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Did you know that unresolved childhood trauma can cause self-esteem issues, trigger anxiety and depression, PTSD, and a number of other mental health challenges?

In some cases, unresolved childhood trauma can cause physical manifestations of serious illnesses like heart disease, cardiovascular issues like high blood pressure, strokes, and even heart attacks. Unfortunately, childhood trauma in adults commonly goes undiagnosed or overlooked, and wherever recognized, it is usually only later in your life. However, it’s rather late than never to get your childhood trauma resolved with a childhood trauma therapist near me. It’s important to take the initiative of healing yourself through the best methods possible, so you can continue being the best you.

Unresolved Childhood Trauma
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How do I find a good childhood trauma therapist near me?

Foremost, you want to make sure that you know what you are expecting from these sessions in order for us to be able to connect you to the most suitable, experienced, certified, and professional therapist specializing in childhood trauma near me to help you. Ask yourself a few simple questions, Am I looking to heal my unresolved trauma? Do I want to learn more about the effects of unresolved childhood trauma in adults? How does childhood trauma therapy in adults work?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above, we have the answers to all your questions. BetterHelp is the most suitable option for you to start your journey in understanding and healing childhood trauma in adults through affordable online childhood trauma therapy.

It is imperative that you choose a childhood trauma therapist that is experienced, trained, and certified to be able to guide and assist you best in your current situation. Here at PsychologyHelp, we confidently recommend using BetterHelp, psychologists, therapists specializing in childhood trauma near me, specialists, and coaches that are there to assist you are all highly professional, experienced, and certified to assist you in any challenges you may be overwhelmed by facing alone.

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Online methods of therapy have been able to help thousands of people who find it challenging to handle unresolved childhood trauma in adults. 

 PsychologyHelp in partnership with BetterHelp has made a one-step sign-up to get you connected to a childhood trauma therapist near you. Getting started and connected to your personal childhood trauma therapist takes just one click: answer this questionnaire carefully, shortly thereafter you will have the opportunity to choose the most appropriate and eligible therapist near you from the selection of therapists we have matched with you. The questionnaire has been created in a way that we are able to focus on your challenges and provide the best possible childhood trauma in adults specialists for you in order to start your journey of healing.

You are our priority 24/7, we have made all our BetterHelp therapists and specialists available and accessible for your convenience, whenever and wherever you are. Our online therapy sessions are highly affordable, convenient, and effective in comparison to other methods of therapy.

BetterHelp has successfully healed and changed the lives of thousands of individuals that have been faced with these very same challenges.

Rest assured, you are in the best and most capable hands, and well on your way to healing.

Childhood Trauma Therapist Near Me

What is Unresolved childhood trauma in adults?

Identifying unresolved childhood trauma in adults is not always easy, it is a process of acceptance, elimination, confrontation, healing, and overcoming. As an adult, it’s easier to avoid talking about and addressing challenges like childhood trauma, most adults tend to avoid it until it becomes evidently unmanageable. It’s always a good idea to connect to a childhood trauma therapist in order to avoid the long-term effects of childhood trauma which range from mental illness to severe physical and psychological challenges which can become life-threatening if not dealt with in time and effectively.

How do I know if I’ve an Unresolved childhood trauma?

If you or anyone close to you has observed any persisting negative behaviors or mental wellness challenges, then there is a possibility that you may need to consider childhood trauma therapy.

There are a few indicators if you are suffering from unresolved childhood trauma:

  1. Unexplained strong reactions to certain people

If you have ever felt ‘off’ about someone, it could be an indication of unresolved childhood trauma in adults. Your body naturally goes into protective mode as a reaction to something about someone that reminds you of a traumatic past incident or person.

2.Uneasiness in certain places

The brain subconsciously attaches places to memories through colors, smells, shapes, people, and emotions, it can be unexplained but places can trigger anxiety, stress, and unpleasant emotions as a reaction to your traumatic experience as a child. Being in similar settings can trigger a deep fear causing your body to respond in flight or fight mode.

3.Extreme unexplained emotional shifts

Someone that’s experiencing unresolved childhood trauma in their adulthood can experience intense emotional shifts at random. As it is, emotions are already hard to control and understand, those facing childhood trauma may find it even more difficult, you may sometimes find yourself getting extremely angry over something small or maybe going from very relaxed to suddenly anxious and uneasy due to a trigger you may not even realize consciously.

