Holistic counseling near me. Your Best Online Option for holistic counseling online.

When I was looking for holistic counseling near me, I knew what I wanted to find. I wanted someone who was able to listen to my problems and emphasize with me.

I hoped for someone who wouldn’t offer me a diagnosis, prescription, or simple solution.

Someone who wouldn’t try and pin me down to my relationship with my mother or my fear of failure – someone who would see me as a whole person, and help me integrate all the different parts of myself.

Was it too much to ask? For a while, it seemed so, and I gave up on finding holistic counseling near me.

But eventually, I was able to find what I was looking for, with holistic counseling online. Going online allowed me to find the type of holistic counselor that I was looking for, without settling for any less.

holistic counseling near me

Psychology Sessions from Home

Best service for finding holistic counseling near me – BetterHelp

BetterHelp offers a brilliant solution for finding holistic counseling. It’s an online mental health platform that hosts a seemingly endless list of certified and experienced mental health professionals.

Clients can sign up, get matched to a counselor, and have sessions right away, with the help of the platform.

The goal is to make it easy for clients to find the right counselors for them, no matter where they are. Betterhelp offers flexible and affordable mental help service through online counseling sessions.

Get matched with a Betthelp holistic counselor.

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions. Start by filling out this survey in it’s entirety.

What it is (how does it work)?

You start on BetterHelp by answering questions about the issues that you’re currently dealing with.

You’ll be asked general questions about your mood and physical health. For example, whether you’ve been struggling to enjoy things lately, or having thoughts of suicide.

This is done so the algorithm can match you with the best counselor for you, one who is experienced in working with issues that you’re dealing with.

After you’re matched with your counselor, you can message them and set up a session together – or several. You can choose how you’re most comfortable having your sessions and set them up. Also read our post on holistic psychotherapy near me, if that’s something you are looking for.

If for any reason you feel that you aren’t connecting with your counselor, you can ask to change.

What makes the holistic counselors from BetterHelp stand out?

  • The counselors from BetterHelp are all certified and licensed professional counselors (LPC), marriage and family therapists (LMFT), clinical psychologists, or clinical social workers. They don’t rely just on their spiritual knowledge – all of them have a Masters Degree or a Doctorate Degree in their field. They have more than 1,000 hours of hands-on work experience, and they don’t what they’re doing.
  • The counselors from BetterHelp aren’t interested in diagnosing you – they’re there to listen and understand.
  • Because there is such a large number of counselors on the BetterHelp website, you’ll always be matched with someone who is available for you. No more long waiting lists – help is available when you need it.
  • The counselors at BetterHelp use a variety of different holistic modalities, such as Hakomi, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and more.
  • You can read reviews of all of the counselors who work on BetterHelp and read their profile before working with them.
  • With BetterHelp, you can have your counseling sessions whenever you want, however you want. You can choose to have sessions through live chat, phone call, or video conference. Sessions can be held from your phone, computer, or tablet – whether you’re on a train on the way to work, in bed sick, or while traveling. You can choose to have one long session every week, have several shorter sessions, or any other combination that works for you and your counselor.
  • BetterHelp protects your privacy. All of the messages back and forth from your counselor are encrypted. You may choose to sign up with a nickname, and stick to live chats or phone call sessions, to protect your privacy even further.

Pricing for Holistic Counseling Online Through BetterHelp

The price for the use of the platform, sessions with your counselor, and unlimited messaging is just $40 to $70 per week – cheaper than most traditional face-to-face counseling sessions. You’re billed monthly, so you don’t have to remember to pay your counselor at the end of your sessions, or at all – all of that is taken care of for you. You can choose to pay with a credit card or through PayPal, and of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Conclusion: Holistic Counseling Online With BetterHelp

When finding holistic counseling near me proved hopeless, I turned to holistic counseling online. I found a long list of holistic counselors that were offering the type of counseling that I was looking for, and they were able to see me during the times I wanted.

BetterHelp made it easy to find counseling that worked for me, with no wait or hoops to jump through.


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