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Be sure to ask yourself, what am I looking to focus on in my Christian counseling for my sexless marriage?

How do I use the Bible in my sexless marriage?

Is a sexless marriage biblical grounds for divorce? 

Or am I worried about sexless marriage and divorce and want the best christian sexual therapy?

Christian counseling sexless marriage

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Much like every other walk of life, Christian sexless marriages come with their own challenges.  We are here to ensure that you receive the best Christian counseling of sexuality for you by connecting you to a Christian sexologist.

As a Christian couple challenged with the hurdle of sexless marriage, it is important to refer back to them and pray. As a Christian woman and a Christian man in a marriage, it is both of your responsibility to avoid the dangers of sexless marriage symptoms that can lead to sexless marriage and depression.

How do I find an online Christian sexologist?

Connecting to a good online Christian sexologist, thanks to Faithful Counseling, is very simple.

Faithful Counseling is a trusted partner of PsychologyHelp, we offer the best, qualified, professional, and experienced Christian psychologists, therapists, and sex counselors for you.  An online Christian Sexologist to help you through your marriage counseling.

Choosing the best Christian sexologist that is experienced, trained, and certified to be able to assist you best in your current situation.

Our team at Faithful Counseling can confidently recommend using our online sexologists, therapists, and coaches, who are there to assist you. 

They are all highly professional, experienced, and certified to assist you specifically in the areas of understanding the Bible and sexless marriage, what does God say about living in a sexless marriage, and how to withstand and overcome the emotional and psychological effects of a sexless marriage.

Faithful Counseling has successfully healed and guided thousands of couples that have faced the same challenges. Rest assured, you are in good hands and well on your way to receiving the best online Christian counseling for a sexless marriage, it will be the miracle you need to save your marriage.

Get matched with a Faithful Counseling Christian sexologist.

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions. Start by filling out this survey in its entirety.

Faithful Counseling online Christian sexual therapy are conveniently made available to you with the simple click of a finger, whenever and wherever you are. It is highly affordable, convenient, and effective.

Our Christian counseling for sexless marriage focuses on understanding what God says about living in a sexless marriage, we discuss and learn how to remember what the Bible says about sexless marriage.

Getting started, the process to find your online sexologist is very simple, answer this questionnaire carefully, shortly thereafter you will be matched with the most appropriate affordable online Christian sexologists for you. These questions are made to ensure that we are able to connect you to the best possible Christian marriage counselor for you and begin your Christian counseling of sexuality.

How do I know if I’m trapped in a sexless marriage?

Christian counseling of sexuality.

Identifying signs that you could be trapped in a sexless marriage is hard to do when you are in an emotional state, marriage is an emotional investment. We recommend finding the best online sex therapist near me to help you through this process.

There are couples that are able to have a successful sexless marriage, however, statistics done from studies by certified sexologists and sex therapists focusing on the dangers of sexless marriages have shared that more couples do not survive this and as a result, thus, you may feel like you’re trapped in a sexless marriage.

One of the top issues that present itself in marriages and relationships is different levels of sexual desire. It is normal for couples to have a discrepancy surrounding this, however, if you don’t manage it together it creates a cycle of avoidance.

Sexless marriage is generally defined as having sex less than 10 times a year, this is a case of extreme negativity and a lack of navigating around sexual desires and interests between two spouses.

There are a few signals you can identify when trying to figure out if you are trapped in a sexless marriage;

  1. If your partner is refusing to work with you.

Before deciding that divorce is the only solution, having open and clear communication with your partner about these issues is important.

Finding solutions together and learning how to spice up your sexless relationship through these obstacles can help bring you closer. However, it is something that requires teamwork.

If one person is not willing to put the effort in, then it simply will not work.

  1. Your relationship challenges are so big that divorce will be because of many other factors.

Sexless marriages are usually a symptom of underlying issues, for example, if you and your partner have toxic communication methods, power struggles, lying, cruelty, abuse, or any other issues you cannot seem to figure out, then having a sexless relationship may contribute to you feeling like you are trapped in a sexless marriage.

  1. Your sexual interests are so different and you can’t find ways to enjoy them together anymore.

This is something called “erotic conflict”. When each person has their own sexual desires and erotic pleasures that you do not agree on. This usually leads couples to decide on having an open marriage to satisfy each of their sexual desires outside of the marriage. If this is not a desirable option, then divorce becomes the result.

Through online sex therapy or marriage counseling for sexless marriages, couples are taught how to find the overlap or middle ground of their sexual interests and work from there to find better solutions.

What effects do the dangers of sexless marriage have?

It’s important to understand that the dangers of sexless marriage usually happen over a period of time.

There are symptoms of a sexless marriage that occur way before a complete loss of sexual intimacy, these are usually ignored, and the result then is unfortunately sexlessness.

