How to Break Codependency, Main Steps. Treatment for Codependent Behavior.

Living with codependency can cause anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Because codependency is primarily rooted in childhood experiences, it develops throughout life.

If not addressed accordingly and in time, you can experience negative impacts such as severe emotional distress, anxiety disorders, addiction challenges, and extremely poor self-image.

It is encouraged for all codependents to take action, control, and learn how to break codependency.  If you have been codependent in a relationship or friendship, you may have experienced chronic anxiety, fear, and initiative-controlling thoughts. This is a sign of toxic codependency.

how to break codependency

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How do I find the best treatment for codependent behavior?

As a codependent, you have learned unhealthy codependent habits and behaviors. Now is the time to find the best treatment for codependent behavior and break codependency entirely.

When looking for the best treatment for codependent behavior, we encourage you to write a list of areas in which you want to improve. It is important to find a codependent treatment method that will effectively guide you through your healing journey in breaking codependency.

We suggest doing thorough research to make sure that you find professional codependency treatment methods. As this may be a confusing or overwhelming process, BetterHelp has made an easy way for you to start the best codependency treatment for you.

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What is toxic codependency?

Toxic codependency is a learned behavior that is rooted in unpleasant childhood experiences. From a young age, we are taught to rely on family, friends and loved ones to get us through life challenges. However, when codependents are not taught how to cope with challenges independently, they develop unhealthy attachment habits that cause them to solely rely on others for support, validation, and comfort. Over time these habits develop and become progressively worse – causing toxic codependency behaviors.

How do you know if you have toxic codependent behaviors or habits?

Common tell signs of toxic codependency can be subtle, you may not pay attention to these symptoms and behaviors but they can become worse. Toxic codependent behaviors to look out for:

1. Poor self-image, low self-esteem, and lack of confidence.

It is common for codependents to have a very poor self-image. They are heavily reliant on others for admiration, comfort, and support. They base their self-worth on their relationships and their ability to problem solve and support others.

2. People-pleasing habits.

Because codependents are so reliant on others to build their self-esteem, they overcompensate by always wanting to make others happy in exchange for feeling worthy, appreciated, and needed.

3. Weak or lack of boundaries.

It is common for codependents to struggle to set boundaries with friends, family, or partners. They strive to be accepted and loved by others. This means that at times they will dismiss their own needs, wants, and values.

4. Compulsive reactions.

Codependents overthink everything. Whether it’s how to help someone with a challenge or revisiting old scenarios and assessing how they could have made things different. Because of these intrusive thoughts, they lack control over their emotions and act impulsively.

5. Lack of feeling power.

A common sign of toxic codependency is feeling powerless most of the time. Because codependents are stuck in a cycle, they are constantly in a state of emotional chaos. Battling their needs, and always seeking approval. This causes the feeling of powerlessness.

Breaking codependency to be healthy

Treatment for codependent behavior teaches codependents how to let go of unhealthy and toxic codependent patterns. Breaking free from codependency is not an easy task, it requires unlearning lifelong habits and forming new ones, you will need to be consistent and have a solid support system to get you through. It is possible to break codependency to be healthy, there is always a way forward.

When breaking out of the codependency cycle, you will learn to be confident in who you are. You will have more control over your emotions and learn to be independent. This will improve all areas of your life, leaving you feeling at peace, happy, and fulfilled.

What are the main steps to breaking codependency?

Every codependent will have a different journey, your past experiences and learned codependent behaviors will determine how to break codependency. The journey through breaking free from codependency to be healthy is possible, you have to focus on changing negative codependency habits, learning about the root cause of codependent behavior, and becoming healthy.

Codependent treatment specialists have advised trying these methods for those who are working towards breaking the cycle to be healthy.

Methods you can try to help you break free from codependency:

1. Learn how to be self-compassionate.

Even though you may have codependent behaviors, there are things that you love about yourself. You should take time to reflect and focus on those positive things. It is recommended to practice methods of positive affirmations and self-regulation. This will help you see the better qualities in yourself.

2. Pay attention to your reactive habits.

If your natural response causes you to act irrationally, or dismiss your own needs and emotions. Reflect on how you could react differently in the future that would preserve your peace.

3. Communicate.

You may struggle to share your true feelings with others. Learn to speak up for yourself and let others know what your needs and wants are. Being honest with yourself and others will gain respect and improve your confidence.

4. Let go of trying to control things you can’t.

Because you are always worried about helping others or overanalyzing a mistake you may have made, understand that people are capable of making their own decisions, just like you.

5. Self-love.

The journey of breaking free from codependent behavior needs you to learn to love yourself unconditionally. Stop focusing on your faults, mistakes, or shortcomings. Learn to love and accept yourself.

6. Let go of the attachment to the outcome of things.

Codependents fixate on the outcome of situations, wanting to control everything to make sure that it goes their way. This contributes to codependency anxiety and causes extreme distress. Learn to accept that you cannot control how things will turn out and it’s okay.

How does online treatment for codependent behavior work?

BetterHelp online treatment for codependent behavior is a convenient way of receiving treatment. With online codependent treatment, you have the advantage of planning and scheduling your sessions based on your availability. You also have direct access to your codependent treatment specialist 24/7, so that in moments when you need support, encouragement, or advice, they are always there.

With online treatment for codependent behavior, you can continue your life as normal and still have the benefit of effective, affordable, and convenient codependency behavior treatment.

How will online treatment for codependent behavior improve my life?

When you have the courage to accept treatment for codependency habits, you allow yourself to heal the root causes of codependency. Codependency treatment aims to enhance your emotional and mental well-being. You will learn how to manage your impulsive behaviors and intrusive thoughts through developing unique methods of self-regulation.

Breaking free from the codependency cycle will give you the chance to live an anxiety-free life, and develop healthy and interdependent relationships.

Break free from toxic codependency habits and believe that you are strong, capable and independent.

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