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When you encounter life problems and want some professional Christian help, it can be challenging to find affordable Christian counseling near me.

We’re going to make things a bit easier, by pointing you in the direction of what we think is one of the best online Christian counseling services, as well as one of the most affordable.

With the increased need for therapists, having Christian beliefs and values led to the proliferation of various online Christian counseling services.

online christian counseling services

Psychology Sessions from Home

The following online Christian counseling services help Christian individuals  connect with licensed therapists that are compatible with their religious mindset.

If you are a practising Christian and wonder if there are any Christian counseling services near me, then this article will introduce you to them.

The best online affordable Christian counseling near me – Faithful Counseling.

Faithful Counseling is a professional online counseling platform that provides individuals with easy access to licensed therapists with a Christian background.

To cut to the chase, we highly recommend Faithful Counseling due to:

  • their large number of licensed Christian therapists on staff
  • their low prices
  • instant access and convenience to the therapists
  • great reviews from other Christians

Faithful Counseling combines Biblical knowledge and clinical expertise in the psychology field to incorporate religion into the therapy and devise the goals and plans that best-suited challenges of clients.

This platform uses a holistic approach to improve clients’ well-being by focusing on mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.


Easy signup & best match

At Faithful Counseling, you will be matched to a therapist after you fill out a short questionnaire addressing e.g. the nature and scope of your issue and the degree of religious involvement in your therapy or counseling and sign up.

This website has a large number of registered and licensed therapists with Christian backgrounds that will be assigned to you in less than 24 hours. I see it as affordable Christian counseling near me.

Get matched with a Faithful Counseling christian therapist.

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions. Start by filling out this survey in it’s entirety.

Specialized therapists with online christian counseling

The therapists and counselors on this platform are specialized in managing various psychological and mental health problems like depression, anxiety, stress, relationship and marital issues, trauma, grief and much more.

These Christian counselors work with their clients by incorporating faith-based component in their clinical techniques. Along with resolving your questions and problems, Christian counseling helps to understand your struggles as an opportunity to grow spiritually and religiously.

VERY convenient platform – affordable christian counseling near me

You can contact your therapist any time via text messages, live chat, phone call or video conference.

After subscription, in your designated secure virtual “room”, you can exchange messages with your counselor 24/7, and you can always go back and check on the messages sent by your counselor to refresh and reflect upon.  Besides, you can change or cancel your subscription any time simply by logging into your account.

The Faithful Counseling app can be downloaded and used on both your iOS and Android devices.

Private & safe

Moreover, this website has a stringent privacy policy. You don’t need to give your full name for signing up and also the conversation between you and your therapist is secured and encrypted.

Highly affordable

Another positive feature of this website is it aims to provide an affordable Christian counseling service. The charges depend on the subscription duration and vary between $40 to $70. These charges, as compared to traditional therapy sessions, i.e. upwards of $150 per session, are highly reasonable.

Mountains of good reviews

Under the “reviews” button on Faithful Counseling’s website, an endless list of detailed positive reviews were written by clients.

Faithful Counseling is evaluated as one of the best online Christian counseling services of 2020 as reported by (, and also by (

Why such low pricing?

Faithful Counseling’s pricing is significantly lower than in-person counseling because for instance, the outlet rent or management fee and labor cost related to consultation offices are saved, which is a rather large amount.  And the saved costs are used to maintain a more elite-size of team with specialized therapists and professional workers.

Why can’t it be free?

Faithful Counseling requires a minimal subscription is because it is a private company that doesn’t receive any funding or donations from outside to support the network of professionals works here. Thus, this subscription fee is required to compensate for the counselors and also the staff members that manage this platform. The staff includes customer support, quality assurance, counselor recruitment, analytics and more.

There are some other significant pros of this website, making it superior to other online Christian counseling services. You will be assigned to the therapist, depending on the level of religiosity you want to incorporate in your therapy. 

Even if you are a non-believer, you can still benefit from this service. You will be provided with clinical services without involving religious and Christian teachings. You will not be forced to incorporate Biblical wisdom in your treatment plan and you will be provided with neutral counseling services. 

Faithful counseling also offers free educational seminars on various topics. Based on the service quality and efficiency, this is a highly affordable Christian counseling service.

There are also several cons to this website. The therapists do not offer traditional pastoral counselling. Sometimes the platform asks their clients to complete a live assessment before starting therapy which can be intimidating for some clients. 

However, there are no significant loopholes identified in the service provided by this site, making it highly authentic and recommended online Christian counseling service and affordable Christian counseling service, especially if you think that you don’t have Christian counseling services near me.


Other affordable christian counseling near me choices?


Christian counseling is an online Christian counseling website comprised of highly experienced therapists and counselors. Their counselors strive to combine a Christian view with clinical excellence. They offer traditional face-to-face as well as online counseling services.

For receiving services at this platform, you need to pick a location, select a therapist from the listed counselors and schedule your appointment. Their charges range from $55 to $175, and the therapists are available from 9 am to 9 pm, from Monday to Saturday.

This website doesn’t offer unlimited communication with the therapist and also is quite expansive as compared to above mention site.

christian counseling services near me

Free Christian counseling online is another platform providing online Christian counseling services. This platform has a team of a licensed, and qualified therapist who is available from 9 am to 9 pm on working days from Monday to Friday.

To get a match with a therapist, you need to fill intake forms so that you can get matched to the therapist as per your issues, the availability of counselor and your preference. You will then be able to attend a 45-minute online session in MyDevice video counseling service.

This website suggests that if offers free online Christian counseling, however, the only first session is free and even for that you have to submit $45 deposit which is refundable if you attend the scheduled meeting. If you somehow fail to attend or reschedule the session, your deposit will be applied towards cancellation fee. Overall this service is not recommendable.

Our top choice for online Christian counseling

From the above review, it can be suggested that Faithful Counseling is an excellent online Christian counseling option, especially if you are looking for therapists with a Christian background and vast clinical expertise.

With Faithful Counseling, you will not only get help for your mental and emotional health but also for your spiritual health and faith. It is the best online therapy you can get at an affordable price, you don’t have to wonder about the Christian counseling services near me, and you will not be disappointed. 

affordable christian counseling

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  1. Deborah Slyman

    I am a 63 yr old female with recurring Lymphoma diagnosis after 7yrs remission. I live with my husband, a functioning alcoholic and lapsed Catholic. And my adult son aged 29, an avowed Atheist. My other son aged 25 is a Believer but living with a family of Apostolic Pentecostals who encourage him not to speak to us…cult?! Having a lot of side effects this time around in chemo and between the emotional strain and physical pain, I sometimes feel I can’t do this..other days are better and my faith gets me through. But I don’t have much emotional support around here and that’s why I am seeking counseling. I have been in out of the faith my whole life but Born Again since 2013…


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