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The teenage years are notoriously difficult. It is during adolescence that teenagers go through a lot of unsettling transitions.

Emotions run wild and the body begins to change, and to make matters worse the mind is becoming aware of the unfairness in the world.

For young African Americans who are the victim of online harassment involving African American identity discrimination, the struggle is all too real. In fact, even if you aren’t coping with the effects of online harassment, racism and mental health have been shown to be linked. In times where the victim is subjected to racism regularly it can help to talk to a counselor.

Luckily Teen Counseling offers a solution in the form of online therapy. Read on to learn more.

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Psychology Sessions from Home

No matter the color of a person’s skin, adolescence is a challenging time but for African American teens. That being said, teenagers dealing with issues of African American racial identity development have it even harder. The African American identity crisis is real for many teenagers and yet there is hope in Teen Counseling.

There are a range of African American therapists at Teen Counseling and all of them are trained in guiding teenagers through questions of identity development in adolescence. It is recommended to opt for an African American therapist when dealing with African American identity development, so as to make the therapeutic process more straightforward and less awkward.

Unfortunately it is known globally that black people around the world have been subjected to discrimination for many years. The effects of this have shaped African American cultural identity and left millions of teenagers confused about racial politics.

With Teen Counseling you can find therapy for black girls and boys, whether your teen is an insecure girl or guy.

How do I find a good therapist for black youth? 

Looking for therapy for young adults? If you’ve been trying to source a therapist for youth you’re in the right place. If you are seeking therapy to deal with issues of African American identity crisis it’s important to find the perfect therapist with the right experience.

Luckily at Teen Counseling by filling out this questionnaire carefully, you can get matched with the best therapist for you and your unique needs. Teen Counseling uses the answers from your questionnaire to find the perfect match for you. There are a number of trained African American therapist for youth.

There are actually therapists of all races and Teen Counseling welcomes people from all walks of life.  For this reason it is one of the world’s best online therapy sites. All the counselors from Teen Counseling are experts in issues of identity development in adolescence and can guide teens to find resolutions.  If you’ve been wondering what is racial identity then psychotherapy could be for you.

Attending online therapy is cheaper and more convenient than in person therapy. What’s more is if you aren’t happy with your matched therapist, you can choose from hundreds more on the platform. One of the best things about Teen Counseling is that you get unlimited chat sessions per week, all paid for at a set rate. In other words, you get more sessions for less kaching! Another key benefit of attending online therapy is that you can remain anonymous if you so choose.

Get matched with a Teen Counseling black youth therapy specialist.

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions. Start by filling out this survey in its entirety.

If you’ve been dealing with online harassment that has lead to racism and mental health problems, it could be time to seek out therapy. In psychotherapy sessions you can work through questions of racial identity and process traumatic events.

If you’ve been searching for therapy for young adults near me look no further because Teen Counseling offers therapy to kids aged between 13 and 20. If your child is below the age of 13 you can still sign up by checking the 13 year old option in the application form. However, you will have to go with your child to the sessions.

Teen Counseling provides economical, discreet and expert counseling through video and phone calls or live chat. All of the psychologists are highly skilled in assisting teenagers navigate through questions like “what is racial identity.” The system is 100 percent confidential.

What is racial identity?

Racial identity development revolves around identity formation of a person’s self-categorization and psychological sense of belonging to a particular race group of people. Racial identity is characterized as a part of a person’s self-concept or identity.

Why racism and mental health are linked?

A meta-analysis, conducted in 2015, has found that being a victim of racism is double as likely to impact mental health than biological health. Of those that the researchers tested, BIPOC (Black, indigenous and people of colour) who reported experiencing instances of racism had the following mental health symptoms:

  • Stress and emotional distress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Thoughts of suicide

Another meta-analysis, from 2011, looked at racism and mental health in Asian Americans and found links between depression, anxiety and racial discrimination.

Therapy for Black Teens.  How does Teen Counseling work?

Teen Counseling is really easy to sign up to and there are two different choices of options for parents and teens. After filling out the questionnaire you or your teen will be matched to a therapist who is trained in helping with African American identity. If you are the legal guardian you may choose to discuss your teen’s issues with the counselor prior to their introduction.

Two separate chat rooms will be assigned, one for the parent and counselor and another for the teenager and therapist. In the online rooms, both parent and child will be able to communicate with the therapist via an online connection. This allows for phone calls, video calls and texts. The information from sessions is kept strictly confidential.

Teen counseling offers therapy 24/7 for all of your wants and needs. If you’ve been looking for an African American counselor or youth therapy look no further because Teen Counseling can help.

How will online therapy for black youth enhance my life?

If you’ve been searching for African American counselors near me or you’re struggling with issues of black identity, you might want to consider online therapy for black youth with Teen Counseling. Teen Counseling provides online therapy for black youth and this is a collaborative process. In therapy a counselor will work hand in hand with you to develop skills and techniques to process black identity. The onus is on the patient to practice these skills on their own in order to come to terms with black identity. Psychologists will never push patients to practice skills before they are ready.

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