Couples Therapy & Counseling Questionnaire. 12 Important Questions.

Counseling is one of the most effective ways to better understand your partner and how compatible you might be for each other.

Below you’ll find a detailed couples therapy questionnaire that will match you with a counselor that fits you and your partners needs.

couples therapy questionnaire

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Click here for the online couples counseling questionnaire.

This questionnaire contains a sequence of couples therapy questions that are important for you to answer careful and to completion. Only if you complete can you be matched with the most fitting counselor that suits your needs.

Typical couples therapy questions you might have are:

  • Do my values match that of my partner?
  • Is my partner right for me?
  • Is my partner as invested in our relationship as I am?

These and many other questions will be answered when you have in-depth discussions with your therapist.

Fill out the online couples counseling questionnaire and start talking to your new therapist.

How does this couples therapy questionnaire work?

The purpose of this questionnaire is to understand the dynamic between you and your partner. The insight from it can help build your new counselor a clear picture of what he/she can help you with and what you actually need help with.

The questionnaire includes basic questions and more in-depth questions. The value of talking to a real person about the compatibility of you and your partner is priceless. Not only that the counselor can help you solve any ongoing issues your facing as a couple now. 

Many men in a relationship typically have a hard time articulating their feelings or are even aware of their feelings. Couples therapy can be one of the stepping stones to awareness and improved communication.

Take your Regain couples counseling questionnaire…

and get matched with the best counselor that matches your needs.


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