Pre Engagement Counseling for Pre Engagement Anxiety and Jitters.  

Most of the couples opt for pre-marital counseling after getting engaged and fixing a wedding date.

However, pre engagement counseling is better than getting counseling before marriage mainly because after the engagement, the pressure is higher and most of the couples find it more embarrassing to point out issues and flaws in their relationship at the time point.

pre engagement counseling

Psychology Sessions from Home

Thus, if you are planning on getting engaged, take a few moments out of your busy life and go for counseling for the sake of your relationship. Seeking counseling doesn’t mean something is wrong in your relationship. Instead, it helps you deal with pre engagement anxiety and let you get to know each other more closely and deeply. 

Pre engagement counseling helps you explore the personality differences, family history, past relationships, finances, religiosity and spirituality, sexual expectations, child-raising issues and much more.

If, as a couple, you want to seek pre engagement counseling to work out pre engagement jitters but don’t have enough time to schedule traditional face-to-face counseling, you can always opt for online counseling.

The following are two of the best online counseling websites focusing on the relationship that you can utilize to work out pre-engagement issues. 

Get matched with a Regain pre engagement counseling therapist.

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ReGain is an online counseling platform specialized in the relationship and marital counseling of couples as well as individuals. If you want to seek pre engagement counseling at the comfort of your home to resolve pre engagement anxiety, this is an ideal online counseling platform.

ReGain provides convenient and affordable counseling services anytime and anyplace through the electronic device of your choice, including a computer, tablet or smartphone. At, all you need to do is sign up, fill a brief questionnaire, invite your partner if you want to and you will be matched to a therapist.

ReGain has a team of highly qualified and experienced psychologists, family therapists, and social workers who will be available to you 24/7. A couple will be given a shared account and dedicated “room” from where they can communicate with their counselor. All the written interaction will be visible to both partners and the counselor. In this chat room, you will write about yourself, issues in your relationship and things that trouble you.

Your counselor or therapist will respond to your messages with feedback, advice and guidance. The communication between you and your therapist let you understand the problems in issue in your relationship that are holding you back from getting fully involve in your relationship. In the chat, the dialogue will be between you, your partner and the counselor.

This communication will let you work on your relationship, bring a positive change and let you accomplish your goalsThis form of communication has entailed that couples get to ask for help anytime and anywhere. Besides, you can always go back and review the guidance and advice given by your counselor. 

The frequency of sessions depends on the interaction and communication between you and your counselor. Some individuals like to have short but frequent interactions while some want to have long and thorough but less regular sessions. Thus it depends on your preference along with the nature of your problem and the need for advice. Along with live chat and messaging, ReGain also offer live sessions via phone call and video conferencing.

The counselling charges at ReGain ranges from $40 to $70 per week. Compared with a $150 face-to-face counseling session where you need to drive for half an hour to get to, this price is highly affordable and reasonable.

Your subscription charges will be deducted from your credit card or PayPal account monthly regularly. Once your relationship goals are accomplished, or you no longer find ReGain services helpful, you can cancel or change the subscription any time easily by logging into your account.


This is a specialized website, and you don’t need to search for relationship or family counselors and therapists. Moreover, at ReGain, counselors have specialized in relationship related issues but use different approaches. If you are not satisfied with the counselor assigned, you can always get another counselor compatible with your objectives and needs. This service is highly affordable, unlike traditional therapy, and you can get excellent professional services at a reasonable price.


ReGain doesn’t support three way live sessions on phone or video call. Thus both partners need to be at the same place to undergo a live session with their counselor.

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Faithful Counseling 

Faithful Counseling is a professional mental health service best suitable for couples who want to incorporate Biblical wisdom in their relationship by inviting God in their conversation. If you are seeking pre engagement counseling Christian based, this platform is ideal for you.

Faithful Counseling connects their users with licensed counselors and therapists having a Christian background. The therapists and counselors use their clinical expertise combined with Christian knowledge to address the client’s issues and formulate actionable goals. Faithful counseling aims to improve clients’ wellbeing by holistically focusing on psychological, emotional and spiritual health.

Faithful Counseling has a team of counselors who are practising Christians and are part of Betterhelp platform. These counselors are specialized in various psychological and mental health issues, including relationship, family conflicts and more.

Once you sign up on the website, you will be matched with the counselor as per your needs and objectives. Most of the time, the website provides you with a successful match. However, if you feel that your counselor is not likeminded, you will be matched to a different counselor.

Counseling at Faithful Counseling will cost you $40 to $70 per week and you will be billed monthly. Whereas, a traditional therapy session at a therapist’s office could easily cost $100- $150. This is a private company without any funding and donations; thus this subscription fee requires to compensate professionals as well as general staff. In this cost, you will have access to unlimited messaging with your counselor. Moreover, you can also schedule a phone call and video call sessions.


Faithful counseling strictly protects the confidentiality of their clients. You don’t need to add personal information while signing up and can add nickname if you want. While scheduling phone call, your number will not be provided to the therapist.


Although the counselor may give additional spiritual and religious insight from personal experience and beliefs, it is not guaranteed that the counselor can always address all of your spiritual issues. Also, Faithful counseling does not provide traditional pastoral counseling. Thus, if your issues are strictly spiritual in nature, this platform will not be helpful.

However, this platform is considered to be an authentic Christian counseling platform and to work out on those pre engagement jitters, pre engagement counseling Christian based is ideal for you.

pre engagement anxiety

If you are struggling with pre engagement anxiety, experiencing pre engagement jitters & stress, or having any doubt or uncertainty about the next step in your relationship, it is completely normal.

In conclusion, e-counseling services provide professional counseling services at the comfort of your home and in highly affordable price. You can thus resolve your reservations regarding engagement and your connection and can achieve a long-term satisfying and happy relationship.


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