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If you have found yourself wondering how to find a sex coach for couples in a sexless marriage or perhaps a certified sex therapist near me to assist you and your partner with intimate challenges such as learning the dangers of sexless marriages, or how to save your marriage…

sex coach for couples in sexless marriage

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The first and most important step is to come up with ways to spice up your marriage without sex, do the right research, and get the answers you’re looking for.

Rest assured, Regain, has the best online marriage counseling for a sexless marriage.

How do I find a good certified sex therapist online?

It is important to first identify the challenges that you may be facing as a couple;

Is concerned about sexless marriage? Are you trying to save your sexless marriage? Do you want to know more about the dangers of a sexless marriage? Or, how to spice up a sexless relationship?  These are a few questions to ask yourself and your partner.

Whatever challenges you may be facing, with Regain certified sex therapists near me, you are guaranteed to learn about the effects and dangers of a sexless marriage, sexless marriage, and divorce, how to deal with menopause and sexless marriage, what to do if your sexless marriage and divorce are becoming too much to deal with.

Finding a certified sex therapist online or sexologist is your next step. It is imperative that you choose the best sex coach near me that is experienced, trained, and certified to be able to assist you best in your current situation.

Here at PsychologyHelp, we confidently recommend using Regain, the therapists and coaches that are there to assist you are all highly professional, experienced, and certified to ensure that you are able to receive the best help that you require.

Regain has successfully helped plenty of couples that have experienced the same challenges and even worse changes.

Our sex coaches near me help and train couples in sexless relationships and marriages on how to cope, reverse and heal from the mental and psychological effects of sexless marriages.

Through sex therapy online, our certified therapists have the opportunity to guide you through each layer of sexless marriage counseling for couples. 

Get matched with a Regain certified sex therapist.

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions. Start by filling out this survey in its entirety.

By choosing the option of working with an online sex therapist or sex coach for couples in a sexless marriage, you are already placing yourself in the right hands.

Not only does the option of Regain online sex therapy give you the freedom to select your own personal therapist, but also allows you to plan unlimited sessions that fit into your schedule, based on previous client success, we give you the confidence that you will get the best-certified sex
therapist to help you as a couple in a sexless marriage or a sexless relationship.

Regain online sex therapists and sex coaches near me are conveniently available to you whenever you see fit. All online therapy sessions are affordable, convenient, and effective.

Getting started, the process to find your online sex therapist near me is very simple, answer this  questionnaire carefully, shortly thereafter you will be matched with the most appropriate online certified sex therapists for you. These questions are made to ensure that we are able to connect you to the best possible sex coach for couples in sexless marriages near me.

What is a sex coach?

A sex coach is a trained professional who helps people that are faced with challenges such as; relationship issues, sexual challenges, and intimacy. Certified sex coaches help address various intimate issues; couples in sexless marriages or relationships, low libido, and sexual dysfunction.

Sex coaches for couples in a sexless marriage are not only trained to assist couples through their challenges, but also guide them to fully grasp their sexual potential through better education, training, and communication.

Certified sexologists and sex coaches are experienced in helping couples that may find themselves faced with the effects and dangers of sexless relationships, leading to depression, anxiety, isolation, and even divorce.

Sex coaches have been trained to help couples that may be facing complex and sensitive challenges in their marriages and relationships.

They assist with teaching, helping, and healing sexless marriage and depression, helping you understand the dangers of a sexless marriage, as well as discussing the effects of a sexless marriage after a baby that may lead to depression and many other facets of sexless relationships or marriages.

What is a sexless marriage?

Sexless Marriage Definition: A sexless marriage is a marital union wherein two spouses experience little to no sexual activity.

Sexless marriages and relationships are common, it happens when the physical intimacy between couples starts to fizzle out.

Unfortunately, the effects of such an intense and dramatic change the nature of a marriage. It can cause sexless marriage depression and other sexless symptoms that are all indicators of sexless marriage and divorce. When that happens the relationship becomes more like a platonic friendship rather than an intimate, passionate, and physical relationship. As a result of this, it’s common that couples to slip into a pattern of letting their physical intimacy fall by the wayside.

A large number of couples experience a drop in their sexual intimacy within the first few years of marriage, especially after having kids. However, there are usually signs of loss of intimacy that are frequently ignored or not noticed before the period of sexlessness.

Without physical intimacy to differentiate the relationship, many married couples become more or less like roommates.

If both spouses are okay with this type of relationship, then it doesn’t call for concern. But more often than not, one or both spouses become angry, frustrated, or hurt by the loss of intimacy.

Why can a sexless marriage be prolonged after a baby?

