Intimacy coach near me. Your best option for intimacy counseling online.

Are you having problems with intimacy? Talking to an intimacy coach near me can help. There are a variety of issues one can experience with intimacy.

Some problems you might discuss with an intimacy coach include fear of intimacy and avoidance of relationships. Perhaps you’re dealing with a  lack of intimacy within a romantic relationship or difficulty enjoying sex.

An intimacy coach can also help you with non-physical intimacy: how to share your vulnerabilities, how to ask for help, and more.

Having intimacy counseling online makes it easier than ever to talk about your intimacy issues with a professional, no matter where you are.

intimacy counseling online

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Best intimacy coach service online – Regain

Regain is an online mental health platform that specializes in relationship and intimacy counseling. The platform connects clients to a large number of mental health care professionals and hosts their sessions online.

Get matched with a Regain intimacy coach.

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions. Start by filling out this survey in it’s entirety.

How does it work? Finding an intimacy coach near me

When you visit the Regain website, click “start here.” You’ll answer a few questions about yourself and your relationship.

Will you be attending sessions individually or with a partner? What kind of benefits are you looking to achieve through counseling? Here, you can specify your preferences for your coach.

Are you looking for someone older or younger? Would you feel more comfortable with a man or a woman?

After answering these questions, the Regain algorithm will match you with a counselor. You can then message them to set up a session.

What makes intimacy coach sessions from Regain stand out?

  • Every online intimacy coach working on Regain is a licensed and experienced accredited psychologist, licensed marriage and family therapist, licensed clinical social worker, or licensed professional counselor. They have the necessary creditianals and experience to guide your intimacy counseling online.
  • All of the counselors on Regain have experience working with couples and individuals to increase their intimacy levels. Whether you’re looking to understand your partner better or trying to understand yourself, the Regain counselors can help.
  • Regain’s online platform offers privacy and flexibility. You can have your sessions from home on your laptop, phone, or tablet. You can choose between live chat sessions, phone calls, or video calls. You may choose to have extra-long sessions or several shorter ones. You can sign up to Regain using a nickname to protect your privacy even further. Your full details aren’t shared with your counselor.


For just $40 to $70 per week (billed monthly), you get access to the Regain platform, sessions with your coach, and unlimited messages to your coach. You can use PayPal or credit card to pay, and cancel your subscription at any time.

What is an intimacy coach and intimacy counseling?

An intimacy coach is a mental health professional who will work with you to recognize your problems surrounding intimacy and came up with ways to solve the issue. They will give you tools to practice to improve your life.

Intimacy counseling is a similar process, but often more in-depth, to understand the root of the problem and give space for healing. You can have intimacy counseling with any type of therapist: a psychologist, social worker, counselor, or life coach. Having your intimacy counseling online can make it easier to find the right counselor for you, no matter where you are.

Conclusion: Intimacy Coach Near Me With Regain

Intimacy counseling online can help you with issues regarding relationships, sexuality, and intimacy.

An online intimacy coach, like Regain, will provide you with tools for healthier communication, boundary setting, and expressing healthy sexuality.

Your online intimacy coach will make you feel safe and understood as you work to solve your intimacy obstacles together.


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