BetterHelp Cost, Pricing & Hidden Fees. Quick & Easy Overview. 

Online therapy has gained popularity lately. We’ve recommended in the past. Here we’ll cover Betterhelp pricing and costs. 

BetterHelp cost

Psychology Sessions from Home

We decided to recommend BetterHelp because of their: 

  • highly trained licensed therapists
  • efficient matching counselors to patients
  • low BetterHelp pricing
  • good reviews and testimonials by clients as well as renowned institutions including American Psychological Association.

BetterHelp pricing details

In this article, we are discussing the BetterHelp plans and BetterHelp pricing to demonstrate why BetterHelp is the best online counseling site.
•   BetterHelp’s fees range from $40 to $70 per week depending on the BetterHelp plan you select. BetterHelp offers various billing plans for the convenience of its clients and users.
•   If you are going for a month-long subscription for BetterHelp services, you will be charged $180 at the rate of $45 per week. This is considered as an ideal subscription plan and affordable BetterHelp fees. (Note that a traditional 1 hour face-to-face therapy session could cost up to $150.)
•   You will be charged less, if you are looking for longer subscriptions including quarterly or yearly; however, you have to pay monthly.
•   The BetterHelp pricing is higher, if you are opting for only a week’s subscription.
•   You can pay for BetterHelp fees via credit card, PayPal or Google Pay monthly regularly.
•   There are no hidden fees or payments that BetterHelp charges from their clients, like cancellation charges or withdrawal fees.
•   You can cancel your subscription anytime you want without any additional cost or concerns.

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Can BetterHelp cost be covered by insurance companies?

With the BetterHelp cost being low, BetterHelp fees are generally not covered by insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. Also, it is not common to be reimbursed indirectly from your insurance company by claiming the counseling you get at BetterHelp.

This is mainly because BetterHelp doesn’t give a clinical diagnosis of psychological or mental health disorders. Insurances tend to cover or co-pay your bills only when there is an official diagnosis.

Usually, the treatment of general psychological symptoms and problems are not covered by most of the insurance companies, even for traditional therapy. However, we recommend you contact your insurance company beforehand to confirm about the feasibility of claim.

It is also worth noting that the BetterHelp fees structure is different because it charges you monthly despite the number of contacts, sessions and type of therapy. So, even if your insurance company only covers or co-pays for your traditional therapy (not e-counseling), the counseling at BetterHelp is still rather cheap.

Any discount from BetterHelp?

BetterHelp offers financial aid based on client’s socioeconomic status, income and number of dependents, which further reduces the BetterHelp cost. Thus the discount or assistance varies depending on the client’s personal information.

You have to fill the financial aid form, and once you qualify, you will immediately get the discount. This can make the therapy and counseling cheaper and more accessible to the people who need help.

With the proliferation of various e-counseling and e-therapy platforms, it can be a bit confusing for the mass to select the best online counseling services that are not only professional but also affordable. Besides the low pricing, clients of BetterHelp can communicate with the counselor anytime and anywhere with internet.

BetterHelp is thus a great option for counseling not only in terms of professionalism, accessibility, and convenience, but also as per BetterHelp pricing.

It has various reasonable subscriptions plans, and it also offers financial aid, making it a highly user-friendly platform.

If you need help, you can always reach out to BetterHelp and count on it.

BetterHelp pricing

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  1. D. Cassell

    Your sites ays your fees range from $40 to $70 per week depending on the BetterHelp plan you select, but after completing the survey, the site asks for $80/week billed for four weeks in advance. Please confirm


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