How to build emotionally healthy relationships? Best Online Codependency Counseling.

Emotionally healthy habits create a stable foundation for loving, understanding, and long-lasting relationships.

Not having an emotionally healthy relationship, it can be common to find that many friendships and intimate relationships are weak, surface level, and fail due to small conflicts.

When you have an emotionally healthy relationship, you are not only learning how to be a stronger, more compassionate, and more understanding person, but also allowing for growth in the relationship.

One of the signs that you’re letting go of codependency is showing interdependent behavior in a relationship. This creates a healthy and balanced dynamic between two people.

emotionally healthy relationships

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How do I find the best online codependency counseling?

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With a vast range of treatments and therapy for codependency to choose from, it is easy to get overwhelmed and confused. Make sure that you are choosing the right method of codependency therapy that will truly benefit you and enhance your well-being.

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What is an interdependent relationship?

In emotionally healthy relationships there is a balance between couples. This balance makes it easier to be interdependent instead of codependent. An interdependent relationship means having mutual support, effort, love, and respect for one another. Unlike in a codependent relationship where there is one person who continuously gives and another who just keeps taking. When you build a healthy relationship, interdependence is important because it allows both partners to feel equally acknowledged, trusted, and secure.

The difference between a healthy relationship and a codependent relationship is the dysfunctional dynamic. In a codependent relationship, it is common for the codependent to lose their sense of individuality and become entirely focused on their partner, in doing so, they develop unhealthy ways of loving, and in return, they base their self-worth and self-esteem on their partner’s acknowledgment and comfort of these compulsive behaviors. This creates a toxic cycle of codependency.

In a healthy and interdependent relationship, both partners have an understanding of their partner’s needs and wants. They both make the effort and take the time to consistently meet them halfway. There is a healthy balance between their independent lives and their relationship. In an interdependent relationship, both partners don’t seek constant approval or admiration for a feeling of worthiness.

Let’s have a look at the difference between healthy relationships vs codependency.

Codependent relationship:

  1. The relationship feels one-sided. One partner always feels as though they need to save their partner from every challenge or personal problem. One partner takes on all the responsibility while the other takes advantage.
  2. You feel like you need to change them. Codependents often have a challenge with wanting to control everything. A common sign of a codependent relationship is fixating on the small shortcomings of your partner and working to change that.
  3. There is no room for self-care or alone time. Codependents often feel anxious when their partner has other things to do. They heavily rely on the other person for self-validation. Consequently, they feel guilty for wanting to take time out for themselves.
  4. There are no clear emotions or feelings. Because codependents feel out of touch with their true emotions, it makes it hard to identify if the relationship is going well or not.
  5. Lack of boundaries and poor communication. It is hard to set boundaries in a codependent relationship because one partner always feels as though they always need to be there to help their partner, despite their true feelings.

Healthy relationships.

  1. Mutual respect.
  2. Clear, honest, and effective communication.
  3. There is trust.
  4. Decision-making is a joint effort.
  5. You are equally committed to the relationship.
  6. There is a balance between personal life and relationship.

An interdependent relationship allows partners to maintain a sense of independence and individuality. There is a healthy balance and both partners are committed to working on their relationship together.

What behavior indicates healthy communication in a relationship?

Clear, honest, and effective communication is crucial in any relationship. Being able to sit down and talk to your partner openly is an important skill that develops stronger and more intimate bonds between couples. In an interdependent relationship, healthy communication is one of the key foundations.

Although it is not easy for everyone to communicate effectively, couples need to work towards this. When you are working towards building a healthy interdependent relationship and healing from codependency, it is encouraged to learn new and healthier communication styles.

What behaviors indicate healthy communication in a relationship? This is a question that will help you and your partner practice new and effective ways of communicating.

Codependency counselors suggest practicing these healthy communication behaviors:

1. Remember to be mindful.

In moments of anger, it can be easy to say things you will regret later. Be mindful of your emotions and the way you speak to your partner. It is important to be respectful when communicating and listening. This should be practiced by both partners.

2. Listen intently.

Remove all distractions when talking to your partner or if your partner is talking to you. Make eye contact and let them know you are listening to what they are sharing.

3. Be honest.

Honesty in communication can make all the difference. When dealing with challenges, don’t leave out any information regarding true feelings. It is important to let your partner know your honest thoughts and feelings.

4. No judgment.

In highly emotional situations, couples can forget that their partner has feelings. Try not to judge yourself or your partner when discussing sensitive matters.

5. Be aware of your tone and nonverbal communication.

If something is communicated in the wrong tone, it can be misinterpreted and cause further unnecessary conflict. Refrain from making sarcastic remarks, facial expressions, or defensive body language (for example, folding your arms and frowning.).

Healthy communication behaviors that are not verbal:

  1. Body language during communication is as important as verbal communication. When you or your partner are talking, make gestures to show that you are listening.
  2. Avoid silent treatment.
  3. Be aware of your facial expressions.
  4. Minimize all distractions.

Building a healthy relationship takes time and consistent effort. When overcoming codependency to build an interdependent relationship, it is important to learn, understand and practice healthy communication behaviors. It is advised to seek professional guidance and support from a codependency counselor that can provide you with personalized methods to build an emotionally healthy and interdependent relationship.

Steps to build interdependence in relationships

If you are trying to build interdependence in your relationship, keep in mind that it takes consistent hard work. The rewards of building interdependence in a relationship are long-lasting. It helps couples to build a stronger and more intimate bond while allowing both partners to maintain their sense of self and individuality. Having the balance that interdependence brings, evidently makes an emotionally healthy relationship.

Benefits of interdependence in relationships:

  • A healthy balance between the relationship and individual life.
  • Enough time for personal interests.
  • Healthy and effective communication.
  • Respectful and active listening.
  • Effective problem-solving.
  • Safety when being vulnerable.
  • Trust.
  • Personal accountability.
  • Healthy self-esteem and confidence.
  • Healthy boundaries.
  • Increased intimacy.

When both partners commit to building interdependence in a relationship, there will always be a success. The process of doing this will not always be easy, always remember to focus on what you are working towards. The support from a codependency therapist is always helpful.

Methods to build an interdependent relationship:

  1. Be self-aware. Identify what you like and need before creating expectations from your partner.
  2. Be confident in asking for what you want.
  3. Make time for your friends and family.
  4. Don’t neglect your personal goals and interests.
  5. Be clear and mindful of your values and morals.
  6. Practice clear communication.
  7. Make time for your hobbies and activities.
  8. Learn to say no and be confident.

Over time, these steps will help you build an emotionally healthy interdependent relationship.

How does online codependency counseling work?

Online codependency therapy through Regain offers intimate sessions with your preferred codependency therapist.

You have the advantage of planning and scheduling your sessions based on your availability – no need for travel time or long lines.

Conduct therapy your way, via video call, phone call, live chat, or even mail – any way you prefer. 

Regain online therapy for codependency gives you the benefit of professional therapy from the comfort of your home.

Not only is online codependent therapy convenient, but it is also affordable and highly effective.

How will online codependency counseling improve my life?

Through online therapy for codependency, you will learn more about yourself.

You will have the opportunity to work through any unresolved challenges that you may have and learn how to overcome and heal the root causes of codependency.

Online codependency therapy will teach you how to develop emotionally healthy interdependent relationships that will benefit you and respect your individual needs.

You will be able to see the signs that you’re healing from codependency and becoming a stronger, more independent, and confident person.

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