Best Options for Virtual Marriage Counseling: Couples and Relationships.

An open and satisfying relationship with your partner or spouse brings strength and wellness to your being.

However, every relationship has to go through some ups and downs, where it becomes difficult for you to communicate with each other or understand each other.

In such situations, where you think that an intervention is necessary to save your relationship, but you don’t want to go to a person and discuss your personal life with him in person. Then, virtual marriage counseling is your best option.

Virtual relationship counseling is an excellent way to resolve relationship issues and regain harmony between spouses or partners. Below illustrated are a few prominent online services providing virtual couples counseling and helping you mend your relationship.

virtual marriage counseling

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What are the best virtual marriage counseling options?

Psychologyhelp is a widely recognized website where you can consult a therapist within 24 hours. Psychologyhelp has a team of competent and experienced therapists specialized in various psychological issues, including virtual relationship counseling.

While going for online couples’ therapy, there is no need to have both partners and the therapist in the same room. You can approach the therapist from wherever you are and whenever you want as per your convenience.

Psychologyhelp provides you with various means to contact the therapist, including live chat, messaging, phone call, and video conferencing. You can schedule an appointment as per your availability, and the length of the session can also be determined considering your feasibility and practicality.

You will be comfortable while discussing your issues and problems with the therapist at Psychologyhelp because we ensure to provide a comfortable environment with a positive mindset and unconditional acceptance.


ReGain is a virtual relationship counseling platform where you will be provided with couples or individuals counseling for relationship and marital issues. At ReGain, convenient, discreet, and affordable access to the professional services are provided anywhere and anytime.

You can access your therapist via any electronic device and using various communication means including live chat, messaging, phone, or video call. At this platform, two individuals or partners share a joint account where they can communicate with the counselor. Individual counseling is also provided depending on the needs and issues under discussion.

ReGain is a specialized website; thus, you will get in touch with the counselor experienced in virtual marriage counseling without wasting any time. Therefore if you are looking to mend your relationship and improve your quality of life, ReGain is a wise option. It also aims at enhancing happiness in your relationships and let you help in achieving your relationship goals.

ReGain is also reviewed as best online marriage counseling programs of 2020 by 


Couplestherapy Inc. provides science-based couples therapy and virtual couples counseling. This website first organizes an assessment for the couple to better understand the relationship issues and status of the couple approaching.

The evaluation involves filling an extensive questionnaire as well as three individual as well as combined online sessions with the therapist. After the assessment, both the partners and the therapist will objectively know the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship and the work that needs to be done.

This website offers ongoing weekly sessions and a two-day online intensive program for virtual marriage counseling. This website considers its intensive program as a flagship service and claims it to be as good as months of traditional therapy.

The rules of this website are a little complicated and can be confusing for the newly approaching individuals. They may find the assessment period difficult or signing for the intensive program too intensive. Yet, this website has promising reviews, and its aims are high.

virtual couples counseling


Talkspace is a virtual couples counseling platform where you can get unlimited messaging therapy 24/7. You can share your problems and issues with your counselor at any time of the day, and the communication will be 100% secure and encrypted.

In this platform, you need to identify your objectives of the therapy, and you will be connected with a licensed therapist who will understand your needs and issues. Then the couple and therapist set goals for the treatment and can work on the relationship.

This website, although provide phone call and video conferencing sessions as well, is well known for its messaging portal where the therapist will be available to you all the time.

This may be a significant benefit for individuals who want to discuss their problems casually over messaging; however, this platform appears to be less structured and more casual. Yet, if you feel that you can express yourself better in written text, you can always approach this website.

Virtual vs. Traditional relationship therapy

Some individuals may also question whether virtual therapy is better or traditional face-to-face counseling. There are certain benefits and downfalls attached to both virtual and conventional modes of treatment that are outlined below for the convenience of our readers.

Pros of virtual therapy

Virtual therapy is less expensive as compared to traditional counseling. Although most of the health insurance companies provide coverage of mental health services, yet online counseling still cost you much less in comparison with conventional therapy.

You can communicate with your therapist more frequently for short or long sessions according to your problem and availability. While in traditional therapy, you have to wait for the next meeting for a week or so unless it is an emergency. The frequent interaction is significant for clients who need immediate and persistent attention.

Virtual therapy is convenient and easy as compared to traditional therapy. You don’t have to move your schedule for your appointment or going through the hassle of adjusting meetings. You can message your therapist anywhere you want.
Using virtual therapy platforms, you can start therapy most probably within 24 hours.

There are specialized websites that save you the time of searching for a therapist suitable for your problems. While for traditional therapy, when you find a therapist compatible with your problems, there will be a waiting list before you can get to talk to your therapist.

virtual relationship counseling

Cons of virtual therapy

However, there are some cons of virtual therapy as well. Some individuals don’t like virtual communication and may find it artificial. They need in-person interaction to communicate their problems. In such cases, consulting a therapist in person is a better option.

Online therapy is also not appropriate for severe mental health issues and problems like schizophrenia, severe depression, suicidal ideations, self-harm or other-harm behavior, and other such issues that need immediate attention.

Moreover, few therapy forms require office environment and physical presence of client and therapist in the same space, i.e. art therapy, music therapy, play therapy, etc.

Virtual therapy for couples is considered to be highly effective and beneficial. If you are facing issues in your relationship but find it challenging to take time out, you should go for virtual therapy.

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