Co-Parenting Counseling Online for Divorced or Separated Parents. Your Best Therapy Options. 

Co-parenting counseling online is growing in popularity over the last year or two. For many it makes a tough situation easier. 

However, picking a co-parenting therapist that matches your needs can be difficult. It’s crucial to pick one that is specialized in co-parenting counseling so they’ll understand your situation and how to help.

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Psychology Sessions from Home

Here at Psychology Help we recommend Regain and Better Help. They have dozens of therapists specialized in co-parenting.

They are significantly more affordable than traditional offline therapists and with their questionnaire they are able to match you far better than you’d be able to be matched with a therapist offline.

Since it’s online therapy it makes sessions far more flexible and convenenient.

It starts with you filling out this questionnaire. Once you’ve done that to it’s entirety a therapist will contact you shortly after.Life doesn’t always work out the way you planned it and whilst divorce rates in some countries, including the UK and the US, are starting to decline, for around 40 to 50% of couples whose marriages end in divorce, the adage is certainly true. Whatever the causes of the breakdown of the marriage and regardless of whether the decision was mutual or not, most marriages can’t just end without any communication.

Logistical issues like finances need to be sorted out. Living situations usually change dramatically with at least one partner leaving the family home. Most importantly, any children involved still require daily care and generally additional attention to help them cope with all the changes.

This is where co parenting therapy or an online therapist for anxiety can help. Even the most amicable relationship demise can take its toll on parents and children, so an unbiased third party in the form of counseling for separated parents can drastically ease the pressures of divorce.

Get matched with a Regain and BetterHelp coparent  therapist.

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions. Start by filling out this survey in it’s entirety.

What exactly is co parenting therapy?

Often offered as part of co parenting classes especially in the US or as a stand-alone service, co-parenting counseling can be described as the opposite of marriage counseling. It focuses first and foremost on any children involved in the breakup. Helping parents to reinforce the potential positives of change is an important step, especially amongst the seeming chaos of divorce. It is not exclusively for divorced parents as the problems faced when breaking up are the same for couples who have not formally married.

Sometimes a court will order parents to attend therapy for divorced parents as part of a legal divorce or childcare settlement. If this is the case for you or your family, please contact us at straight away for details of how we can help.

Take control of your new life today!

Co parenting requires a great deal of empathy, patience and open, honest communication. This can be extra challenging for couples who are experiencing martial strife. The relative anonymity of co parenting counseling online can remove some of this pressure.

As with traditional face to face counseling for separated parents, it helps if both parents get on with the therapist. For this reason, we at have put together this list of websites offering co parent counseling online.


Regain is frequently advertised as an online counseling website that specializes in relationships and whilst they feature information on divorce, there is nothing to help couples who are unfortunately past marriage counseling.

It is also worth noting that the website does not currently support three-way live therapy sessions. This means that both parents would have to use the same computer or tablet. There are many circumstances during counseling for separated parents where this might hinder rather than help communication.

Here at we offer a range of services so whether you are seeking an online therapist for anxiety or a way to communicate with your former partner, a simple click on our website will get you the help you need within 24 hours.

We offer therapy for divorced parents via Skype or telephone that means you will never have to be in the same room as your ex. This can help to prevent emotions from getting too heated, a common reason for seeking therapeutic intervention. 

All of our counselors speak English, however if you have any other language requirements please contact us for more information. Our therapy can be accessed from any country, which is reasonably rare for co parenting counseling.

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A long-established UK charity, now offers online therapy for divorced parents. Under the umbrella description of family counseling they can utilize webcams, live chat or email. Unfortunately Relate services are only available in the UK and waiting times can be longer than with less specific sites such as


Another UK based service, is basically a database of UK based counsellors with a leaning towards humanistic counseling. Humanistic counseling is based on three separate but interlinked psychological therapies including Gestalt therapy, which dates back to the 1940s. This human centered treatment has been proved to be effective in many areas but is relatively untested with regards to co parenting counseling online.

Co parenting classes online

Many US websites offer parenting or co parenting classes online. These commonly come with a completion certificate that can be produced in court divorce proceedings to prove attendance. If this is relevant to you, please contact for advice. The following overview looks at some options for online classes.


Offering co parenting counseling online as part of their co parenting classes as well as classes by post, features mandatory and voluntary classes. Whilst the mission statement of focusing on the children is admirable and the ultimate goal of all the therapy discussed here, the website appears to be way too directed at young children rather than the parents who are more likely to be using it.


On the other end of the website design scale, the very official looking conscious co parenting institute, i.e. specializes in a psycho-educational approach for all family members. Unfortunately, the institutes services come at a high price. Given the most cited reason for divorce is money, many of those seeking co parent counseling online might not be able to afford this option.

Life goes on…

Divorce is one of the most stressful events in an adult’s life. Dealing with everyday worries is hard enough without the emotional upheavals of creating a new world for yourself and your children. An online therapist for anxiety can dispel some of the pressure and with co parenting counseling online you can focus on a brighter future.


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