Best holistic sex coach near me online. Our holistic sex therapy review.

When searching for a good holistic sex coach near me, there are many things to consider.

You want someone knowledgeable, accepting, and nonjudgmental with who you will feel safe and comfortable to share personal information.

Ideally, you’re looking for a sex coach near you – but with the power of the Internet, that is no longer a problem.

Online therapy platforms give you access to the best therapists, counselors, and coaches without even leaving your house.

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Psychology Sessions from Home

Best Holistic sex therapy service – Regain

Regain is the leading mental health platform connecting clients to therapists who offer holistic sex therapy and couples counseling.

The Regain platform hosts hundreds of qualified and experienced licensed mental health therapists (Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers, Professional Counselors, and Marriage and Family Therapists) who know how to work with couples to enhance their intimacy, communication, and sex life.

You don’t have to have your partner(s) join in on your sessions. The therapists on Regain see individuals as well. As long as you want to work on issues pertaining to relationships and sexuality, Regain is right for you.

Get matched with a Regain holistic sex coach.

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions. Start by filling out this survey in it’s entirety.

How does it work?

To get started on Regain, answer a few questions about yourself and your relationship.

What are the issues you would like assistance with? You can also specify preferences regarding the type of coach or therapist you would like to work with.

For example, would you be more comfortable working with a man or a woman? Older or younger? Alternatively, you can also request a therapist you would like to work with through the bio and reviews page.

After you answer the questions, you’ll get an email that you have a match with a coach. You can then message the therapist back and book a session together.

What makes holistic sex coaching from Regain stand out?

  • Professionalism: the therapists who offer sex counseling online at Regain are licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited psychologists, licensed marriage and family therapists, licensed clinical social workers or licensed professional counselors. All of them possess at least three years and 1,000 hours of hands-on experience.
  • Experience: all of the counselors on Regain have experience and interested in relationship counseling. They’re knowledgable about a variety of sexual issues and understand the importance sexuality has in a relationship. They can offer tools that will help you feel more comfortable with your sexuality and improve your sex life.
  • Availability: Regain makes sure to have many counselors working, so there is always someone available for you.
  • Flexibility: Regain offers sessions through live chat, phone call, or video call. You can choose to have your sessions wherever you are, on your laptop, phone, or tablet.
  • Privacy and security: the messages you sent to your therapist are protected and encrypted. Your therapist doesn’t have access to your personal information, and in fact, you can even sign up to Regain using a nickname.

Pricing for an online sex coach

With Regain, you pay for a monthly subscription instead of paying your therapist directly. A subscription costs just $40 to $70 per week. You are billed monthly and can choose to pay using a credit card or PayPal.

What is a holistic online sex coach?

A holistic online sex coach is a type of coach, counselor, or therapist that offers holistic sex therapy. This type of sex therapy looks at the individual instead of just specific symptoms and problems.

For example, if someone turns to sex therapy with issues such as painful penetration or erectile dysfunction, a holistic coach will look at various considerations like diet, family of origin issues, and the emotional state of the relationship.

This type of therapy usually combines talk therapy with several other approaches including mindfulness-based modalities and tools that will help you increase body awareness. Issues you can work on in sex therapy include shame surrounding sex, mismatched libidos in a relationship, loss of libido, confusion regarding sexuality, and more.


If you’re looking for a sex coach near me, consider looking online. Platforms like Regain make it easy to connect to high-quality therapists from the comfort of your own home. Work with qualified therapists at an affordable price, without having to worry about privacy issues or transportation.


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