The Best FaceTime Counseling & Therapy Sessions Options. Pros & Cons. 

With the evolution of technology, the internet is offering various ways and platforms for individuals to improve their well-being and mental health by getting online FaceTime counseling at the comfort of their homes.

Online counseling and therapy is a growing practice in the field of psychology, yet you should consider the pros and cons of online therapy before going for it.

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Pros of FaceTime therapy and counseling

Online therapy is a positive step towards the well-being of masses as it makes the mental health services more accessible, convenient, and affordable.

It is an excellent option for individuals who live in remote areas and for those who don’t want to go to the therapists’ offices and travel miles. It is comfortable for individuals who prefer to communicate online rather than in-person, especially teenagers.

It is considered less expensive as compared to traditional face-to-face therapy. Most of the apps and websites go with weekly or monthly subscriptions. You don’t have to travel to the office, thus saving you the expense of commuting. 

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What are the best FaceTime counseling and therapy sessions?

Below mentioned are the well-known platforms and websites providing authentic and reliable online therapy services.


Betterhelp is one of the world’s largest platform providing online FaceTime therapy counseling. BetterHelp makes online therapy convenient, easily accessible, and affordable for individuals who are having psychological and mental health problems but are unable to go to traditional therapy.

BetterHelp team is comprised of certified, competent, skilled, and recognized psychologists, therapists, social workers, and professional counselors who are available 24/7 for your help.

BetterHelp ensures via various means that their team is highly professional and has authentic credentials. Betterhelp team has counselors specialized in various issues, including:

You will be matched to the therapist according to your needs and problems. If you are not satisfied with the therapist, a new therapist can be assigned to you. Betterhelp uses various means to communicate and interact with the individuals, including text messaging, chat rooms, phone calls, and video conferencing on various software like FaceTime.

A recent study by Berkeley Well-Being Institute found that 98% of individuals who approached BetterHelp for their mental health problems reported significant progress, and 94% of them suggested that BetterHelp is more beneficial than traditional therapy. This suggests that BetterHelp is one of the best online programs providing FaceTime counseling for various mental health problems.

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ReGain is another e-platform that focuses on relationship issues. ReGain has a team of certified psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, and counselors having Masters or Doctoral degree in their area of specialization.

ReGain provides services to individuals as well as couples seeking help for relationship problems or marital issues (FaceTime marriage counseling and couple’s counseling).

ReGain provides you and your partner with the convenience of scheduling and getting help at any place and time. Moreover, the professional services provided by ReGain are highly discreet and reasonable.

At ReGain, you will be matched to a certified therapist or counselor as per your mentioned goals, preferences, and the problems you are experiencing. Different counselors have different approaches and methods to deal with relationship issues.

You will be assigned with the one best match with your issues. You will also have a right to request a new therapist if not satisfied. ReGain provides live chat, messaging, phone call, and FaceTime or video conferencing options to communicate and interact with your therapist or counselor.

The communication between you and your counselor will be highly discreet and confidential. If you are having problems in your relationship, want to improve the quality of your relationship, or work out things that are interfering in your happy and satisfying relationship, you should opt for this platform.

As this is a specialized platform providing FaceTime therapy for relationship and marital issues, you will be provided with specialized therapists, and your time won’t be wasted.

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Teencounseling provides professional online counseling services for teens and adolescents of 13 to 19 years. This counseling service also has experienced professionals certified by the state’s professional board who are available 24/7 for the help of troubled teens. The parent has to login to the website, and then the teen can approach and talk to the therapist assigned to him or her as per the requirements and objectives added and described by its parent.

This service is highly discreet, and all the communication between the therapist and the individual kept confidential.

The professionals on this platform are experienced in dealing with a wide range of adolescent and teenage related issues, including depression, self-esteem, confidence, and self-image related issues, eating, and body-image related problems.

The professionals are also specialized in sleep difficulties, social interaction and communication skills, coping and problem skills, stress, anxiety, bereavement, grief, and other mental health issues.

You have the option to interact with the therapist or counselor via text messages, live chat, phone calls, and also video conferencing for FaceTime therapy. This is also considered as one of the widely used online counseling websites for the well-being of teenagers and adolescents.

These online platforms for therapy and counseling are beneficial and bringing a revolution in the industry of psychotherapy, yet there are few drawbacks and pitfalls accompanied by online FaceTime counseling.

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Cons of FaceTime counseling and therapy

Most of the insurance companies, health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid don’t cover for e-therapy or online counseling. Although it depends on the state/region you live in and your insurance company, yet if they offer any insurance amount, it will be very little.

Therefore the best solution is always to consult with your insurance issuer first to ensure the numbers are correct. However, online therapy is quite cheap as compared to traditional therapy.

The concerns about confidentiality and privacy of the clients in online therapy is a major concern, and the use of technology might compromise the privacy. But there are certain apps like FaceTime and Skype that are considered much secure as compared to emails or text messages. Thus opting for reliable means of therapy is helpful.

Online therapy is not suitable for serious psychiatric illnesses like schizophrenia or severe depression. Moreover, it is also not helpful in a crisis like suicidal ideations, self-harm thoughts, and injuries. But these clauses are also mentioned on the websites of online therapy services, thus informing clients regarding this drawback beforehand.

The cons mentioned above of online FaceTime counseling can compromise the effectiveness of the therapy; however, getting therapy online is much better than getting no therapy at all when you need this. So decide wisely and choose the services as per your problems and issues to lead a happy and satisfying life.


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