent damage. 

The dangers of lack of sexual intimacy in marriage can cause;

  1.  Lack of intimacy
  2. Distrust 
  3. Infidelity 
  4. Mental health challenges 
  5. Suspicious behavior 
  6. Loss of attraction 
  7. Sexual avoidance 
  8. Negative emotions 
  9. Resentment 
  10. Feeling rejected 

When couples have less or no sexual intimacy, it has tremendously negative psychological and emotional effects on both partners. Long-lasting marriage challenges due to loss of sexual intimacy are known to evolve, making it increasingly difficult to cope with lack of sex. Sex coaches advise couples on enhancing and reintroducing sex into marriage.

Can a sex coach teach me how to spice up my relationship?”

Yes. Sex coaches are trained to enhance your relationship through intimacy. A sex coach educates couples about sexless marriage depression, loss of sex in marriage effects on a husband, and the long-term psychological effects of a sexless marriage. It is crucial for couples to communicate fears, thoughts, and emotional distress caused by sexless marriage. This can help you alleviate non-sexual marriage symptoms.  

Steps to avoid sexless marriage; 

  1.  Act on the urge to have sex. Many couples put it off and it most likely doesn’t happen.
  2. Communicate your sexual desires. 
  3. Introduce going on adventures. This creates excitement and enhances sexual desire. 
  4. Experiment with new things in the bedroom. 
  5. Make a sex schedule. 
  6. Nurture the emotional connection. 
  7. Open communication. 
  8. Be spontaneous. 

Many couples have reported that taking notes and special care of the small things make a significant difference. It creates a stronger emotional and physical connection in a marriage. 

Additionally, consult a sex coach for specific advice or guidance on how to save a marriage or improve your sex life. A sex coach can help couples reignite and enhance sex in a marriage. Regain online sex therapy for couples in facing a lack of sex in marriage provided a support system. More importantly, educated and professional advice and guidance. With online sex therapy, you have the advantage of 24-hour access to your certified sex therapist.  A convenient, effective, and affordable method of therapy.

Christian counseling sexless marriage

The loss or lack of sexual intimacy in a marriage can be devastating. The causes are commonly external and tend to have long-lasting emotional and psychological effects on a husband and wife. It is in your best interest to understand the dangers of non-sexual marriage and learn how to manage and overcome non-sexual marriage. 

Consulting a Christian sex counselor can help you alleviate the pain and anxiety of a sexless marriage. Referring to the Bible to understand how to survive a sexless Christian marriage and identifying if a loss of sex in marriage is biblical grounds for divorce. 

How does a sexless marriage affect me?” 

The effects of a non-sexual marriage can be irreversible over time if left unaddressed. Couples start to develop negative emotions towards their partner, low self-esteem, and feelings of rejection and inadequacy start to arise.  Christian sexless marriage can lead to spouses feeling isolated and alone in a marriage. 

The effects of a non-sexual marriage can result in; 

  1.  Low self-esteem and confidence. 
  2. Lack of communication. 
  3. Desperation and anxiety. 
  4. Frustration and resentment. 
  5. Dissatisfaction. 
  6. Loneliness, depression, and anxiety. 
  7. Feeling undesired and rejected. 
  8. Feelings of failure. 
  9. Emotional imbalance.

Christian non-sexual marriage can negatively impact mental and emotional well-being. These challenges can develop into irreversible long-term effects. Consulting the bible for strength and guidance can positively strengthen your marriage and emotional connection. 

Praying together over intimate challenges can strengthen faith to conquer the loss of sex marriage setbacks. Christian non-sexual marriage requires persistent effort to maintain a healthy, strong, and happy marriage. What does God say about staying in a sexless marriage? ‘Physical intimacy is a part of God’s normal plan for marriage. A husband and a wife have a responsibility to meet each other’s needs in this area.’. If sexual intercourse is being withheld, a couple must continue to pray daily for the grace of God and unconditional love. 

Faithful Counseling upholds the word of God through intimate therapy sessions. Consulting the Bible for direction, wisdom, and faith. Through the help of a certified, professional, and experienced Christian sex therapist near me or online, addressing sensitive challenges will become manageable and easily overcome. 