Extending your family is always a blessing, children are a gift to anyone’s life. However, as a couple, having a baby can dramatically change the dynamic of your marriage which can contribute greatly to both partners’ stress levels. It is very common in marriages after having a baby for both wife and husband to have a much lower sex drive, to become less sexually attracted to your husband or wife after a baby is completely normal. Spouses find themselves asking questions like, “Why isn’t my husband interested in sex after a baby?” “How do I get my sex drive back?” “Why did we lose our sex drive after a baby?” “What are the effects of a sexless marriage?”.

All these challenges are common and it is understandable why many couples face sexlessness after having kids, naturally, your state of mind is all-hands-on-deck with your new little bundle of joy. Sex after a baby is the last thing on anyone’s mind, as an effect, this leads both wife and husband to become less sexually attracted to one another and even begin to seem less interested in sex at all. Reconnecting as a couple after having a baby can be difficult, but if your marriage is heading in the direction of complete sexlessness, make sure you’re taking note of signals and red flags.

The main reason for a sexless marriage being prolonged after a baby is because couples become complacent and stuck in the routine that developed after the baby. It’s inevitable to change your routine to accompany the new baby, for example, if one spouse has to head to the office, couples may decide to sleep in separate rooms to minimize disturbances, however, this can lead to a snowball effect of a number of other challenges as not sleeping in the same bed has a direct effect on a couples’ intimacy.

A quick look at why sexless marriages can be prolonged after a baby;

  • You may be sleep-deprived
  • Postpartum depression
  • Fear of painful sex
  • Lack of emotional connection
  • Use of contraceptives

It’s vital that you and your partner take the initiative to learn how to manage and cope with these challenges after having a baby. Connecting with an affordable online sexologist to start marriage counseling for sexless marriage after a baby is your best choice. Attending online therapy can reduce the chances of a prolonged sexless marriage after a baby, you will learn how to deal with fears and challenges like having a low sex drive after a baby, fear of your husband or wife being uninterested in sex after a baby, why your wife has no sex drive after a baby and working towards getting your sex drive back. Working through these sessions together will bring you and your partner closer and create a stronger bond.

What can I do to recover a sexless marriage after baby?

There is always a way to navigate through a sexless marriage after a baby, recovering your sex drive after a baby in addition to affordable sex therapy online, there are a few things you and your partner can try if you are worried about the dangers of a sexless marriage.

If you and your partner have identified signs of sexless marriage, there are ways to recover. Oftentimes one spouse may be longing to reconnect but the other may feel differently, it is important too;

  1. Talk to your partner.

Communication is the key to success. Have the courage to bring up the topic to your partner from a place of love. Having your partner’s help with such an intimate challenge can make it much easier to deal with, as well as bring you closer. It’s easy for couples to drift apart after a baby. Maintain an open line of communication with your partner, tell them how you feel, and identify the reasons behind your low sex drive after baby together. Reconnecting can create a new emotional bond.

  1. Listen to your partner.

Most spouses become defensive and hesitant when discussing sexless marriage after a baby, it’s important to have the conversation with an open heart and mind. Your partner may be going through emotional or mental challenges that you are unaware of, understand that as you are experiencing your own effects of a sexless marriage, they may be too.

  1. Make time for one another

Just as you schedule feeding times and nap times for your new little one, make time to plan one-on-one time with your partner. Be sure to keep in mind that this is the road to getting your sex life back after a baby. Get back to having conversations that you used to have before, try not to talk about the new topics like medication, diapers, sleeplessness, and pain points of your new routine. Lighthearted and sometimes even sexual conversations can reignite that passion and intimacy between you.

  1. Baby steps

Realize that this is new territory for both of you, take it back to basics, and take baby steps when getting back to the ‘norm’. Rushing the process back to sex after a baby can add unnecessary pressure on both of you, it’s in your best interest to keep a steady pace and gradually reintroduce intimacy with your partner.

  1. Set date nights and build up desire

Lack of intimate moments is one of the biggest red flags in a sexless marriage after a baby, it can create a lot of insecurity between partners and leave you both wondering why you’re not sexually attracted to one another. No matter how busy you get, your marriage and your partner are the foundation, you need to put that first.

Start small, plan dinners at home at least twice a week where you can spend quality alone time together. You want to minimize pressure as having a baby has already caused a low sex drive. Setting a schedule can increase the excitement and desire, knowing that you and your partner are looking forward to these moments to just be together.  Less is more, make sure you’re not doing too much too soon, start playfully flirting with each other again, and make small romantic gestures to keep the passion and fun alive.

  1. Don’t restrict sex to intercourse

Jumping straight back into intercourse can be nerve-wracking, start slow when introducing sex back into your marriage, there are many other methods of fourplay that can lead to emotional and physical intimacy. Explore your options and enjoy each other. 

Can a sex coach for couples in sexless marriage help us?

There are many reasons why you and your partner seem to have reached a point of a sexless marriage or relationship, it is not to be overlooked but rather to take the initiative to try and understand them.

