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LGBT individuals are a much as three times more likely to experience mental health issues compared to heterosexuals (HealthyPeople, 2019). For that reason, it is vital that therapists understand the specific challenges people in that community face and therapy options are tailored to their experiences.

These skilled experts specialize in delivering such therapy in a sensitive, discreet and holistic manner, with LGBT friendly therapists available to help with a diverse range of issues.

This survey here will match you with the specific specialist within LGBT issues that you are looking for.

Whilst there are as many perspectives and unique experiences as there are people, many are shared by those in the LBGT community. Outlined below are some of the services available through, as well as some alternatives as we understand that finding the right LGBT therapist online and approach for you is what matters most.


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Whether you have come out or not, anxiety about revealing your sexual orientation is common.

The pressure of wondering how family and friends may react when you first speak to them about you sexual preferences to moving to a new job or meeting new people and wondering what their reaction may be. Everyday can potentially present a new situations in which you may face bigoted reactions.

Living with the fear of hostility takes its toll mentally. There is also the effects of real experiences. Bullying and violence are not uncommon which can lead to anxiety in regards other areas of your life.

Depression/Thoughts of Suicide

The double stigma faced by LGBT individuals seeking therapy can be overwhelming.

This means special care must be taken to ensure there is adequate support for those experiencing depression. It is vital therapists are trained in spotting the signs of depression and its possible escalation toward suicidal thoughts.

With depression being one of the most common challenges faced by LGBT individuals (Jackson, 2018), and the symptoms of the condition meaning people with depression finding it hard to reach out, online options such as represent a valid route to seek help whilst at the same time providing qualified and experience help.

Sexual Identity Issues

Sexual identity issues encompass a wide range of experiences, thoughts and feelings. It is common for LGBT individuals to go through periods of questioning and self-doubt, which can be confusing and stressful.

Coming out can also lead to changing dynamics in family and friend relationships. Help navigating this process can be important in maintaining relationships and developing the necessary skills to cope with the challenges faced.

Gender Dysphoria

Gender dysphoria refers to a feeling of discomfort or distress a person feels when there is a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity (NHS, 2019).

Public knowledge and feeling towards gender dysphoria has not yet progressed to the same degree and homosexuality. This means those with gender dysphoria often find help more difficult to come by and attitude towards their experiences not as open as they should be.

Whereas LGB individuals experiences relate to sexual desires and preferences, those who make up the T section of LGBT are different in that they relate to issues of identity.

Understanding this difference is important as the two are often confused and so therapy does not match the needs of those seeking help.

We at and our LGBT therapist online councelors understand the difference and are focused on identifying the specific requirements and problems faced by those with gender dysphoria and working with individuals as they move forward through whichever path they choose.

‘Normal’ therapy methods can actually be detrimental to if the therapist is not knowledgeable of the difficulties and pitfalls that can exist when treating highly sensitive people. Therefore, it is important to find a therapist who is experienced and knowledgeable about highly sensitive person treatment.

Highly sensitive people are often worried that their ability will be considered a disorder and a therapist may try to ‘cure’ it. This is not something highly sensitive people desire. For them, their highly attuned empathy is like a sixth sense and removing it would be like taking a less sensitive person’s sight or hearing.

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What are my options?

 LGBT counseling online options can be either individual or group based, depending on your preferences. 

Group based therapy provides a support structure that can go beyond the therapy session, building a network that can continue to help after therapy has been completed.

On the other hand, private sessions with a dedicated LGBT therapist online can be tailored to your specific needs and, by their very nature, are more discreet. You may prefer this is you have feelings of embarrassment or social anxiety.

If you are unsure which would be better for you, we can also help. Call or email to discuss the options available.

Other options

PrideCounselling is a professional online counselling service which specialises in issues faced by the LGBT Community. Their vast experience in this area gives PrideCounceling a great insight into the needs of LGBT individuals, enabling them to offer a unique perspective and bespoke service with LGBT friendly therapists.

However, if your needs go beyond LGBT based issues, for example into childhood trauma, a more rounded approach, such as at may be more suited to your needs.

Mindout is a charity organisation by LGBT individuals for LGBT individuals. The lived experience of the counsellors means they can sincerely sympathise with your experiences and not only offer therapy and advice, but share their experience and what has helped them.

Face to face in person sessions are available but only in Brighton. Online support is also offered but unfortunately, whilst still incredibly valuable, does not provide the level of service that is available through the in person sessions.

Talkspace is a text message based therapy option, with both LGBT friendly therapists and LGBT identifying therapists available. A quick and easy entry into therapy, with now commitment and low costs, TalkSpace is a fantastic resource for those experiencing issues and are unsure about how therapy can help.

However, a more personal service that being assigned a therapist for the duration of a course can often be more effective for those experiencing greater issues.


Imaan is the UK’s leading LGBTQ Muslim charity. The challenges faced by LGBT Muslims as well as those of other religions can be uniquely different.

Whilst Imaan does not offer counselling services, it is one of the best organisations to contact if you feel, that due to your religion, other services are not equipped to help you. They have access to contacts and resources sure to be able to help you.


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