Online therapy for anger management. How anger management sessions can help.

We all get angry sometimes, it’s normal. In certain contexts, and if controlled, feeling angry and expressing it can be good for you.

Perhaps you are angry for not looking after your body and so hit the gym and run harder.

Maybe you fail a test and so study harder. In this sense anger can motivate you to change a bad habit and instigate positive change.

online therapy for anger management

Sometimes anger can be a symptom of another emotion such as fear or sadness. The intensity of these emotions can be overwhelming, leaving us less able to control ourselves fully. Normally, these are only in short bursts, rare and pass quickly. You have an exam coming up and someone interrupts you while you revise. A close relative dies and something normal irritates you like it wouldn’t normally. Anger is a normal human emotion.

However, anger can also be a destructive force in our lives. It can cause social issues with the people we work with, costing professional advancement, jobs and alienating colleagues. It pushes away those closest to us, friends and family, the ones we should naturally turn to when we need help with any problems we are experiencing.

There are health consequences too*.

  • Anger can lead to damage in the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain involved in decision making and planning. Short-term memory can be affected as neurons in the hippocampus are destroyed and production of new cells disrupted.
  • Anger can lead to more anger as cortisol decreases levels of serotonin – the brains natural happy drug.
  • Heart rate, blood pressure and arterial tension rise. Blood glucose and fatty acids increase. This is a recipe for a stroke or heart attack.
  • Blood flow decreases in the digestive system and metabolism slows down. Did you ever realise losing your anger could also help you lose a few pounds?
  • The immune system suffers as thyroid function decreases and the body’s natural ability to fight infection is compromised.
  • Headaches, eye problems, the list of consequences seem endless.

But there is no need to suffer these symptoms due to the existence of online therapy for anger management. Help available at you finger tips, in the privacy of your own home. Tailor-made anger management sessions are completely in own your hands. Schedules are flexible and available when you need them. No need to travel to see a therapist or stand up and pour your soul out in front of a group.

What do anger management sessions involve?

Anger management sessions are something we often hear about it the news with sports stars or in sitcoms when a character is having anger issues. However, what exactly is involved in anger management sessions?

There are a few techniques used in anger management session, with each focused on a different aspect of anger.

Relaxation Techniques

As mentioned previously, anger has a big effect on the body, which can lead into a cycle of anger as we become less able to control our reactions. Relaxation techniques practised at regular intervals throughout the day, mindfulness, meditation and guided imagery can all be employed to help you control tension in the body and maintain a calmer disposition. This will leave you better prepared for when those anger triggers present themselves.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

CBT looks at how thoughts, beliefs and attitudes affect feelings and behaviours. CBT can help reduce stress and anxiety that may be triggering episodes of anger. If specific triggers can be identified, CBT can be employed to “retrain” how we think, feel and respond when confronted with those triggers. CBT is a varied and highly adaptable tool which is goal orientated and can easily be engaged in over a defined time and schedule.

Skill Building

Have you ever noticed how some people can command the attention of a room with little effort? Or how they can quickly build a rapport when meeting new people? Whilst we may look at these people as lucky to possess such skills, the truth is these skills are learnt, often unconsciously as we grow up, but they can be learnt later in life too.

Issues with communication are frequently a key component behind anger. By working on how to be a better communicator, be it being more humorous, more firm or learning how to really listen and respond to people can make all the difference in the appearance of anger triggers.

Having a Non-Judgmental Person to Talk to

We often find it difficult to talk to those close to us. We know we should be able to open up to them, but it can be embarrassing. Feeling vulnerable in front of those we know is not something many of us are comfortable with.

Having a neutral ear that will listen can help order thoughts and bring underlying reasons for anger to the surface where they can be identified and worked on.

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How is anger management online implemented?

The proliferation of mobile phones, tablets and computers nowadays means there is no reason to not seek help. Online therapy for anger management is usually cheaper than traditional forms of therapy and can allow you to remain anonymous if you wish.

There are many online therapy for anger management therapy programs, such as those offered by, which are quick and easy to sign up for and allow the option of speaking with a therapist or using an online form to customize a program, using the methods outlined above, to your needs.

There are also apps which offer more standardised, but still effective, anger management online programs. You are sure to find one that is suitable for you. Recognising there is problem and taking that first step to taking back control is an empowering feeling.

And remember, anger is not something we necessarily seek to remove, but something we must control so we may use it for us rather than against us.

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