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When a person loses a spouse because of divorce, he or she experiences feelings of being lost and frustrated. Divorce can be relieving for a dissatisfied partner; however, it could be a cause of distress and tension for both sides, which keeps them from moving on with life. This is exactly where post divorce counseling can help!

post divorce counseling

Various negative emotions occur as a result of the divorce process or divorce itself, including: anxiety, stress, depression, sleeping and eating problems, substance abuse, physical problems, lowered quality of life, addiction/substance abuse and identity crisis.

However, a person cannot always stay in a toxic and discontented relationship, but one can deal with this painful process by taking up professional help. You can always seek divorce counseling to make this transition phase of life smooth and less stressful.

Divorce counseling not only helps with the emotional turmoil, but it also enables you to deal with legal and logistical changes accompanied by divorce like financial settings or co-parenting.

Various relationship therapists provide post divorce therapy; however, if you don’t want traditional counseling because of all the stress and anxiety or busy schedule, you can always opt for online post divorce counseling. The following sections provide an overview of the best online counseling platforms offering counseling after divorce.


ReGain is an online therapy platform specialized in relationship and marital issues. ReGain has a team of qualified and trained psychologists, therapists and counselors who are certified in areas of relationship, marital problems and couples counseling.

This platform provides therapy to both couples and individuals; thus if you are seeking post divorce counseling, you can easily sign up to this website by filling up a simple questionnaire. You will then be matched to a counselor based on the problems you are experiencing as well as your preferences.

Different counselors approach problems with different perspectives and if you are not satisfied with your counselor, a new counselor can be assigned to you.

You can interact with your counselor via live chat rooms, text messaging, phone call, or video conferencing. From either phone or computer, you get to communicate with your counselor anytime and anywhere.

ReGain assures the confidentiality and privacy of counselor-client interaction and communication. The services at ReGain cost $40 to $70 per week depending on the counseling plan you select, and you will be charged monthly.

Get matched with a Regain post divorce counseling therapist.

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Pros and cons

ReGain provides specialized service thus if you are seeking relationship related problem like post divorce therapy, you can directly approach here without worries of getting a therapist or counselor who is not specialized in the relationship or marital issues.

However, this platform doesn’t support three-way phone call or video call. If both partners are seeking counseling, they have to be at the same place.


If you are pursuing faith-based counseling after divorce, then FaithfulCounseling is the best option. Individuals with strong Christian beliefs like to cope with problems applying religious perspective and wisdom.

FaithfulCounseling combines biblical knowledge and insight with clinical therapy to generate treatment plans that are suitable to client’s problems.

FaithfulCounseling has a team of highly qualified and experienced therapists having a strong Christian faith. These counselors consider psychological issues as an opportunity for mental health as well as spiritual growth, thus redefine psychological techniques using religious perspective.

You will be matched to the therapist after signing-up and filling a simple questionnaire asking about your concerns and religion preferences. This website has counselors specialized in various psychological issues, including relationship and marital affairs.

You can stay in touch with your counselor via text messaging 24/7. You can also live chat or schedule phone call or video conference to have a session with your counselor.

All the communication held via FaithfulCounseling is encrypted, which ensures confidentiality and privacy. FaithfulCounseling charges $40 to $70 per week, which is billed monthly.

Pros and cons

This is a highly professional e-counseling providing platform which ensures faith and religion-based counseling from accredited therapists. Most often, when you seek Christian counseling after divorce, the church authorities could provide counseling, but most of the time, they don’t hold a degree in the related field. However, in this platform, professional and licensed therapists and counselors are available.

If you are strictly looking for help and guidance in spiritual and religious issues, this platform will not be as helpful as it doesn’t provide traditional pastoral counseling. However, the counselor can guide you spiritually based on personal experience and professional knowledge. In this case, FaithfulCounseling is one of the best chocies for counseling after divorce with religious background.


BetterHelp is one of the world’s largest online counseling service providing a website that makes online therapy convenient, accessible and affordable for the masses. If you are looking for a therapist not only for post divorce problems but also other psychological issues, this is one of the best options.

BetterHelp has a team of competent and skilled therapists, psychologists and counselors with specialization in various areas of psychological issues including family and relationship issues.

You will be matched to the counselor according to your problems and issues. The counselor will be available to you 24/7, and you can contact your counselor via live chat, messaging, phone calls and video conference. The services provided at BetterHelp will cost you $40 to $70 depending on the facilities you opt. Thus if you are looking for post divorce therapy and counseling for other psychological issues, this is the best option online.

Pros and cons

This is a highly recognized and reliable platform with reliable services and affordable charges. You can always get a new therapist if you are not satisfied with the counseling.

BetterHelp offers comprehensive services for various psychological issues, nevertheless, compared with ReGain, it is less relationship focused. BetterHelp also could not provide religious based post divorce therapy, which FaithfulCounseling does.

counseling after divorce

Developing a new life and identity after divorce becomes the main task of this phase; however, most of the individuals find it very hard to achieve that.

Many people get stressed and develop future apprehensions. The disappointment also causes a person to rethink or maybe regret the decision of divorce. The future concerns or regrets from the past leads to anxiety and depression.

Also, when a person doesn’t have strong social support and healthy coping mechanism, they are most likely to engage in self-damaging behaviors, including excessive eating or starving, substance abuse, and sleep cycle difficulties.

Facing relationship and marital issues alone can be terrifying, and problems such as busy schedule or anxiety or hesitance to seek professional support make the conditions even worse.

Having support and guidance from a trained professional can make this transition easy. You can always sign up for online post divorce counseling. If you feel you could use some help, reach out to one of the three services now.

Remember, be kind to yourself!

post divorce therapy


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