Therapy for young adults. Get the best therapist for young adults near me.

Young adults face a lot of challenges these days. The rising cost of living, entering a workforce in the midst of a recession and a global pandemic, and the dominance of social media introduces a lot of stress. I realized therapy for young adults could help.

Looking for counseling for young adults near me wasn’t easy. I was looking for the best therapist for young adults near me and when I couldn’t find it, I turned online.

Therapy for young adults

Psychology Sessions from Home

Best service for therapy for young adults. – Betterhelp

Betterhelp is an online counseling platform that offers an affordable subscription-based plan and access to quality therapists.

Get matched with a Betterhelp therapist for young adults.

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions. Start by filling out this survey in it’s entirety.

How does it work? What young adult issues can Betterhelp help with?

The therapists at Betterhelp can offer beneficial therapy for young adults. They can help you with relationship issues, family problems, and navigating the workplace. In addition, they can help you understand your past and plan your future. You can learn emotional regulation tools, boundary-setting tips, and more.

To get started with Betterhelp, all you need to do is answer a series of questions. After answering questions about your emotional state, you’ll be matched with a therapist. You can message them and set up a session as soon as you want.

Why it is the best way to find counseling for young adults near me

  • Betterhelp is the biggest and most well-known online therapy platform. It hosts a large number of counselors who have all been vetted.
  • All of the therapists on the platform are professional marriage therapists, counselors, psychologists, and clinical social workers.
  • You can choose to have your sessions on your tablet, laptop, or phone. That means you can have your sessions at home in bed, or if you’re staying late at the office. The website affords the flexibility that many young adults need.


Betterhelp offers a subscription-based model. For just 40 to 70 dollars per week (billed monthly), you can enjoy the use of the platform as well as sessions with your therapist. You can choose to pay through a credit card or PayPal.

Faithful Counseling as an alternative way to find the best therapist for young adults near me

Faithful Counseling is another platform for online therapy that focuses on the Christian population. All the counselors on Faithful Counseling are practicing Christians, and they all sign a Declaration of Faith when they start working on the platform.

Pros & cons

When our faith plays a big role in our life, it’s natural to want to find a counselor who shares our beliefs. To find therapy for young adults by practicing Christians, turn to Faithful Counseling.


Faithful Counseling has a similar payment plan as Betterhelp: 40 to 70 dollars per week which are billed monthly in a subscription-based program.

Conclusion: Finding the best therapist for young adults near me online

Looking for quality counseling for young adults near me wasn’t easy, so I decided to try online counseling. Therapy for young adults can be a groundbreaking tool to deal with the new challenges that life brings.


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