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You’ve just had a baby, stress levels are at the ultimate high, work is overflowing and simple chores around the house seem to be the biggest task. Sleepless nights and early mornings, doctors appointments and still having to make family zoom calls for everyone to see their new family member.

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Where do you find the time to have a moment to yourself, let alone have sex, right?

How can I find the best affordable sexologist online?

Our team of affordable and certified sex therapists at Regain understands that having a baby can add a lot of pressure to your sex life, most times resulting in sexless marriages. No need to worry, we’re here to connect you and your partner to a sexologist near me to help you with the best, most affordable online therapy for a sexless marriage after a baby.

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To support the cost of our psychology-educated staff and IT development, we may receive compensation if you sign up for online counseling services we recommend.

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Why can a sexless marriage be prolonged after a baby?

Extending your family is always a blessing, children are a gift to anyone’s life. However, as a couple, having a baby can dramatically change the dynamic of your marriage which can contribute greatly to both partners’ stress levels. It is very common in marriages after having a baby for both wife and husband to have a much lower sex drive, to become less sexually attracted to your husband or wife after a baby is completely normal. Spouses find themselves asking questions like, “Why isn’t my husband interested in sex after a baby?” “How do I get my sex drive back?” “Why did we lose our sex drive after a baby?” “What are the effects of a sexless marriage?”.

All these challenges are common and it is understandable why many couples face sexlessness after having kids, naturally, your state of mind is all-hands-on-deck with your new little bundle of joy. Sex after a baby is the last thing on anyone’s mind, as an effect, this leads both wife and husband to become less sexually attracted to one another and even begin to seem less interested in sex at all. Reconnecting as a couple after having a baby can be difficult, but if your marriage is heading in the direction of complete sexlessness, make sure you’re taking note of signals and red flags.

The main reason for a sexless marriage being prolonged after a baby is because couples become complacent and stuck in the routine that developed after the baby. It’s inevitable to change your routine to accompany the new baby, for example, if one spouse has to head to the office, couples may decide to sleep in separate rooms to minimize disturbances, however, this can lead to a snowball effect of a number of other challenges as not sleeping in the same bed has a direct effect on a couples’ intimacy.

A quick look at why sexless marriages can be prolonged after a baby;

  • You may be sleep-deprived
  • Postpartum depression
  • Fear of painful sex
  • Lack of emotional connection
  • Use of contraceptives

It’s vital that you and your partner take the initiative to learn how to manage and cope with these challenges after having a baby. Connecting with an affordable online sexologist to start marriage counseling for sexless marriage after a baby is your best choice. Attending online therapy can reduce the chances of a prolonged sexless marriage after a baby, you will learn how to deal with fears and challenges like having a low sex drive after a baby, fear of your husband or wife being uninterested in sex after a baby, why your wife has no sex drive after a baby and working towards getting your sex drive back. Working through these sessions together will bring you and your partner closer and create a stronger bond.

What can I do to recover a sexless marriage after baby?

There is always a way to navigate through a sexless marriage after a baby, recovering your sex drive after a baby in addition to affordable sex therapy online, there are a few things you and your partner can try if you are worried about the dangers of a sexless marriage.

If you and your partner have identified signs of sexless marriage, there are ways to recover. Oftentimes one spouse may be longing to reconnect but the other may feel differently, it is important too;

  1. Talk to your partner.

Communication is the key to success. Have the courage to bring up the topic to your partner from a place of love. Having your partner’s help with such an intimate challenge can make it much easier to deal with, as well as bring you closer. It’s easy for couples to drift apart after a baby. Maintain an open line of communication with your partner, tell them how you feel, and identify the reasons behind your low sex drive after baby together. Reconnecting can create a new emotional bond.

  1. Listen to your partner.

Most spouses become defensive and hesitant when discussing sexless marriage after a baby, it’s important to have the conversation with an open heart and mind. Your partner may be going through emotional or mental challenges that you are unaware of, understand that as you are experiencing your own effects of a sexless marriage, they may be too.

  1. Make time for one another

Just as you schedule feeding times and nap times for your new little one, make time to plan one-on-one time with your partner. Be sure to keep in mind that this is the road to getting your sex life back after a baby. Get back to having conversations that you used to have before, try not to talk about the new topics like medication, diapers, sleeplessness, and pain points of your new routine. Lighthearted and sometimes even sexual conversations can reignite that passion and intimacy between you.

  1. Baby steps

Realize that this is new territory for both of you, take it back to basics, and take baby steps when getting back to the ‘norm’. Rushing the process back to sex after a baby can add unnecessary pressure on both of you, it’s in your best interest to keep a steady pace and gradually reintroduce intimacy with your partner.

  1. Set date nights and build up desire

Lack of intimate moments is one of the biggest red flags in a sexless marriage after a baby, it can create a lot of insecurity between partners and leave you both wondering why you’re not sexually attracted to one another. No matter how busy you get, your marriage and your partner are the foundation, you need to put that first.

Start small, plan dinners at home at least twice a week where you can spend quality alone time together. You want to minimize pressure as having a baby has already caused a low sex drive. Setting a schedule can increase the excitement and desire, knowing that you and your partner are looking forward to these moments to just be together.  Less is more, make sure you’re not doing too much too soon, start playfully flirting with each other again, and make small romantic gestures to keep the passion and fun alive.

  1. Don’t restrict sex to intercourse

Jumping straight back into intercourse can be nerve-wracking, start slow when introducing sex back into your marriage, there are many other methods of fourplay that can lead to emotional and physical intimacy. Explore your options and enjoy each other. 

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How does sexless marriage after baby treatment work?

When reintroducing sex into a sexless marriage after a baby, small steps are the best option. Considering your new busy schedule with a baby, finding an affordable sex coach for couples in a sexless marriage and joining sex therapy online would be in your best interest.

Affordable online sex therapy through Regain will help you deal with your sexless marriage after a baby while teaching you and helping you understand why your husband may not be interested in sex, why your wife may have no sex drive after a baby, and managing the effects of a sexless marriage on husband and wife, these therapy sessions unpack how to cope with, reverse a sexless marriage and find the right methods to save a sexless marriage and make sure that dealing with your sexless marriage or become easier after each session.

How will a sexologist online improve my marriage?

PsychologyHelp and Regain sexologists online and sex therapists for dealing with low sex drive after baby, losing sex drive after baby, how to get sex life back after a baby, sexless marriage after baby, the effects of sexless marriage on husband, and helping your wife that lost sex drive after a baby.

Our sexologists online are affordable, certified, trained, and experienced professionals. Seeing a sexologist online to assist you with your sexless marriage challenges will reduce the stress, anxiety, and fears you may have. Having a third party that is impartial will help both you and your partner see things from a different perspective.

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