Therapy for Dermatillomania or Excoriation Disorder. OCD Help from a Skin Picking Therapist Near Me.

Many people pick their skin once in a while, i.e. chapped lips, a scar or bump on the skin.

When this behavior became repetitive and began to cause a problem, it turns into a condition called excoriation disorder or skin-picking disorder (Dermatillomania).

Dermatillomania is characterized by repetitive skin picking leading to lesions along with the attempts to decrease or stop this behaviour; thus, it comes under the category of Obsessive -Compulsive Disorders (OCD).

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This behaviour tends to be triggered by dermatological conditions and also by emotional triggers like stress, anger, anxiety, boredom. Individual may pick the skin from any site, i.e. face, hands, fingers, legs.

The condition may also lead to shame, anxiety and depression. Individual may also try to camouflage the skin lesion. It leads to psychosocial issues, i.e. avoidance of certain social situations and also causes medical problems like infections or even physical disfigurement.

How can I find help?

You might find this surprising: Individuals with skin picking disorder usually don’t seek treatment or professional help for their problem. It is estimated that less than a fifth of individuals with excoriation disorder seek treatment from skin picking therapist for their problem.

Most of the individuals don’t go for treatment or dermatillomania therapy because of the social embarrassment, believing that this is not a disorder but just a bad habit or that this is an untreatable condition.

Moreover, those who attempt to resolve this issue usually go for general practitioners or dermatologists, considering this an infection. However, if the doctor consulted is competent enough, he can refer the patient to reliable excoriation disorder therapy.

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Online excoriation disorder therapy can HELP!

Online dermatillomania therapy is becoming widely practised because of the various prominent benefits making it comparable to traditional face-to-face therapy. Most of the individuals prefer online therapy because of the stigmatization attached to seeking psychological help. Online therapy let you get help without getting bumped into any acquaintance.

Skin picking also accompanied with anxiety making it difficult for the individuals to open up to therapist in person. Thus, online therapy is highly recommended for such anxious and depressive individuals. They can get help without fear of getting judged.

Online therapy is also cheap as compared to traditional therapy, and accessible to individuals at the comfort of their homes. You don’t have to worry about transportation, getting an appointment and going into a waiting list.

You will get qualified and certified skin-picking therapist while otherwise, you have to search hours for a therapist suitable to your problem and situation. Multiple online websites are available that provide treatment for excoriation disorder. Among these platforms, BetterHelp and Psychologyhelp are considered as highly reputable in dealing with such issues related to psychological health.

BetterHelp – Dermatillomania therapist near me is a world’s largest e-counselling platform with the aim of providing accessible, affordable and suitable professional counselling services at your doorstep. You can get help anywhere and anytime. BetterHelp team is equipped with highly trained, licensed, and certified psychologists, counsellors, and therapists that help you with your issue.

When you sign in to BetterHelp, a therapist compatible with your problems will be assigned to you who will be then available to you 24/7. Counselling at BetterHelp is found to be as effective as face-to-face traditional counselling and therapy, making it a reliable and dependable treatment option.

All the interaction and communication held at BetterHelp between therapist and client is highly confidential and private, and all the professional etiquette and rules are observed here.

At BetterHelp, you can choose a way of counselling according to your convenience and availability. If you are not satisfied with the therapist assigned, you can always change the therapist and get matched to s new one. The skin picking therapist will be easy to find at BetterHelp, and you will not be disappointed.

Psychologyhelp is an online therapy platform where you can get a therapist according to your needs and requirements within 24 hours. This is a highly suitable platform to get online excoriation disorder therapy. Dermatillomania therapist near me.

Psychologyhelp is comprised of a team of psychologists having years of experience in managing psychological and mental health issues. The motto of this platform is to approach the clients and patients with a positive mindset creating a comfortable and conducive environment.

This platform covers all the benefits mentioned above and the advantages of online therapy. Moreover, this website also provides you with detailed information regarding various mental health issues and problems via articles focusing on psychological disorders, mental health problems and treatment issues. If you are reluctant regarding to different treatment options, have a look at their blog posts.

This is a very friendly platform where you can quickly get a therapist who will contact you, and if you are satisfied, you can continue the therapy sessions as long as you feel your problem is resolved.

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How about other excoriation disorder therapy options?

Various other options that are used by traditional therapists as well as employed by online therapists in their therapeutic approach and sessions include cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), self-help training and medication.

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)
CBT also considered and effective dermatillomania therapy. CBT involves the psychoeducation of patient regarding illness, cognitive restructuring of the negative triggering thoughts and enhancement of self-efficacy to ensure relapse prevention.

CBT includes techniques like habit reversal training (HRT) and stimulus control. In HRT, stressors and other factors that trigger the skin picking are identified. The skin picking behaviour is replaced with other competing action like squeezing a stress ball, doing some painting or other activities. Stimulus control involves avoiding the triggering situations, i.e. avoiding mirrors, covering blemishes or scars with Band-Aids etc. Dermatillomania therapist near me.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
ACT, one of the widely used dermatillomania therapy, entails acceptance and mindfulness strategies along with commitment and behaviour change strategies. ACT promotes the acceptance of negative thoughts as typical human experience, without engaging in repetitive harmful behaviour.

Self-help skills like learning HRT and similar techniques, including keeping hands busy, engaging in other activities that demand extensive hand movements etc. are also found to be beneficial with some individuals.

Medication is rarely used to deal with direct symptoms of excoriation disorder. However, for the associated symptoms like anxiety, depression and repetitive thoughts medicine like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are used in certain situations.
There are various therapy and treatment options for dermatillomania, but it is up to you to choose what is best suited to your problems and issues. Reach out to us now and begin the journey of better-being!

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  1. May

    I had no idea this was a disorder! I’m a sophomore in college and I’ve picked my skin since the end of 2nd grade. Reading about this definitely brought up some repressed emotions! I don’t feel as alone.

  2. samantha fox

    Good Afternoon,

    I am messaging regarding concerns of my teenage daughter. I honestly dont know where to turn, December 2018 our family was involved in a horrible Road Accident following this event my daughter who was the 15 started suffering with anxiety and panic attacks, she also developed skin picking i dont know if there is a medical term for this i have tried to seek help from our GP and had no luck. my daughters mental health is really suffering she picks her skin when anxious but also without realising. i dont know if this mental health of if i should speak to a dermatologist. Any Guidance would be appreciated.


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