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Hi! My name is Iben and I’m the head psychologist at psychology help

Head Licensed Psychologist

Iben studied at one of Europe’s highest rated universities, obtaining a masters in psychology. For the past 10 years she has been setting up and running her own psychology clinic, where she has gained experience in approaching a multitude of issues including anxiety, depression, and more.

Why talk to an online psychologist?


Online psychologist sessions can be more convenient compared to travelling to a traditional psychologist’s office, because of both travel times and costs. Moreover, an online psychologist consultation can be accessed wherever feels most natural and relaxing, enabling you to focus on your online psychologist counseling.


Online psychologist sessions where you talk to a psychologist online have the same levels of efficacy and productiveness as traditional psychologist sessions. Online psychologist counselling can be more relaxing for clients due to the choice of location, enabling more effective results.

Lower Cost

Online psychologist sessions are cheaper than traditional psychologist sessions as travelling to appointments is not required. Also, time off work is not needed to speak to a psychologist online.

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"Iben has made a huge difference in my life. She almost immediately realized what my issues were, despite the fact that other psychologists and therapists could not. Iben is confident, professional and focused, whilst creating a comfortable environment where I feel listened to. Every time I talk to Iben, I feel I become a little smarter and gain new insights in myself."

Tina Petersen

"I have been incredibly pleased with the results I've gained from therapy. I have gained tools that I can continue to use throughout my life and have made me believe in myself. I appreciate that a lot."

Matilde Jeppesen

"Therapy with Iben has made me discover how much potential I have. I have had some experiences which I did not think were possible, and I have solved problems that I thought I would live with forever. It has been an amazing experience which I can recommend to everyone!"

Jesper Larsen

Frequently Asked Questions

In what situations should I speak to a psychologist online?

An online psychologist consultation can be used for the same issues that conventional therapy would be used for, such as exploring and healing anxiety and depression, recognising and addressing excessive stress levels, feelings of low self-worth and more.

What are the benefits of online psychologist counseling?

Using the internet to talk to a psychologist online has many benefits: these include shorter waiting times, no need to travel to therapy appointments, lower costs and effective therapy at a convenient time and place.

Are online psychologist sessions effective?

Online psychologist counselling sessions are provided by fully qualified psychologists who have experience in addressing topics such as PTSD, anxiety, depression and stress management. This ensures that online therapy is just as effective as traditional therapy.

Is online therapy for empaths a good idea?

Online therapy for empaths can be especially fruitful as highly sensitive persons can feel more at easy when talking with a therapist from their home. The distance can also help put an empaths feelings at ease.