Best Online Christian Premarital Counseling Sessions. Pre Marriage Questions and Answers. 

Getting engaged and entering into a sacred relationship of marriage is a significant transitional phase of life. Thus, the couple needs to evaluate, assess and set straight the expectations, goals and desires of this relationship.

Some of the churches offer Christian pre marriage counseling to help couples understand the meaning of marriage to support them in arranging a marriage that will glorify God.

online christian premarital counseling

Psychology Sessions from Home

Different churches have different ways of premarital counselling, i.e. direct meetings between pastor and couple or premarital counselling classes with an established curriculum. The pastors administering premarital counseling sessions may be experienced, but most probably, they don’t have degrees in psychology or family therapy.

If you are looking for premarital counselling but don’t feel comfortable for traditional counseling, too busy to schedule sessions or find it difficult to find a qualified counselor with Christian faith, then the best option is to get online Christian premarital counseling.

You may wonder how you can get Christian pre marriage counseling online and whether it will be Biblical. We discussed as below one of the most recognized online faith-based counseling services.

Get matched with a Faithful Counseling Christian premarital counseling therapist.

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Faithful Counseling

Faithful Counseling provides you with professional counseling services online from qualified therapists having a strong Christian faith. Faithful Counseling integrates religion into therapy and counseling by syndicating Biblical insight and clinical psychology knowledge to device plans and objectives suitable for client’s issues and problems.

This website has a team of specialized therapists and assigns you a therapist according to your issues or concern. Christian therapists and counselors employ religion-based clinical techniques and redefine your perspective regarding your problems, considering them as an opportunity for spiritual and religious growth.

The counselors are available 24/7, and you can communicate with your counselor via live chat, text messages, phone call or video conferencing. You can schedule premarital counseling sessions and decide the length of sessions as per your availability and convenience. 

Moreover, all the communication is encrypted; thus, your information will be kept confidential. The subscription fee of counseling ranges from $40 to $70, which are none as compared to traditional face-to-face therapy (e.g. up to $150).

These minimal charges are essential for the smooth and uninterrupted functioning of this website as this is a private organization without any outside support. Thus these charges are necessary to provide you with quality services.

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Pros of online Christian premarital counseling services

Online counseling is less expensive as compared to traditional counseling. You don’t have to commute to the office.
This is time-saving, and you can plan sessions as per your convenience, not the other way around.
This is the best option for those who prefer to communicate online and feel more comfortable.

Cons of online Christian premarital counseling services

Online counselling may not be a perfect option for those who like direct face-to-face communication.
Overall Faithful Counseling is an excellent choice to seek premarital counseling without any hassles and at the comfort of your home.

christian pre marriage counseling

Premarital counseling questions and answers

Christian pre marriage counseling helps you build a healthy marriage with strong foundations and great compatibility. However, couples always have concerns regarding the questions that the therapist will ask. Following are the main topics that most of the therapists cover in premarital counseling sessions.

What does marriage mean to you? How will you describe the qualities of your partner that attract you, and what is meaning of commitment for you?

What are your life goals in the long run after marriage? How do these goals incorporate and consider your partner’s expectations and personal goals?

What are your expectations from each other as a partner?

How you both define and describe your spiritual and religious beliefs and how much religion and faith define and dictate your life?

What will be your living arrangements after marriage?

What is your plan of starting a family, and when do you want children? How are you going to raise your children and any issues, i.e. religion, values and parenting techniques?

How will you manage your finances? This includes having joint or individual bank accounts, billings, saving plans, plans in case of unemployment of a partner.

How you both would like to maintain your relationship with your parents, and what are your expectations from your partner towards your family?

What are your expectations regarding sex and intimacy issues? The things that you enjoy and those you discourage strictly and any concerns regarding future extra affairs will be discussed.

Communication skills and problem-solving skills will be discussed along with equipping you with appropriate strategies to deal with conflicts and differences.

premarital counseling sessions

These are just basic premarital counseling questions and answers that will be discussed in Christian pre marriage counseling. However, you can always raise questions and point out issues that are of concern to you, you want to resolve or otherwise want to establish common grounds. Marriage is much more than finding a venue and deciding menu.

Christian pre marriage counseling will let you learn more about each other, address all the potential conflict causing issues and equip you with techniques to deal with differences in future thus preparing you for a better, happy and successful marriage. Do not hesitate to reach out to Faithful Counseling so that you can have all the tools in your hand for a perfect married life.


  1. Ethan

    it would be nice if there were more options listed that just faithful counseling. This one is $90 a week and that’s too expensive!

  2. Rebecca Caruthers

    I am asking on behalf of my daughter who is looking for online Christian counseling as she and her fiancé Live several states apart. Can you tell me approximately when your first opening is?
    Thank you
    Rebecca Caruthers


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