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Teenage and adolescence is a time of development and growth accompanied by various changes.
These changes include physical, emotional as well as social aspects of life, making a teenager susceptible to various psychological and mental health problems.

This is the period when a teenager goes through an identity crisis, develops a need for autonomy, and feel the pressure to conform with the societal, peer, and parental norms may experience a sexual identity crisis.

Not to mention, all these issues are further heightened by the increased access to technology and presence on social media.

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Psychology Sessions from Home

Most of the parents struggle in dealing and communicating with their teenagers. Mainly because teenagers are so much indulged in coping with their existential turmoil, they couldn’t attend to their parents while the parents consider this behavior as typical teenage behavior.

Nevertheless, most of the parents make this mistake of believing problematic behavior as a normal expression of teen years and don’t seek help. They think that the altered behavior of their teen, i.e. changed sleeping patterns, eating habits, social interactions are part of the adolescent crisis; however, it is not always the case.
According to the World Health Organization, 10 to 20% of adolescents experience mental health problems globally, yet most of them remained undiagnosed and untreated.

There are various factors the lead to the underestimation of teenage psychological issues. Ignoring the problem at this age by parents, stigma associated with mental issues and psychotherapy, teenage counselling services being too expensive, and having long waiting lists are few issues to be mentioned. 

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Most of the teenagers are reluctant to seek professional help and don’t want to go for teenage counselling services is because of the stigma associated with mental health problems. Another problem is that there is usually a long waiting list for the meeting with the appropriate therapist, which discourage teenagers from seeking therapy.

Teenagers, who typically go to treatment and attend teenage counseling services because of parental pressure, feel like their autonomy is challenged, and they find it humiliating and embarrassing to talk to another person about their problems. 

Online Counseling for Teens, Why Not?

These are all the problems of traditional face-to-face counseling and therapy. The best alternative to conventional treatment and counseling: online counseling for teens comes into light. Online counseling is widely substituting traditional counseling because of the noticeable benefits.

Online therapy is less expensive as compared to traditional counseling. You can find the therapist readily without any delays and waiting. You can have frequent and regular contact with your therapist, unlike face-to-face counseling, where you have to wait for instance for at least a week to see your therapist.

Online counseling for teens is specifically more worthwhile because, most of the time, teenager counseling services require the physical presence of the teenager and sometimes parent as well. They have to go through reception and waiting area, and they might fear running into some acquaintance which they don’t want to. Thus online counseling is perfect for teens who have anxiety or are afraid of the stigma attached to the notion of psychotherapy.

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Online Teenage Counselling Services

The two best teenage counselling services available online are psychologyhelp and teencounseling. is upfront and easy to approach website where you are matched with the therapist according to your problem and issue. You can talk with the therapist 24/7, and you don’t have to wait for scheduling appointments. Moreover, it is economical as you don’t have to travel to the therapist’s office.

With psychologyhelp, there are experienced and licensed therapists who specialized in online counseling for teens and online therapy for minors. They offer video sessions, sessions on a phone call as well as text messages as per your convenience. Thus teenagers can choose from a variety of options.

Teencounseling is an online website where teenagers between the age of 13 to 20 years can get help. If your child is below the age of 13, we recommend you select 13 years of age in the form, as you will be able to accompany your child during the sessions.

Teenscounseling provides affordable, discreet, and professional counseling via phone calls, video sessions, and live chat or text messages. 

Here the counselors are specialized in dealing with teenagers and have expertise in online therapy for minors. The variety of issues, including self-esteem issues, bullying, anxiety, depression, anger, etc. are addressed by the therapists here. The system ensures confidentiality and facilitates the growth of their clients.

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They Need Your Help!

There are various determinants to challenging behavior of teens like parental issues, single parent, the divorce of parents, abusive or alcoholic parent, sibling issues, bullying in social settings, and family history of mental health issues.

As a result of these issues, the teenagers’ developmental health and emotional problems, including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, anger-related issues, self-harm, and in some extreme cases, suicidal ideations and suicidal attempts are few to mention.

Various other factors facilitate or impede the process of growth in teenagers include quality of life at home as well in school and different social settings. Having a healthy family structure, including understanding parents and siblings, socioeconomic stability, and a safe environment, helps the teenagers go through this phase with little fewer bumps. Social environment and school settings that promote supportive surroundings also have an essential impact on the well-being of the teens. 

Every teenager goes through these problems, yet some can deal with these issues. They adopt a healthy lifestyle, including eating habits, sleeping patterns, and physical activity, to develop healthy coping strategies, problem-solving skills, and communication styles to manage emotional problems. 

They may experience minor issues while dealing with teen years like anger issues, social awkwardness, confusion regarding career choices, and a sense of estrangement. But they somehow able to get out of this phase with the help of the above mentioned resources. However, some of the teenagers find it hard to deal with this phase of life.

Seeking specialized therapy services is very important while selecting the therapist because it saves your time and money. Having a therapist with expertise in teenage counseling knows how to deal with teenagers and address their problems. An amateur person can worsen the issues and make a person more miserable. 

Thus being a parent, it is your responsibility to identify when your teen needs help and then choosing online therapist wisely so that your energy, time and money does not get wasted.  


  1. Megan Evans

    How do I sign up a 12 year old?


    In some social networks it appears that
    Some teens can’t afford psychiatrist sessions.
    Parents often oppose and sometimes not only for money reasons.
    Some teens may require medications like antidepressants or neuroleptics.
    What could you do for them?
    There are many cases of institutional abuse of any type.
    From family, church, schools, organized youth movements…
    Registered psychologists and Psychiatrists should ask the state a mandate to monitor minors.
    Could you not concert then corporate lobbying to have legitimate rights to act?

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