Secure Attachment Therapy Online to Achieve a Healthy Attachment Relationship.

The four main attachment styles are based on the attachment theory which was discovered by psychologist John Bowlby.

Bowlby’s theory discusses how critical childhood attachment can mold and dictate how children develop attachment styles later in their adolescent years and adulthood. Secure attachment is the attachment style that is centered and categorized around the interaction between a child and a parent.

Think back to your younger days, and think about your relationship with your parents. Did you feel like they were present and protective of you? Or did they make you feel as if your feelings were valid and justified? This contributes to how you develop healthy attachment styles.

Secure Attachment Therapy

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How do I find an online specialist in a secure attachment?

It’s important to remember and understand that as humans we need some form of attachment to people, work, hobbies, or passions. It helps us become driven and excited about persistently doing something or pursuing a relationship. There is a difference between healthy attachment and unhealthy attachment.

If you feel your attachment style has started negatively impacting areas of your life, online secure attachment therapy and treatment can help you reach a healthy level of attachment. Find a therapist that understands you, your needs, and more importantly your secure attachment style. BetterHelp has a team of professional, certified, and experienced online therapists who specialize in secure attachment. You can be matched, connected, and start your secure attachment treatment in less than 24 hours. Simply take your time to fill out this questionnaire carefully, this questionnaire gives us a better understanding of what you’re looking for. Shortly after completing the questionnaire, we will select the best secure attachment specialists for you to choose from.

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What does secure attachment look like?

In a relationship, it is suggested that secure attachment is the best attachment style to maintain a healthy relationship. However, secure attachment does not mean that your relationship will be perfect, it just means that you are capable of regulating and communicating your emotions, thoughts, and reactions healthily.

The main characteristic of the secure attachment style is the ability to build and maintain healthy, loving, and long-lasting relationships and connections.

A Secure attachment style develops in early childhood, as a result of feeling safe, secure, and protected by your parents or caregiver. If you were reassured, validated, and constantly felt loved during childhood, this generally creates a healthy attachment style later in life which is known as secure attachment.

Although everyone has signs of secure attachment that they can identify with, these are the common indicators of someone that has a secure attachment style:

  1. The ability to easily trust others, giving people the benefit of the doubt
  2. You find it easy to regulate and communicate your emotions and thoughts
  3. You feel comfortable being by yourself and don’t seek validation or comfort from others to feel secure
  4. It’s easy to find emotional support when you need it
  5. Self-reflection in a relationship is important to you
  6. People find it easy to connect with you and open up
  7. You are comfortable in close and intimate relationships
  8. You generally have high self-esteem and healthy confidence
  9. You are emotionally available

In a relationship it is important to have a safe and secure form of attachment, this promotes a healthy and effective way of communication between you and a partner. Secure attachment in a relationship can help you navigate easily and not have any concerns of insecurity, doubt, or jealousy of a partner or their intentions. People who grew up in a safe and secure environment often find it easier to engage emotionally and physically with people.

What are the signs of secure attachment?

A healthy relationship or partnership involves trust, honesty, effective communication, and respect. This builds a foundation of safety and security for both partners. The secure attachment style in a relationship makes it easier to self-reflect and maintain healthy boundaries and respect. It does not mean that you or your relationship will always be smooth sailing, or not have any challenges. It just means that you’re in a better position to manage and navigate better to maintain a healthy connection.

What secure attachment can look like in a relationship:

  • You are comfortable with yourself, and your self-esteem and self-worth are not dependent on your partner.
  • You have a healthy and positive perception of yourself.
  • Communicating your emotions, thoughts, and feelings to a partner is something you are comfortable with.
  • You are satisfied and comfortable being around others and making new connections.
  • You can openly seek emotional support from your partner, friends, or family.
  • You rarely get anxious when the two of you are apart.
  • You have a healthy method of dealing with conflict.
  • It’s easy to maintain a healthy emotional state.
  • When setbacks, disappointments, or uncomfortable situations happen, you are resilient and able to bounce back.

Secure attachment can manifest in other areas of your life. You can maintain a balanced lifestyle and build new healthy relationships with people. Secure attachment therapy can further benefit you and your partner by developing long-lasting methods of communication, setting boundaries, and overcoming challenges together.

What are the advantages of a healthy attachment relationship?

Healthy attachment in a relationship has a vast amount of advantages. Not only does it strengthen your connection, but additionally enhances personal development. Discover how you can benefit personally from secure attachment in a relationship through secure attachment therapy.