When couples experience the emotional effects of sexless marriage, psychological effects of marriage, or even the physical effects, it leads one or both spouses to feel trapped in a sexless marriage which can cause sexless marriage depression.

There are many reasons why you and your partner seem to have reached a point of a sexless marriage, it is not to be overlooked but rather to take the initiative to try and understand them.

Unhappy with your sex life, sexless marriage, or not coping with a sexless marriage? It may be time to connect to a sexologist near me to teach you how to reverse a sexless marriage.

The negative cycle affects other areas of the relationship, making it even more difficult to find your way back to healthy and happy sex life. Psychologists have studied sexless marriage and it has been said that a relationship without intimacy and passion is called empty love.

When spouses in the relationship seem to be unhappy with the sexlessness, the dangers of sexless marriage can lead to negative emotions like; frustration, loneliness, anger, resentment, rejection, guilt, and even inadequacy.

Negative feelings and pressure around sex can cause a cycle of avoidance which can lead to less openness, distance, and lack of connection.

Dealing with a sexless marriage is a journey, it is a good idea to find the best marriage counseling for sexless marriage to get you started on reversing and healing your marriage, as well as learning to avoid any further dangers of a sexless marriage.

If you are feeling stuck in this position and are struggling with feeling trapped in a sexless marriage or finding it hard to reverse the damages of a sexless marriage, then your next step is to find the best online sexologist to help you with marriage counseling for sexless marriages.

Oftentimes having a third party that is impartial can bring clarity and direction to set you on the right path.

How a sexless Christian marriage affects me

Sexual intimacy is a part of God’s natural plan for marriage, what the Bible says about Christian marriage is that is a husband and wife’s responsibility to ensure that each other’s needs are met in this area, avoiding sexless marriage under any circumstance besides when there is the physical or medical inability or non-mutual attraction and consent.

James (1:5; Hebrews 4:16) says that it is always good to put one’s own house in order before seeking to correct someone else. The Bible says that a sexless marriage is a cause for concern and the first order of business is to pray for wisdom, mercy, and grace during this time to help you and your partner survive a Christian sexless marriage.

Sexless marriages happen as a result of various reasons on both the husband and wife’s side. In sexless Christian marriages, oftentimes there are underlying issues that are unresolved and this usually leads to challenges that seem unresolvable.

Many Christian couples dealing with sexless marriage symptoms or sexless marriage depression end up losing touch with their faith and start to wonder if a sexless marriage is biblical grounds for divorce and end up struggling to find ways to save their marriage.

If you are finding it challenging to cope in a sexless Christian marriage, you may be experiencing effects like these:

  1. Loss of positive energies.

When two bodies become one, there is an intimacy shared between two people that creates a bond stronger than without. If there is a loss of intimacy in a Christian marriage, you can experience the psychological effects of a sexless marriage.

When sexual intimacy is removed from the relationship, it weakens the passion and energy, leaving you both with severe distress, anger, frustration, resentment, anxiety, and depression.

  1. Roller coaster of emotions

Sex creates an immense amount of emotional connection between two people, there is no denying it. When you and your partner have a healthy sex life, it helps you maintain a positive mental, emotional and mental state. These emotions are shared and it helps to build your marital bond, with a sudden loss of sex, couples begin to feel rejected, lonely, and sometimes even inferior and unwanted.

  1. Loss of intimacy can ruin the romance

Sexual intimacy is one of the ins and outs of a marriage, it is important for couples to maintain it before it falls by the wayside. Without physical love, it has been studied that couples begin to lose their passion and desire for one another.

Sexless marriages can cause higher stress levels between couples, leaving one or both partners feeling insecure and doubtful.

Signing up for Christian sexual therapy and Christian counseling of sexuality can help alleviate these doubts and fears.

How does online Christian sexual therapy work?

Faithful Counseling online Christian sexual therapy ensures that your Christian faith is considered and preferred, there are a number of inherent advantages with online therapy for couples facing anxiety and depression in sexless marriages and dealing with the effects on both husband and wife.

We recommend Faithful Counseling marriage counseling for couples in sexless marriages. Perhaps the foremost of these is convenience.

How will Christian sexual therapy help me, and how to save my marriage?

Christian counseling for sexless marriage with a trained, certified and professional sex coach take place anytime and anywhere.

There is no travel time to worry about and so no need to take time off work or other activities. This also means that you can keep the therapy sessions as private as you are comfortable with. Think of it as a miracle to you save your marriage.

Having these online Christian sexual counseling sessions with a qualified and professional sexologist will help you to deal with challenges and fears like: Can my marriage survive? How to survive and cope in a sexless marriage, the emotional and psychological effects of a sexless marriage, consulting the bible in Christian sexless marriage as a Christian woman, and a lot more.

Whatever you may need to heal, our online Christian therapists and sexologists are ready to help.

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