Gay Couples Counseling and Therapy. The Best Online Options for Same Sex Relationship Counseling.

In a world where everything is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Same sex couples or gay couples counseling can take the heat out of the most stressful of periods – Improving your mental health and general quality of life.

Our modern lifestyles can get a little hectic. Not everybody lives the picture-perfect ideal we see plastered on social media. In reality, our lives are hectic.

gay couples counseling

Psychology Sessions from Home

Pride Counseling offers gay couples therapy 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you are struggling with mental health issues, relationships, or your identity, having someone to talk to is a powerful healing tool.

Online gay relationship counseling can offer you discrete, convenient, and affordable therapy from the comfort of your home.

Best gay couples therapy:

Pride Counseling is a California-based online service. Established to address higher levels of mental health problems in the LGBTQ community. Pride counseling makes accessing services convenient and inclusive for the wider community.

From the home page under the get started heading. A set of questions about how you would describe your identity and orientation: more searching questions follow about your current physical and mental health.

They ask 30 questions in total upon starting the process. This will take 5 minutes to complete. You get a sense that a comprehensive picture is being gathered on your current situation. But also, these detailed questions ensure they match you with a suitable counselor for same sex couples counseling.

At the end of the initial fact-finding phase, you enter your name or (nickname) and provide a valid email address. This process is an essential part of gay relationship counseling -steps provided throughout the sign-up stage. Show the importance pride counseling takes to ensure they protect your privacy. The PIN sent to your email account enables you to log in and begin the counselor matching process.

Get matched with a Pride Counselin LGBT counselor.

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions. Start by filling out this survey in it’s entirety.

Why is Pride’s gay couples counseling the best service?

  • It matches clients with a licensed counselor with qualifications that specialize in gay relationship counseling.
  • Their counselors will review the information shared before your first consultation.
  • Pride counseling provides discreet and convenient services.
  • Clients have the selection of various messaging options to suit their needs. This consists of:
  1. Exchanging direct messages online.
  2. Taking part in weekly phone therapies.
  3. Video conferencing via zoom.
  4. Using the instant live chat room service.

What is the affordability of gay couples counseling?

With Pride Counseling, you can have a professional service from only $50 per week, which is charged every month. That should cover all your gay couples therapy needs.

A flat fee, regardless of the number of sessions you have with your counselor. Unlike traditional office-based therapy, which can cost anything between $110-$180 for a single session.

If you are ever in need of individual online LGBT therapy be sure to read the linked to post or our post on finding a gender dysphoria therapist near me


What are the alternatives to Pride Counseling?

Regain is an online relationship counseling platform. They specialize in providing counseling for all relationships. Regain recognizes that moving through obstacles in relationships can be daunting. Their services offer discreet and affordable counseling 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

They also provide gay couples therapy as part of their complete service package. But unlike pride counseling. Regain’s area of specialty lies under the general term of relationship counseling.

They do not have a heavy emphasis on gay couples counseling in the same way as pride counseling has.

Regain’s online system does not support a three-way live sessions (phone, video). This means that both partners will need to be in the same location to use these features.

Regain has a similar pricing structure to that of pride counseling. Prices range from $40 – $70 per week. Again, a service billed monthly.

To summarize, if you are in a same-sex couple. You are looking for a specialist counseling service that understands your everyday struggles.

Pride Counseling shines above all competition with its professional, affordable, and discreet service. It takes into consideration your busy modern lifestyles, with its flexible offerings.

Pride Counseling is ideal if you’re struggling with mental health or relationships. They will help to stabilize your life. Click this link to get direct access to their website.

Now is the ideal opportunity to take advantage of their services for same sex couples counseling. Take the first steps today. Work towards getting your relationship moving in the right direction.


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