4.Attachment issues

Living with unresolved childhood trauma and issues experience a deep sense of fear of abandonment, attachment issued stem from past traumatic events, resulting in developmental disruptions. You may find yourself becoming extremely attached to someone and getting overly upset, angry, or fearful of them leaving, for example, if a partner is going out with friends or out of town, this causes fear and anxiety. Connecting to an online therapist specializing in childhood trauma near me to you assist you with your challenges would be the best option for you to overcome unresolved childhood trauma.


Most people experience anxiety throughout their lives, however, those experiencing unresolved childhood trauma may have higher and more intense symptoms of anxiety. As you go through unresolved childhood trauma therapy or counseling with a trained professional trauma specialist, you will start to uncover how your anxiety is linked to your childhood traumas.

6.Childish reactions

Outbursts of childishness and immaturity are normal on occasion in adults, but if you are experiencing these reactions and outbursts more frequently that regress you into a child-like state, typically that is identified as a sign of dealing with unresolved childhood trauma in adults. These reactions are usually being overly angry about small things, speaking in a childlike voice when you’re angry, and even being unnecessarily stubborn and unwilling to hear other people’s perspectives.

7.Constant exhaustion

Mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion are indicators of suppressed and unresolved childhood trauma, if you are feeling drained most of the time, it’s because your brain has subconsciously repressed these emotions, and most of your energy is spent on that instead of allowing you to have a full and energetic life that you deserve

8.Difficulty coping in normally stressful situations

Life is known to put you through constant stressors, from work-life, family, and personal circumstances. Adults dealing with unresolved or repressed childhood trauma find it hard to cope in these situations, causing them to lash out or withdraw as a coping mechanism to protect themselves.

These are all indicators of unresolved childhood trauma in adults, it is nothing to be ashamed of but rather to acknowledge and accept. Your next step is to educate yourself more about what you can do to help you heal and overcome your trauma. Considering the option of online counseling for childhood trauma with a specialized trauma therapist is highly recommended if you are experiencing the above symptoms and indicators.

How does online Childhood trauma therapy for adults near me work?

Online childhood trauma therapy for adults is a more comfortable and convenient method of conducting therapy and counseling sessions with your chosen childhood trauma specialist for adults. You are given the advantage of scheduling your sessions whenever you feel comfortable and ready, you are also given direct access to your therapist to be able to reach out when you need a dose of comfort or motivation or just someone to talk to, they’re there.

Online therapy sessions are affordable and convenient and it’s all from the comfort of your home. Having online childhood trauma therapy and counseling for adults sessions gives you the benefit of being completely comfortable, stress, and anxiety-free about having to travel to a new environment. You are always safe, acknowledged, and guided by BetterHelp childhood trauma therapists for adults.

How does online childhood trauma therapy for adults near me differ from traditional methods?

Traditional therapy methods are known to trigger anxiety because of the pressure of being in a new environment, meeting a new person, and worrying about fitting sessions into your already demanding schedule. Online childhood trauma therapy for adults gives you the freedom to continue your life as normal, schedule and plan your sessions with your therapist specializing in childhood trauma for adults whenever you need, access your counselor directly, and choose a method that will be most comfortable for you, whether it’s via email, phone call or video calls, whatever method gives you the most satisfaction and comfort, you can opt for that.

Choosing online childhood trauma therapy or childhood trauma counseling for adults with BetterHelp’s certified, experienced and professional psychologists, therapists and coaches is an affordable and effective method of therapy.

How will childhood trauma therapy reform my life?

You are immediately putting yourself in a position to get your life back, you are allowing yourself to deal with your challenges directly and learning how to overcome them with the guidance of a childhood trauma therapist. You will learn how to deal with your unresolved childhood trauma and the effects that it may have on your day-to-day life, It’s important to heal your challenges in order for you to grow as an individual and take control of your emotions so that it does not affect your ability to enjoy a full, energetic and self-fulfilling life.

Dealing with unresolved childhood trauma will teach you a lot about yourself and guide you to becoming the person you are striving to be. Release the unresolved childhood trauma and get your healing going with BetterHelp today.

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