Best online therapy sites reviewed and compared.

The aim of this article is to give you an overview of some of the best online therapy sites available now, as well as some of their disadvantages or weaknesses. This is not a definitive guide, as weakness to one person may be a strength to another. Instead, this guide aims to provide you with information about good online therapy sites to enable you to make an informed decision about your therapy needs.

This guide contains reviews on the following online therapy companies:

best online therapy sites

Psychology Help

Pros of Psychology Help

  • Licensed qualified therapists
  • Informative easy to use website
  • Treatment available for a wide range of mental health concerns

Cons of Psychology Help

  • As it is a new service there is a lack of client reviews

Psychology Help is a new online therapy provider who is likely to become one of the top online therapy websites due to their experienced and qualified therapists who are part of the project. Psychology Help offers live skype sessions as well as therapy over the phone. The website contains extensive information about a range of mental health conditions and topics including PTSD, anxiety, marriage troubles and OCD. As well as information about the condition itself the website also provides information about the types of treatment available and the effectiveness of online therapy.

The website is clear and easy to use, it provides information about the services available as well as some information about the lead psychologist providing treatment. As this is a new online therapy service there is a lack of client reviews and testimonials of the therapy service itself, although there are reviews of the lead psychologist which are all very positive.

Talk Space

Pros of Talk Space

  • Offers 24/7 messaging service to clients
  • All therapists are licensed, and background checked
  • Offers a variety of counselling and therapeutic services

Cons of Talk Space

  • Live therapy sessions are an add on that need to be scheduled for some of the therapy packages
  • Lack of information about therapeutic approaches

Talk space is one of the top online therapy websites offering 24/7 messaging service to their clients from licensed therapists. For a monthly subscription fee, users can message a licensed therapist via an app from either the google play store or the apple store. Talk space offers unlimited messages to the therapist, but users can expect to receive only one to two messages a day in reply from their therapist. If the user wants, they can pay an additional fee to have an online live session with their therapist or if clients feel they may benefit from regular live therapy sessions then their other payment plans include a monthly fee for a number of live sessions.

online therapy companies

Better Help

Pros of better Help

  • Multiple therapy options available including message, chat, phone and video
  • Many positive reviews from clients
  • Website is very informative about different mental health problems

Cons of Better Help

  • The website makes it clear that professionals are unable to make official diagnosis

Better Help is one of the best online therapy companies, offering treatment for a range of mental health problems including PTSD, depression anxiety and paranoia with licensed qualified therapists. The website contains information on a range of topics that clients may wish to discuss and get help for such as loneliness, procrastination and worry. The amount of information available for free on their website for clients and non-clients makes better help a great source of advice for people who feel they are struggling.

Better Help also provides therapy in a multitude of formats such as messaging, chatting, phone calls and video calls; this range of therapeutic methods will suit a wider range of clients then the services just proving webchat and video sessions. The website also contains many positive reviews from current and previous clients which suggests this website offers a reliable and consistent level of therapy to clients.

The main disadvantage is that they cannot provide an official diagnosis, the importance and implications of this will differ depending on an individials needs and circumstances. Although they do not provide an official diagnosis, if you are looking for therapy and skills and techniques that allow you to live your best possible day to day life then an official diagnosis may not be of the upmost importance.

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    7 Cups

    Pros of 7 Cups

    • Provide both a free service and a paid service dependent on your needs
    • Offers a convenient easy to use app

    Cons of 7 Cups

    • Website provides a very limited level of information

    7 Cups is unique to the other best online therapy sites reviewed here as they provide a free listening service available 24/7. This service can be accessed from any device using a free app. The listeners however are not licensed, accredited professionals, they are volunteers who have been trained to listen to client’s problems and worries. If this service is not suitable for you then then do not worry, they also offer a paid service with fully trained and qualified therapists.

    The main disadvantage of this therapy site is the lack of advice and information about the mental health disorders and topics it claims you can seek help for. Clicking the heading for alcohol problems for example does not provide any information about alcohol problems and how they can be resolved, instead it leads to a link to get therapy for alcohol problems. This was the same for all the links on the webpage.

    My Online Therapy

    Pros of My Online Therapy

        • Offer a wide range of evidence-based therapies
        • Offer a range of therapy mediums – video, live chat and daily messaging
        • Website is very informative

    Cons of My online Therapy

        • Out of the 3 levels of service they provide only one is covered by health insurance
        • There are cheaper online therapy sites available

    My online Therapy is an online therapy provider that offers 3 plans of therapy. Ranging from 30 minutes of live chat, daily coaching (with one response a day from a therapist) and video sessions lasting either 30 minutes (if appropriate) or 50 minutes My online therapy offers several forms of therapy. Although their prices are not the cheapest and many of the options are not covered by health insurance it is a positive that they are upfront and clear about their pricing structure and what you are getting for your money.

    The website contains the names, pictures and qualifications of the therapists providing therapy on the site as well as a broad range of information about mental health problems, their causes and symptoms as well as information about the types of therapies that would be useful for treating them. This online therapy provider has a clear and easy to navigate website which may be worth the slightly more expensive therapy costs to some clients.

    So which therpay provider is the best for me?

    This article has provided a brief review of some of the top online therapy sites, it is important to note the order of the provider is random and they are all good online therapy sites. They have not been ranked as therapy is individual to a person, one person’s advantage is another’s disadvantage.

    Choosing good online therapy sites from the vast amount of online therapy companies is a personal decision that cannot be made for you, it is important to gather as much information as possible to guide your decision. If you feel you would like more information about any of the top online therapy sites listed here, then it would be a good idea to contact the websites themselves.

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