The advantages of secure attachment in a relationship:

  • The boundaries are clear, healthy, and respected.

Respect for your partner’s boundaries and “no-go-zones”, is important. In a relationship with secure attachment, one of the advantages is that healthy, solid boundaries are set with clear lines of flexibility. This helps you maintain personal space and safety while understanding each other’s needs and wants for respect. Saying “yes” or “no” is easy and respected.

  • Social network.

Socializing outside of your relationship with friends helps the relationship build trust. Often a securely attached partner will not be clingy but rather encourage you to engage in social activities and personal interests.

  • Secure trust.

There are no doubts about a partner’s faithfulness, you know that they are loyal to you and will always have your back. They will trust that you will always uphold the commitment you’ve both made and are very seldomly jealous.

  • Clear, open, and effective communication.

Many relationships go south very fast because one or both intimate partners expect their significant other to read their minds or anticipate needs and wants. A healthy advantage of secure attachment in a relationship allows for both partners to openly express their wants, needs, thoughts, and feelings. Creating a safe space for two-way communication.

  • Authentic interest.

An advantage of secure attachment in a relationship is the desire to deepen the connection. A partner will be genuinely interested in your dreams and ambitions and support and encourage them. They will always show a keen interest and curiosity about you and continue to want to know you better each day. The reciprocation of this creates a stronger and closer bond between you two.

  • Vulnerability

It requires immense strength and courage to be vulnerable. In a healthy relationship, vulnerability should be encouraged, respected, and supported. An advantage of secure attachment in a relationship can establish a safe and transparent method of expressing fears, insecurities, and doubts. This builds trust.

  • No unchecked baggage.

It’s almost inevitable that issues from the past will find their way into your relationship. Talking about your past in the beginning stages of a relationship and establishing safe solutions can eliminate unnecessary negativity and disagreement.

  • Constant security, regard, and growth.

A partner that consistently reassures you that they love, respect, and trusts you can build a healthy secure attachment. Knowing that they are there to support you no matter what generally has a healthy effect on the relationship. Displaying gratitude, respect, and admiration for one another is another advantage healthy of secure attachment in a relationship.

To improve and personalize your methods of secure attachment in a relationship and benefit from the advantages, therapy for secure attachment is highly recommended.

How to move from anxious attachment to secure?

Identifying your attachment style early in a relationship can be extremely advantageous to you and your relationship. It will help you understand your needs and wants, as well as, learn how to communicate them to your partner.

Moving from anxious attachment to secure attachment in a relationship is a journey in which you will need immense courage and support to do. It is possible from anxious attachment to secure attachment with the help of a professional secure attachment therapist or specialist.

Top 5 tips that can help you move from anxious attachment to secure attachment in a relationship:

1. Understand yourself.

If you’ve identified that you have an anxious attachment style, you should try to use other people around you to help you regulate your emotions. Learn to talk to your partner about your anxieties, fears, and doubts. This can help you become more comfortable expressing yourself. Alternatively, a secure attachment therapist can help you with this.

2. Avoid talking at people and rather connect.

A common trait of someone that has an anxious attachment style is that they are aloof and tend to shut down emotionally, causing them to come across as cold. Try to take a step back and reassess how you’re communicating.

3. Deal with and let go of past disappointments.

Anxious attachment can cause you to hold onto all the times you’ve been disappointed and hurt. Learn to let go of that because it can lead you to hold that over your current partner out of fear. Forgiveness and trust can be built this way.

4. Take note of secure attachment in other relationships.

The best way to learn is to experience. Moving from anxious attachment to secure attachment in a relationship, it would be helpful to observe the behaviors and traits of someone that has a secure attachment style and use that as guidance.

5. Leave relationships where your needs are not met.

If your partner is not supportive or does not understand your attachment style and shows no interest in helping you overcome anxious attachment, you should remove yourself.

How does online secure attachment therapy work?

Conducting, planning, and scheduling online therapy sessions with your secure attachment specialist is in your control. You will have direct access to your therapist, giving you the freedom to have a session whenever you feel you need support or guidance. Online secure attachment therapy sessions give you the benefit and advantage of therapy from home.

How will online secure attachment therapy help me develop healthy attachment?

Online secure attachment therapy will help you answer any questions you may have about attachment styles and how to move from one attachment style to another. The benefit of this is that you will be able to develop better, healthier, and more refined methods of attachment that will enhance your relationships.

Healthy Attachment

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