Working closely with a sex coach for couples in a sexless marriage or a certified sex therapist near me will give you the necessary information and guidance to understand the dangers of a sexless marriage and how to save your marriage.

When one or both people in the relationship seem to be unhappy with the sexlessness, this can lead to negative emotions like; frustration, loneliness, anger, resentment, rejection, guilt, and even feelings of inadequacy.

Negative feelings and pressure around sex can cause a cycle of avoidance which can lead to less openness, distance, and lack of connection.

If you or your partner are unhappy with your sexless marriage and the negative cycle that affects other areas of the relationship, making it is even more difficult to find your way back to healthy and happy sex life.

Certified sex therapists and psychologists have studied relationships and it has been said that a relationship without intimacy and passion is called empty love. It’s important for you to take the step toward avoiding the dangers of a sexless marriage and learn how to save your marriage.

Dealing with a sexless relationship is not easy, you have to deal with the emotional and psychological effects of a sexless marriage, which can become extremely draining. I have found myself in this position and am struggling to get my sex life to a place where both you and your partner are satisfied then your next step is to find the best online sex therapist to help you with this.

Oftentimes having the help of a third-party certified sex therapist for couples in a sexless marriage or even a sex coach near me that is impartial can bring clarity and direction to set you on the right path. If you are looking to save your marriage,

Here are five tips you can try to help:

  1. Talk about it
  2. Uncover the obstacle
  3. Develop a new paradigm
  4. Approach sex differently, with a more open mind, and be ready to understand

Prioritize it

What is impotence in a man?

Impotence occurs when a man can’t get or keep an erection long enough for sexual intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is usually a sign of psychological or physical conditions. This causes an immense amount of stress, pressure, and low self–confidence.

As a result, this can cause relationship strain, leaving one or both partners challenged with the effects, such as how erectile dysfunction causes sexless marriage, or how it psychologically affects women and men.


If your erectile dysfunction occurs more frequently, it could be a sign of underlying health issues:

  1. Mental health conditions; anxiety, depression, stress
  2. Cardiovascular disease
  3. Side effects of medications
  4. Chronic liver or kidney disease
  5. Low testosterone levels
  6. High blood pressure
  7. Diabetes

For men who experience impotence in a marriage, there are huge emotional and psychological effects that come with that.  Naturally, men have the need to provide, when this is taken away from them in an unfortunate but natural cause such as impotence, it can affect their marriage and lead to having a sexless marriage.

If you find yourself challenged with impotence, and are fearful that your impotence may lead to a sexless marriage, you have stopped at the right place.

Rest assured our online sexologists and therapists are professionally trained, certified, and experienced with challenges like how long can a marriage last without sex, how long can a marriage last without intimacy, and learning how to deal with sexless marriage as a woman, as well as how to deal with a sexless marriage after 60.

The decision of opting for online methods of therapy put you in a position to receive professional and effective therapy with affordable sexologist online, you are already placing yourself in the right hands.

Not only does the option of Regain online sex therapy give you the freedom to choose your own therapist, but also allows you to plan unlimited sessions according to your schedule.  We give you the confidence based on previous client success that you will get the best-certified sexologists and therapists to help you.

impotent husband sexless marriage

Does impotent husband sexless marriage therapy work?

Impotence in men can be caused by many factors, including psychological or physical challenges, stress, change in finances, having kids, loss of a family member, or any other life-changing events.

Erectile dysfunction and sexless marriage can result in fear of wondering: ‘Can a marriage last without sex?’, ‘How long can a marriage last without intimacy?’.

If you are suffering from a sexless marriage due to impotence then it is in your best interest to find a way of dealing with it alongside your partner.

There is nothing to be embarrassed about when you are facing such an intimate hurdle in your marriage. Impotent husband and sexless marriage therapy with an affordable sexologist near me will be able to guide you through steps you can take toward dealing with these challenges.

Many women in sexless marriages end up seeking answers to questions, concerns, and conversations about why my husband and I don’t have sex.

Depending on the frequency of the erectile dysfunction, some men are able to perform sexually and others are not at all.

Sexual intimacy is important in a marriage or long-term relationship so naturally, the change could cause anxiety and loss of feeling for both partners.

Men faced with ED commonly experience these symptoms:

  1. Anger and frustration
  2. Loss of masculinity
  3. Denial
  4. Social isolation
  5. Depression
  6. Low self-esteem or self-confidence
  7. Sexual or intimacy avoidance

Recovering from a sexless marriage due to impotence can be challenging but not impossible.  It’s important that you accept that there are direct effects on both men and women in marriages where erectile dysfunctions may be causing a loss of sexual intimacy.

In many cases, ED is treatable, there is a wide range of effective treatments that can restore sexual function, therefore restoring relationship sexual intimacy.

