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Sexless marriage divorce

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Best sexologist online – Regain.

Regain is the step you need to find a good sexologist to help you work through challenges and thoughts that leave you wondering if a marriage can survive without sex, or if you are trying to figure out if sexless marriage is reason for divorce, our sex coach for couples in sexless marriage and marriage counselors are there to guide you through your marriage counseling.

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Our team of psychologists, sexologists, therapists, and coaches have carefully formulated these questions in order to ensure that we are able to connect you to the best possible online sexologist for you in order to start your sexless marriage counseling.

What is a sexless marriage?

A sexless marriage is a marital union wherein two spouses experience little to no sexual activity.

If you are in this situation or anything similar, try to think back to where it started and why. Sexless marriages happen when the physical intimacy between couples starts to fizzle out.

When that happens the relationship becomes more like a platonic friendship rather than an intimate, passionate, and physical relationship.

As a result of this, it’s common that couples to slip into a pattern of letting their physical intimacy fall by the wayside. 

A large number of couples experience a drop in their sexual intimacy within the first few years of marriage, especially after having kids, which tends to result in couples trying to figure out if sexless marriage is grounds for divorce or if a marriage can survive without sex.

However, there are usually signs of loss of intimacy that are frequently ignored or not noticed before the period of sexlessness. Without physical intimacy to differentiate the relationship, many married couples become more or less like roommates.  

If both spouses are okay with this type of relationship, then it doesn’t call for concern. But more often than not, one or both spouses become angry, frustrated, or hurt by the loss of intimacy.

Why can a sexless marriage end in divorce?

It is common for most couples to consider a sexless marriage as grounds for divorce.

Sexual intimacy between spouses is one of the many levels of connecting with your partner in ways that a friend can. It creates a special bond and differentiates your relationship from a platonic one to a passionate, physical and intimate one.

The most common phenomenon between couples that have less sex is their disinterest in one another’s sexual preferences/desires. This often means that one or both partners’ sexual advances are ignored and after long periods of time, end up in sexless marriages.

A few studies conducted by certified sexologists and couple sex coaches show that it is possible to survive a sexless marriage with or without the guidance of a sex therapist or a sex coach for couples in a sexless marriage. However, almost 97% of sexless marriages end in divorce even after traditional marriage counseling.

Sex therapy online for couples dealing with sexless marriages and divorce is the first step in the direction of recovery.

Being in this position is extremely emotionally draining, you’re faced with thoughts about if your sexless marriage is grounds for divorce, you’re wondering if there is any way to spice up a sexless relationship, and even pondering the idea of if a sexless marriage can survive.

It is in your best interest to find a sex coach or sexologist near you, that can help you and your partner through marriage counseling for sexless marriages and even help you spice up your relationship together.

Online sex therapy with Regain sexologists promises you the guidance, support, and training that you need all from the comfort and convenience of your home.

What can I do to heal a Sexless Marriage Divorce?

Repairing a sexless marriage divorce requires patience, persistence, and dedication. It is something that does not come overnight but can definitely be healed through professional online sex therapy. It is important to put your best foot forward when starting online sex therapy or marriage counseling for couples in sexless marriages, the first step is changing your mindset. Both partners have to want to make it work.

Relationships and marriages don’t die because of a lack of love, they die because of a lack of passion.

A few steps to try:

Realign your goals with your partner and stick to them

During marriage counseling for sexless marriage, you will learn that sexless periods don’t start out of the blue, there are sexless marriage symptoms along the road. Sit down and trace back to where things changed and identify the root causes.

Go back to dating each other

Remember when you used to go on dates and do romantic gestures for one another when the effort was there to keep the passion burning? These small things make the world of difference. A sex coach for couples in sexless marriage will give you steps towards going back to basics and starting small. Fall in love again. A sexless marriage can add a lot of pressure and stress on you, leading to complacency and laziness, that is where most couples fall into sexless relationships and feel as though divorce is the only solution.


Learning how to practice open, honest, and heartfelt communication goes a long way. With the guidance of a sex therapist near you, you will learn to understand yourself and your expectations and give your partner the opportunity to share theirs. This builds trust and strength between you two and gives you the stepping stone to reverse a sexless marriage and learn how to spice up your sexless relationship.

Leave room for vulnerability

Even when dealing with a sexless marriage, allowing yourself to be vulnerable with your spouse gives them the chance to protect you and your needs, and vice versa. Sharing the intimacy of vulnerability creates a much stronger bond. When the conversation of reigniting your sexual intimacy, you would already be in a safer and more comfortable space.

Relationship check-ins

Working together to survive a sexless marriage is new territory, and it needs to be nurtured and paid close attention to. Be consistent and make sure you are both keeping up your end of the agreement and working towards your goals. It’s important to check in with each other to make sure you are both still on the same page and are satisfied.

marriage counseling for sexless marriage

How does sexologist online work?

Finding the right sexologist online is an important step to recovery.

Oftentimes couples or spouses in sexless marriages or relationships feel embarrassed or ashamed of such intimate issues, however, you should understand that there is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, rather be proud that you have taken the initiative to look for the best marriage counseling for sexless marriages.

Sex therapy in any relationship or marriage is essential, it is the best way to ensure that you and your partner are happy, satisfied, and enjoying your sex life with the guidance of a trained sexologist.

Online sex therapy will help you deal with divorce due to sexless marriage, and the effects of sexless marriage on husband and wife, these therapy sessions unpack how to reverse and save a sexless marriage and make sure that dealing with your sexless marriage or relationship becomes easier after each session.

How will sex therapy online enhance my life?

As you learn to better understand and address your sexless marriage challenges, the more you will begin to notice a few differences in your day-to-day life.

Sex therapy online or marriage counseling for sexless marriage can help you and your partner avoid the dangers of a sexless marriage and sexless marriage divorce.

Helping you both reach a place in your union where your marriage can grow stronger, improving your sexless relationship, teaching you how to spice up your sexless relationship, while helping you both understand the effects of a sexless marriage and divorce, sexless marriage and menopause, sexless marriage and depression, how to cope with sexless marriage after a baby and even discussing topics like an impotent husband in sexless marriages.

All these challenges are common, rest assured that there is always a way forward.

Here at PsychologyHelp in partnership with Regain, we assure you that you are in the safe hands of our trained, professional, and certified sex therapists to make sure that you receive the best online sex therapy for your relationship.

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