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Every person now and then need some emotional support from an empathetic person to deal with troubling life events.

For some individuals, this empathetic person could be in the form of Catholic counseling online or a loved one while some others may turn straight to God and faith for emotional healing.

Catholic counseling online

Psychology Sessions from Home

However, when the problems are bigger and being a devout Christian you want to seek professional help from Faithful Counseling, which we highly recommend, or another reputable service.

In such situations, you can turn to Catholic counseling services which integrate therapy and scripture and biblical guidance to help you go through your life challenges.

The Catholic psychologist helps Christians recognize the behaviors that are not per God’s instructions and then guide them to change those behaviors using biblical perspective and psychological techniques. If you are hesitant that who to approach for traditional Catholic counseling, you can always choose Catholic counseling online.

With the advancement in technology, there is a proliferation of digital media in every aspect of life including Catholic therapy online. Various online platforms are offering online Catholic counseling, but if you want reliable and professional services, Faithful Counesling is your best choice.

Faithful Counseling – Catholic counseling online

Faithful Counseling is an online Catholic counseling service providing a website which is recognized as the best online Christian counseling serviceof 2020by multiple websites.

Faithful Counseling has a simple sign-up process where you will be matched with the therapist based on your faith and religious preferences. This website offers live chat, text messages, phone call as well as video conference sessions to communicate with the counselor.

The therapists and counselors are specialized in managing various psychological problems with the combination of clinical expertise and Catholic faith. This is a highly affordable online service where you have to pay $60 to $90 weekly to get counseling. The fee is required because this is a private organization, and it doesn’t receive funding from outside sources. However, you can easily cancel or change your plan under your account.

Get matched with a Faithful Counseling Catholic counselor.

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Pros and cons of online Catholic counseling

Online therapy is much more convenient as compared to traditional therapy on various levels, including fear of stigma, anxiety to share personal details, scheduling conflicts and transportation issues. Physical disability, busy work schedule, inability to find child care are all aspects that makes traditional therapy difficult and time taking.

Moreover, online therapy is much more affordable as compared to traditional therapy. For face-to-face counseling, you have to spend around $150 per session, while on Faithful counseling, you will be charged $60 to $90 per week, which entails unlimited communication with your therapist anytime and anywhere.

Nevertheless, in this case, Faithful Counseling might not be suitable for you if you are looking strictly for spiritual guidance and also it doesn’t offer traditional pastoral counseling. If you are a person who better responds to and feels comfortable on the one-to-one level, then you should also opt for conventional counseling.

Online counseling is also not appropriate for individuals with severe mental illnesses, including schizophrenia or addiction. If you are experiencing suicidal ideations or self-harming thoughts, you should seek emergency services. 

Online vs traditional Catholic counseling

Traditional Catholic counseling is usually carried out by psychologists, social workers and counselors. Moreover, various institutions also offer certification in Catholic or Christian counseling. However, in some situations, Catholic counseling is also done by pastors, reverends and religious leaders.

Most of the time, these spiritual entities are not trained in counseling and try to solve the problems for individuals base on biblical knowledge and personal experience. Most of the Catholic Christians who don’t know how to get profession Catholic counseling services, go to churches and end up being frustrated.

If you find a professional Catholic psychologist, but his teachings are not compatible with your belief, you have to search all over again to find a new counselor.

With online Catholic counseling, you will be assigned to a therapist or counselor who is certified in dealing with psychological and mental health issues, along with expertise in faith-based counseling. If you don’t find your counselor compatible with your faith and belief, you can always ask for another therapist.

More Catholic therapy online options?

Christian counseling co

Christian counseling co is an online platform providing Catholic therapy online to those who want to have psychological as well as Catholic perspective in their healing process. This counseling platform has a team of experienced therapists and counselors who strive their best to incorporate Catholic Christian view in their clinical practice.

This website also offers traditional face-to-face Christian counseling services. To get assistance here, you need to pick a location (in case of conventional counseling). You can select a counselor from the listed professionals as per your problem. Then you have to contact the counselor and schedule a session. The counselors are available for sessions from 9 am to 9 pm and from Monday to Saturday. The charges of this website ranges from $55 to $175.

This website doesn’t provide extensive interaction with the counselor because of the time restraints. The services of Christian Counseling co are a lot more expensive as compared to Faithful Counseling.

catholic counseling services

Catholic Counselors

Catholic counselors is another website providing online Catholic counseling. They aim to provide professional and convenient counseling services ensuring confidentiality and privacy.

They have a team of trained Catholic pastoral counselors that help you deal with personal, familial, or marital problems and issues.

They offer tele-counseling services mainly for the problems including marital issues, sexual issues, family conflict, codependency, parenting issues, depression, anxiety, support through a spiritual crisis and spiritual direction helping you lead a peaceful and joyful life. This platform can be a good choice for Catholic individuals; however, it only offers telephone sessions, and the pricing of the services is not listed on the website.

In conclusion, online Catholic counseling is a convenient yet professional choice for those who are suffering from difficulties and issues of mental health or spiritual well-being.

If you want to strengthen emotional as well as spiritual selves, but don’t know where to find a Catholic psychologist or too busy to go for traditional therapy, seek online services. Getting some help is always better than getting no help, so make a wise decision and go for Faithful Counseling.  

catholic therapy online


  1. Raven Wenner

    Is online counselling (via e-mail) or telephone appropriate for two estranged half-sisters, aged 58 and 73, the younger of whom (in the USA) is bipolar, and wants a “loving relationship” with her only living relative ?

    The elder sister (who lives in the UK) is not enthusiastic–in fact feels pressured to participate– but is willing after several requests to try it, although she doesn’t think online therapy will produce the affectionate closeness what the unpredictable and unstable younger sister wants.

  2. Jill James

    Concerns re the lack of integrity ethics and professional standards demonstrated by Faithful Counseling who have refused accept changed perspective re the organisation following negative reviews and to refund the application 1 hour after it was made and are trying to force and coerce counselling to occur in order to hang on to a 1 month payment .

  3. Stephen Arabadjis

    To whom it may concern,
    My name is Fr. Stephen Arabadjis.  I am a member of the Society of St. Pius X.  But I am in my 7th year of Sabbatical.Therefore I was hoping your group could do a 54 day rosary novena for my intentions.  But any prayers and sacrifices would be greatly appreciated.  I know Our Lady will reward you generously for this.
    In Our Lady,
    Fr. Arabadjis
    P.S. Thanking you in advance, since I don’t always get all my communications.

  4. Billie Alaniz

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