Sexless marriages as a result of impotent husbands usually happen over a period of time.  There are signals that start to happen way before a complete loss of sexual intimacy, these are usually ignored, and the result then is unfortunately sexlessness.

There are many reasons why you and your partner seem to have reached a point of a sexless marriage while dealing with ED.  It is not to be overlooked but rather to take the initiative to try and understand them.

The negative cycle affects other areas of the relationship, making it even more difficult to find your way back to healthy and happy sex life.

Psychologists have studied sexless marriages and impotent husbands and it has been said that a relationship without intimacy and passion is called empty love.

Approaches to try in order to recover a sexless marriage due to impotence:

1. Open communication

It can be difficult at first as ED is not an easy thing for men to discuss, but it can help ease the pressure, stress, guilt, or embarrassment when talking about it openly with your partner.  This way you can both discuss the thoughts and fears you may have about the situation and find ways to overcome them together.  As a result, this may improve sexual functionality.

2. Counseling or therapy

With Regain affordable online sex therapy, you are guaranteed to learn how to deal with the challenges you are faced with.  Emotional distress is a common effect of ED on a man, many practitioners suggest individual and couples therapy sessions to allow the privacy to discuss the matter openly without being worried about being judged or embarrassed.

Couples sessions are also suggested to allow open communication about the challenges both men and women may be dealing with as a result of sexless marriage due to impotence. Studies show that 50-70% of men improve on impotency when their partner attends therapy with them.

3. Other forms of intimacy

While sexual intercourse is a main form of intimacy, there many other options that you and your partner can explore. For example, nonsexual forms of intimacy, kissing, hand-holding, touching, hugs, cuddling, etc. can all help a great deal while a man undergoes treatment for ED.


4. Lifestyle changes

  • Stop smoking
  • Increase exercise
  • Maintain a moderate and healthy body weight
  • Stopping illegal drug use
sex coach near me

How does an online certified sex therapist work?

An online sex therapist is there to give you the guidance to understand and face your challenges. Regain online therapy helps couples through sexless marriages and the dangers of a sexless marriage, much like yourself that are worried about their own challenges that may lead you to feel like there is no way to solve or overcome this hurdle.  Online sex therapy is there to offer you the knowledge, support, and guidance to heal.

Online sex therapy and sexless marriage counseling have a number of benefits in comparison to traditional therapy methods, the foremost one is convenience. In addition, you have access to your therapist whenever you may need it, you are in complete control of your sessions and how and where they take place, no need for travel time, sit back in the comfort of your home. You are also afforded the opportunity to choose your own therapist and change at any time if you feel the need. Regain online therapy is far more cost-effective and affordable than regular in-person therapy options.

Those who are more comfortable with therapy may choose a face-to-face method, perhaps through video calls, others may prefer talk-based sessions over the phone. Additionally, there is also the option to conduct the therapy through email if that is how you are more comfortable.

How will a sex coach near me help me and how to save my marriage?

Oftentimes you may feel embarrassed or ashamed of intimate issues, however, a sex coach near me is used to dealing with these more common challenges, and you have no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed. Online sex therapy in any relationship or marriage is essential, it is the best way to ensure that you and your partner are happy, satisfied, and enjoying healthy sex life with the guidance of a trained and certified sex therapist.

What are some of the effects of a sexless marriage and how do you cope with it?  

A sexless marriage can lead to unhappiness for both of you, couples that don’t focus on building and strengthening their sex life more often than not feel like there is so much missing. These feelings develop and become very heavy to hold and end up becoming a deep dynamic between you and your partner.

If you or your partner are experiencing these effects, you should consider seeking marriage counseling for sexless marriage:

  1. Having less or no patience with each other
  2. Less goodwill or kindness
  3. Less openness and connection
  4. Negative feelings and pressure around sex
  5. Feelings of frustration, anger, resentment, guilt, loneliness, and inadequacy

Rest assured, sex therapy will help you deal with the psychological and emotional effects of a sexless marriage on husband and wife, these counseling for sexless marriage sessions help you to unpack how to reverse and save a sexless marriage and make sure that dealing with your sexless marriage or relationship becomes easier after each session.

You will find ways to bring lightness and fun back into your relationship with the care, guidance, and support of a certified sex coach near me. You will also learn how to spice up your marriage and keep it that way. Studies have shown that couples that have a healthy and happy sex life feel a deep sense of lightness, this lightness extends to other areas of their lives, making the relationship much easier to manage. It creates a space for both people to communicate openly and confidently, which brings them closer.

Through highly engaging treatment options with your therapist, you and your partner will be able to get back to enjoying one another, bringing back the fun in your lives, and reigniting passion and love. It will grow and strengthen your bond and set you on the path to happiness, peace, and joy.


For further information and online therapy you may find helpful, please see:


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