Individual therapy for relationship issues. The best Individual Couples and Marriage Counseling Options

Therapeutic intervention for relationship issues has been growing in demand for quite a while now. That’s why we’ll dive into growing therapy services that we recommend specifically for couples individual therapy for relationship issues.

individual therapy for relationship issues

Psychology Sessions from Home

Best individual relationship counseling – Regain

Regain has been doing remarkable work in many peoples relationships through their online individual therapy for relationship issues (also known as individual relationship counseling). Many have recommended individual therapy for relationship issues as a great asset in saving your relationship.

And, for married couples, it is a good memo to note that individual marriage counseling could be the difference between a broken home and a healed family. Regain has kept dozens of relationships intact and can do so for you.

Regain provides individual therapy for relationship issues, marriage counseling with one partner, as well as couple’s group counseling.

Get matched with a Regain individual relationship counselor.

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions. Start by filling out this survey in it’s entirety.

Reasons for choosing Regain for couples therapy – individual sessions

You may be asking why Regain is the best choice for you when choosing from so many well known online counseling platforms. Regain was created specifically with relationship counseling in mind.

This means that if you are serious about getting the most out of your relationship, you should be looking for a team that has centered their services around your area of concern such as individual marriage counseling without spouse or individual relationship therapy. This is exactly what Regain has done when crafting their business.

Every counselor on the site has been trained with experience to help couples like yourself navigate the very daunting yet rewarding world of love and relationships.

Other sites may focus on other areas of mental health like trauma recovery, schema therapy, addiction intervention, etc; Regain has one main goal: get your relationship to its very best version possible through individual relationship counseling, individual marriage counseling (marriage counseling without a spouse), as well as couple’s group therapy( using the same therapist for couples and individual therapy). This is why Regain is the most beloved and sought after online relationship counseling platform. couples therapy individual session.


  • They have amazing testimonies given from scores of their users. They have been known to have saved and repair many relationships and marriages. Their friendly, loving and encouraging counselors have been said to not take preference for any specific partner during couples therapy.In addition, the solutions they have provided for couples in conflict have been said to be instrumental in bringing about peace for couples who were ready to call their engagement off or head to file for divorce.
  • Their service is flexible and accessible. In such an unprecedented time seen in the world due to Covid-19, coupled with a huge market disruption brought on by technological advances, online counseling is quickly replacing the traditional in person method to those who meet the criteria. 
  • Regain has stated that their monthly fees are between $40-$70. The typical therapist that requires in person interaction and may not be readily available on call however, charges up to $100 per visit which could be as frequent as twice a month. Regain has cut the charge for their services to half of that, and as stated, offers many more solutions that typical in person counseling cannot. 
  • If you wish to remain anonymous, you may do so and still receive the help you need. This less intrusive approach makes those who may feel shame or stigma for whatever reason, a lot less apprehensive about receiving help which is a huge advantage of Regain.

How does it work?

When you decide to begin, you will be asked to begin by filling out a questionnaire. The first set of questions will determine the goal of the treatment you are seeking, whether that is to avoid divorce, co-parent better, overcome adultery or improve your intimacy, among many others.

You will then be asked your counseling preferences as well as give some very basic information about yourself. You will then proceed to create an account for yourself, fill out a few more key questions, and then get started in therapy.

For those asking,  “can a couple see the same therapist using this platform?” You also have an option to invite your partner to therapy online if you wish. This arrangement allows for you to choose whether or not you prefer individual relationship counseling, marriage counseling individual sessions or marriage counseling without a spouse.

Pricing – couples therapy individual session

You will be charged between $40-70 USD per month for the counseling services provided by Regain.

You will be provided with a counselor who will be available via text, video or voice call to discuss with you the issues you are experiencing in your relationship.

You have the option of having group or individual therapy with or without your partner. You also have the option to switch counselors at anytime for whatever reason you choose.

Best individual relationship counseling for Christians and LGBT

In recent times, many individuals have developed a desire to employ their faith in the therapeutic techniques used in their sessions to bring out change and transformation. 

For those Christians who are interested, Faithful Counseling provides an online platform for this form of faith based intervention. 


Other advantages of using this site include its competitive rates which are less than traditional face to face counseling, the option to connect with the counselor at anytime once the counselor indicates he or she is available as well as the option to communicate and receive help via video, voice call or text.


On the negative side, if the person seeking therapy is a minor, severely suicidal, under psychiatric care or has problems with internet accessibility, chances are this option won’t be best for you.


Costs range between $40-$70 USD monthly. Insurance will not cover this expense, unfortunately.

Pride Counseling – Individual Relationship Counseling for the LGBTQ community

Pride Counseling provides care and therapy for members of the LGBTQ community that may be struggling with mental health issues as well as their relationships and identity.


The advantages of using this site again, is the tailor-made services that cater to this specific community as well as the availability of a therapist via video, voice call or text message as well as the fact that you will remain completely annonymous.


The disadvantages of Pride Counseling is that for those with internet accessibility issues, suicidal or psychiatric patients may not find the services they need on this site. Also, your insurance may not cover the cost of the counseling sessions.


Costs for this service is much less than traditional face-face therapy, usually between $40=-$70 USD a month.


So, if you are looking for solutions to your relationship issues,  preferably the same therapist for couples and individual therapy who is trained and accessible from almost anywhere there is internet connectivity, Regain will be the ideal solution for you.

As we mentioned, therapy can be a pivotal point in your relationship, often saving a family from a broken home. 


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