A lack of sexual intimacy marriage is a warning signal for concern and action to be taken accordingly. God says, should a spouse be deprived of sex, the first step is to pray for grace, mercy and wisdom during times of need. The Bible says to ask God to reveal any wrongdoings or contributions to the loss of sex in marriage that a spouse would overlook. 

1 Peter 5:7: “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.”

It is possible to achieve a healthy Christian marriage, these are recommended steps to try when fixing your Christian marriage facing sexual intimacy challenges. 

  1. Remember that love is kind and patient. It takes time to heal. 
  2. Focus on what it means to love your spouse and to be loved. 
  3. Refer to the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13 for courage, guidance and faith. 
  4. Communicate with your partner. 
  5. Seek Christian sexless marriage therapy. 

Achieving a healthy marriage by the word of God can help couples rebuild trust, faith, and love. You can save your marriage. Christian counseling sexless marriage sessions offer additional support and effective guidance.

Sexless Marriage & Divorce

How does a loss of sex in marriage lead to divorce? 

Overtime couples face changes in a marriage, work pressure, changes in schedules, or even having a baby. These are contributing factors that can gradually develop and cause strain on a marriage. The loss of sexual intimacy in a marriage causes severe emotional and psychological distress. When a couple avoids discussing intimate issues that are affecting them personally, consequently, the marriage will bear the strain. 

These are common causes of sexless marriage and divorce. It is advised to take note. 

  1. Loss of sexual interest. 
  2. Physical illness or disability. 
  3. Lack of emotional connectivity. 
  4. Changes in sexual preferences. 
  5. Lifestyle changes. 
  6. Feelings of rejection. 
  7. Lack of emotional support and attention. 
  8. Poor communication. 
  9. Sexual avoidance. 
  10. Increasing insecurity. 

A controversial question that many couples ask is, “can a sexless marriage be grounds for divorce?”. According to U.S law, a lack or loss of sex in a marriage is not grounds for divorce. However, if a spouse is withholding sex or using it as a weapon against you – this is grounds for divorce. It can be found as a form of constructive abandonment in court. 

The psychological and emotional effects of loss of sexual intimacy in marriage can result in long-term damage such as mentioned below;

1. Shame. If one partner is more sexually interested than the other, it is common for a spouse to shame them for being overly sexual.

2. Low self-esteem and confidence. Being sexually rejected by a spouse can cause insecurity and feelings of inadequacy. 

3. Feelings of failure. When couples stop having sex they start to internalize the challenge and blame themselves. 

4. Feelings of deprivation or isolation. A sexless marriage can leave couples feeling lonely and dissatisfied. 

5. Depression. A sexless marriage consequently causes negative mental health impacts, specifically depression and anger. 

6. Hormonal imbalance. A lack of sex leads to lower estrogen and testosterone levels. Causing an imbalance in mood regulation, appetite, and sleep. 

The lack or loss of sex in marriages happens gradually, the main cause is due to a lack of communication between spouses. It is always advised to identify, acknowledge and address intimate issues with your partner in the early stages. This helps to alleviate stress and anxiety, as well as to avoid any further dangers of a sexless marriage. It is possible to achieve a healthy balanced marriage, there is always a way forward.  

Divorce due to sexless marriage can be devastating, you may feel helpless and at a loss of direction or understanding of what comes next. Healing the loss of sex in marriage and divorce requires a strong pursuit from both partners to overcome

Start with the small things to get your sexless marriage healed. 

  1. Effective, respectful, and honest communication. 
  2. Try various forms of intimacy. 
  3. Reintroduce romance. 
  4. Plan ahead of time to have quality time together. 
  5. Try new and fun things. 
  6. Focus on the positive aspects of your partnership. 

Reconnecting on an emotional level with your partner is a crucial step toward healing sexual intimacy marriage. An online sex therapist can provide personalized advice on how to cope and heal from the lack of sex in marriage and divorce. It is important to build a support system during this journey. 

Lack of sex in a marriage leads to negative consequences, many times couples overlook the warning signs and end up settling for divorce. Regain online sex therapists are experienced in helping couples effectively conquer the signs of sexless marriage and easily avoid the dangers. Regain specialists in marriage counseling for sexless marriage, are available 24 hours for your convenience. 

Sexless marriage key factors


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