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Codependency in marriage can cause one or both spouses to develop feelings of resentment, frustration, and anger toward the other.  Over time, these feelings can develop and leave a marriage under tremendous strain.

Codependency in marriage can feel like constantly having to tend to your partner’s emotional and physical needs and wants, while not receiving the same effort or reciprocation.

When there is codependency in marriage, there is an imbalance of emotional, psychological, and mental support. This consequently causes a one-sided relationship instead of a mutually interdependent one.

Unfortunately, codependency in marriage is commonly a result of unhealthy childhood learnings from household experiences as well as toxic previous relationships.

If you are a codependent husband or codependent woman, it is encouraged to take note of the symptoms of codependency in marriage and learn how to establish methods to fix a codependent marriage through codependent treatment.

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How do I find an online codependency therapist?

When considering finding an online codependency therapist, make sure you’ve identified your expectations from these sessions.

It would be helpful to ask yourself, “what do I need most from my codependency therapist?”. This will help you figure out what kind of therapist to connect with.

It is important to connect with a certified, professional, and experienced codependency therapist to get the most effective support and guidance when learning about codependency in marriage.

With such a wide range of online therapists to choose from, you want to make sure you connect with the best-suited therapist for you.

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What is codependency in marriage?

The nature of a codependency marriage is dysfunctional. When there is codependency in marriage, this means that there is an imbalance of emotional, mental, and physical support and care between spouses.

How does codependency in marriage happen?

It is commonly caused by early childhood learning. In households where a child is exposed to unhealthy behavior between parents or caregivers, they are consequently taught to minimize or dismiss their own emotions to attend to another person.

When someone is taught from a young age to prioritize someone over them to receive affection, comfort, or love – codependency habits start to form.

As a result, later in intimate relationships or friendships, you may find yourself people-pleasing or overcompensate by always putting someone else first at your expense.

Over time, these negative effects of codependency worsen and create a cycle of toxicity in a marriage. As a consequence, this causes a lack of boundaries, confidence, and poor self-esteem which can directly impact your mental well-being.

Although sacrifices, compromises, and support are the foundation of keeping a marriage happy and healthy, codependency can cross that line and become extremely unhealthy.

These are important effects to note of codependency in marriage:

  1. Emotional and mental imbalance.
  2. Poor self-esteem and lack of confidence.
  3. Feelings of anger, frustration, and resentment.
  4. Depression and anxiety.
  5. Lack of individuality.
  6. The constant need for approval or comfort for validation.
  7. Lack of boundaries.

With codependency in marriage, couples can lose sight of their love for one another and become completely immersed in fulfilling their partner’s needs while neglecting their own.

In a healthy marriage, there is a balance that allows couples to be interdependent, this allows space for healthy boundaries, self-love, and individuality, while still maintaining a mutually satisfactory relationship.

How to stop codependency in marriage?

Learning how to stop codependency in marriage is a challenge. In many cases, the habit of codependent behavior has developed over time, creating a habitual cycle of codependency.

When overcoming codependency in marriage, the first step therapists suggest taking is to identify the negative behaviors and habits of codependence between husband and wife.

Codependency treatment methods with a marriage counselor or codependency therapist can be helpful when learning how to stop codependency in marriage.

The symptoms of codependency in marriage will be unique to each couple depending on the causes, longevity, and severity of the codependency cycle.

For example, if you are a codependent woman and have formed negative attachment or codependency habits as a result of circumstance or previous relationship trauma, you may be struggling with breaking codependency in your marriage.

It is common for the codependent spouse to have weak or no boundaries in the marriage, and this creates further complications.

Codependent relationship boundaries are crucial. This will help create a balance between the enabler and the codependent partner.

It is important to remember that setting boundaries in a codependent marriage is not a selfish act.

You are not only doing yourself a favor but also helping to fix a codependent marriage and create a healthier relationship between you and your partner.

Steps to take when learning to stop codependency in marriage.

1. Find a hobby or new activity.

Codependency in marriage can cause you to lose sight of yourself. This results in not engaging in fun activities for your enjoyment outside the relationship.

Consider finding a new hobby or activity that will keep you busy, and give you a feeling of Independence and individuality.

2. Boundaries.

The reason why therapists insist on setting boundaries in a codependent relationship is to regain self-esteem, balance, and healthier marriage.

