Marriage Consulting – The Best Consulting for Married Couples.

When you’re looking for marriage consulting, you can be overwhelmed by options.

You want to find a counselor that you have good chemistry with, that is also affordable.

This article offers a possible solution: online marriage consulting which is affordable and offers a wide variety of counselors.

marriage consulting

Psychology Sessions from Home

Best online marriage consulting – Regain

Regain is an online therapy platform that focuses on couple’s therapy, and gathers many marriage and couples counselors in one place. It offers an easy, affordable alternative to regular face-to-face counseling.

Get matched with a Regain marriage consultant.

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions. Start by filling out this survey in it’s entirety.

Consulting for married couples – How does it work?

When you sign up to Regain, you answer some questions that will help match a counselor to you (for example, about your marital status, whether you’ve hd therapy before, and about your current emotional state).

Then, you receive a message from the counselor (based on your answers) and can choose to message with them or set up a phone call, live chat, or video call. By answering these questions about yourself, they are able to match a counselor who will be a good fit for you.

If you decide to change counselors, you don’t have to answer the questions again. You can send as many messages back and forth with your counselor as you want. 

Why Is It The Best?

● Regain offers quality couple’s counseling at an affordable price – just 40 to 70 dollars per week, depending on your subscription plan.
● All the therapists on the sites are certified and credentialed – all are either licensed couples therapists, counselors, psychologists, or social workers who have experience working in the field and seeing clients one on one.
● The counselors and therapists listed on Regain all have experience in marriage counseling and consulting, and working with clients on their relationship issues.
● You’re billed monthly, so you don’t have to remember to pay at the end of each session.
● You’re able to choose what kind of therapy works best for you: live chat, phone call, or video conference. You can try several different methods of sessions until you find the one that you’re most comfortable with.
● You can have your sessions from wherever you want – at home, at the office, with your tablet in bed – and whenever you want (you can even choose a counselor who is in a different time zone and have the session in the middle of your night if you’re a night owl!).
● You can choose to remain anonymous by signing up with a nickname and opting out of video sessions. This is perfect for those with social anxiety or who want to protect their privacy.


Regain offers a more affordable option than in-person therapy: your subscription costs only 40 to 70 dollars per week, which are billed monthly. You can cancel your subscription whenever you want.

Best marriage consulting for Christians

If you’re a Christian and it’s important for you that your faith is part of your counseling or consulting process, Faithful Counseling might be the right option for you.

Faithful Counseling offers a similar platform as Regain, but they focus on the Christian community and offer a range of Christian counselors.

How does Faithful Counseling work?

Faithful Counseling works in a similar way to Regain – you answer questions when you sign up and are matched with a therapist soon after. The platform enables you to message your counselor as many times as you want and set up live chats, phone calls, or video calls.


Pros and cons

Faithful Counseling shares many of the same pros and cons as Regain, except the focus of the website:

Faithful Counseling has all their counselors sign a Statement of Faith, and all their counselors are Christian. This is a big plus for someone whose faith is important for them, and who wants their faith to be part of the counseling process.

The downside with Faithful Counseling is that not all the counselors have experience with marriage counseling and consultancy – but many of them do. Of course, you always have the option to change counselors until you find the right fit for you.


Faithful Counseling has a similar pricing plan to Regain: 40 to 70 dollars per week, billed monthly.

How does Pride Counseling work for gay marriages and what it is?

Pride Counseling is a website with the same type of platform as Regain and Christian Counseling, but the focus on this one is LGBT counselors and issues.

This is to ensure a safe place for those in the LGBT community to get counseling and consultancy. If you’re in a same-sex partnership or if one of you belongs to the LGBT community, Pride Counseling might be the right choice for you.

Pros and cons

In terms of pricing, ease-of-use, and professionalism, Pride Counseling shares most of the same pros as Regain and Faithful Counseling. Pride Counseling’s major pro compared to these other two platforms is that every therapist and counselor on Pride Counseling is familiar with topics and vocabulary regarding the LGBT community, are sensitive and accepting regarding gender and sexuality, and are part of the LGBT community themselves.

Pride Counseling has the same pricing options as Regain and Faithful Counseling – between 40 to 70 dollars per week which are billed monthly.


Finding good consulting for married couples is easier than ever – the Internet offers several platforms that host a variety of quality counselors to choose from. We’ve gathered information on some of the leading platforms for therapy online, and hope that this helps you make your choice.


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