Marriage Help Online. What Are Your Best Options for Online Marriage Counseling?

Many of us dream of meeting someone special, falling in love and living happily ever after.

Unfortunately, however, even the best dreams can feel like nightmares sometimes. Relationships can be complicated in themselves.

Letting another person into your life and accepting a partner’s imperfections as well as their strengths, is challenging at the best of times.

When daily stresses such as work, children and money weigh down on a couple, even the strongest relationships can become strained.

This is just one example of the kind of circumstance where marriage help online can be helpful.

online marriage counseling

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 A couple does not need to be at breaking point before considering online marriage counseling. Some relationships benefit greatly from ongoing input from trained professionals to prevent misunderstandings and to keep up a healthy dialogue between partners. You don’t even need to be married to seek online counselling together, as many couples no longer feel the need to formalize their partnership.

Taking the first step

Deciding to seek couples counselling is a positive move, and many find online marriage counseling to be a more convenient option. Studies have shown that online counseling works in much the same way as face to face sessions. However, online marriage counseling has several practical advantages over more traditional methods. One such advantage is the ease and in some cases speed, of booking marriage help online.

Whilst there are several websites offering marriage help online, as with face to face counseling, it is important to find a counselor that both partners feel comfortable discussing intimate subjects with. This is why have put together this handy overview of online marriage counselling services.

marriage help online

Fronted by licensed psychologist Iben Larissa Jørgensen, aims to get you talking to an experienced counselor within 24 hours of submitting a simple request on their website.

It can be extremely difficult for one partner to find the time for counseling, let alone two. However, with online marriage counseling, there is no requirement for both partners to be in the same room as each other or the therapist. This is a clear advantage of marriage help online.

This is one of the reasons marriage help online is often much more affordable than face to face therapy. Various different technologies can be utilized to deliver the actual counseling, from email or online chat to video calls, all of which can be tailored to best fit each couples’ individual needs.

Being able to choose your own location for marriage help online assists in relaxing and comforting people. This, in turn, helps with discussing intimate topics that can arise in couples’ therapy, such as infidelity. A lack of geographical restrictions can also increase your chances of contacting a counselor who is more in tune with you and your partner’s specific needs. Whilst all counselors speak English, other languages are also available.


One of the biggest directories of online counsellors, Betterhelp offers three main options, counseling for individuals, couples or teenagers. With nearly 5000 therapists to choose from (but unfortunately no search facility), Betterhelp can feel a little impersonal. Whilst some people may prefer a more detached service, other couples require more of a personal touch, especially when discussing sensitive emotions and feelings.

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As one of Betterhelp’s powerful platforms, ReGain specializes in online relationship counseling either together or as individuals. Sessions can take place via computer, phone or tablet.


Arguably Betterhelp’s main rival, had an estimated 300,000 users in 2016. It is perhaps unsurprising then that some of these users have commented on long waits for responses.

Talkspace uses an app that is available on iOS or Android phones or tablets. Most of the counseling is done via messaging and is not in real time. Live counseling sessions cost more and are also conducted via the app and are, therefore not accessible on desktop computers. This method is more conducive to individual counseling than online marriage help.

Specialist services

Counseling services such as offer therapy in a wide range of areas, one of which is relationship counseling. There are also websites that cater for much more specific requirements.


A part of Betterhelp, specializes in spiritually informed counseling. Whilst ideal for Christian couples, less religious partners might want to avoid this option.

Don’t give up!

Opening up to the idea of therapy can be hard for some people and this in itself can be the source of disharmony in relationships. Online marriage counseling helps to remove the stigma of reaching out to external input. The knowledge that you are not going to bump into someone you know in a waiting room is an added benefit of seeking marriage help online.

It could be argued that the ease of receiving online couples therapy means you have nothing to lose if you or your partner are unhappy. Ending a relationship is emotionally and physically draining and in many cases a lot more expensive than getting professional, affordable advice from or one of the many other websites or apps mentioned here.

Please note that the services mentioned in this article are not suitable in an emergency. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please contact your local emergency services.

online marriage help

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