Setting boundaries will help you learn to say no to your partner when you can’t tend to their every need.

This can help them learn how to manage and deal with issues by themselves and not constantly depend on you.

3. Have an open discussion.

Honest communication can help both partners admit to unhealthy behaviors in the relationship.

This creates a safe space for spouses to hear and listen to one another’s true feelings, fears and suggestions and work together towards fixing codependency in marriage.

4. Pay attention to your friendships.

In codependent relationships, couples can neglect their friends and family once they get stuck in the codependent cycle.

Therapists suggest maintaining your friendships, this can help you live your own life, without being entirely consumed by your marriage.

Friends and family are also great support systems when fixing codependency in marriage.

5. Rebuild yourself.

Learning to stop codependency in marriage will require you to think of yourself positively, and rebuild your self-esteem and confidence.

This will help you be comfortable with who you are and slowly you will learn that you are strong and able to love and accept yourself.

Starting with positive affirmations is a good method to try.

6. Learn to stand up for yourself.

If you struggle to say no to people when they disrespect you or try to take advantage of you, practice being assertive with them.

You may be constantly walking on eggshells to try and please everyone, this can be extremely draining and leave you dismissing your needs and wants.

Considering professional codependency treatment has helped many couples work through how to stop codependency in marriage.

With the guidance of a marriage or codependency counselor, you will have the support of a professional that can advise you both effectively.

How to fix a codependent marriage

Marriage is a place where partners learn one another’s strengths and weaknesses. This is to develop an intimate bond and healthy balance of emotional, mental, and physical support.

However, in a codependent marriage, because there is dysfunction and an imbalance, it is hard for couples to maintain a healthy interdependent relationship.

Once you have identified the roles of codependency in marriage, the next step is to take note of the codependency cycle. This requires you and your partner to identify unhealthy behaviors, and negative attachment, as well as, internal and external triggers.

By doing this, you will make fixing a codependent marriage easier. It is advised to connect to a professional and certified codependency therapist for appropriate codependency treatment that is tailored to your challenges.

It is possible to fix a codependent marriage. It is not easy and requires both partners to work consistently towards achieving a healthier marriage.

We want to remind you that healing yourself first does not make you selfish, it can put you in a stronger position to fix codependency in marriage.

The most important steps in fixing codependency in marriage are suggested by codependent marriage therapists:

1 – Realize that doing things that drain your energy, go against your values and morals, or compromise your mental, physical or emotional well-being is not good for you. Take a step back and identify those things and learn to say no.

2 – Talk to your partner about the unhealthy habits in your marriage from both spouses. This creates a space for open and honest communication.

3 – Unlearn negative thoughts and self-talk. This will help you become stronger and more capable of not feeling pressured to always take care of your partner’s every need and want.

4 – Take breaks and rely on friends and family for support. It’s okay to have things going on outside your marriage, it is important to maintain independence and enjoy doing things for yourself.

5 – Set boundaries. In codependent relationships, the codependent husband or codependent woman often struggles to set strong boundaries. This contributes to the codependency cycle. Try to set boundaries and say no when you feel that you are over-compromising or being taken advantage of.

6 – Consider professional counseling. It is helpful to have educated guidance from an impartial third party when fixing codependency in a marriage.

How does online codependency treatment work?

Regain offers private one-on-one or joined therapy sessions for couples in a codependent marriage or relationship.

You have the advantage of choosing your therapist that will be able to help you understand the root causes of how codependency starts, how to identify the symptoms of codependency in marriage, and how you can best fix a codependent marriage.

Online codependency treatment is a convenient way of conducting highly professional, effective therapy. Choose to do therapy your way, via phone call, video session, live chat, or mail – you are entirely in control.

With direct access to your chosen codependency therapist, you have the advantage of scheduling sessions based on your availability.

How will online codependency treatment improve my life?

Online codependency treatment will teach you how to identify unhealthy attachment habits and behaviors, additionally, you will understand the internal and external triggers of your codependency cycle.

Through these intimate sessions, both partners will learn how to break codependency in marriage and develop a healthier and more balanced relationship.

Codependency treatment aims to help you learn how to heal yourself to heal your marriage.

Couples need to remember that marriage comes with challenges, however, it is the best opportunity to work together and grow to make any weaknesses become strengths.


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