Online Sexual Trauma Therapy to Heal the Adulthood Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

The after-effects of childhood sexual abuse in adulthood can be severely damaging and, in some cases, if left untreated by a professional sexual trauma specialist, can result in negative impacts on your psychological and emotional development and wellbeing.

Dealing with the effects of childhood sexual abuse in adulthood is a journey that requires an immense amount of courage, strength and support from loved ones, close friends and family as well as a professional and experienced sexual trauma specialist.

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How do I find an online sexual trauma therapist near me?

Finding the right online sexual abuse therapist can be a long and overwhelming process, with so many specialists and therapists to choose from, it may be challenging to find someone that experienced and trained to wholeheartedly understand your circumstance.

At BetterHelp we have put together the most eligible, experienced and certified team of professional sexual trauma specialists that are more than able to assist you through your healing journey.

BetterHelp has over 20 thousand of the best certified sexual trauma specialists that have successfully helped victims of childhood sexual abuse heal from their trauma through online sexual abuse therapy.

A BetterHelp sexual abuse therapist will guide you through understanding the depths of your childhood sexual abuse and how it could cause long-term effects in adulthood, as well as help you better understand how being sexually abused affects relationships.

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We strongly recommend connecting to a sexual abuse therapist to help you fully understand the long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse, how sexual abuse affects you later in life, how sexual abuse can cause hypersexuality and even why and how sexual abuse can cause bipolar disorder.

As a victim of childhood sexual abuse, you may be at risk of developing severe psychological, emotional and physical health challenges as a consequence of subconsciously suppressing or avoiding the reality of your abuse and trauma.

BetterHelp has created a 5-minute sign-up process to connect to the best online sexual abuse therapist. Simply answer this questionnaire carefully and as honestly as you can in order for us to better understand and cater to your needs.

Shortly after, based on your answers we will select the most appropriate and eligible sexual abuse therapists for you to choose from and begin your sexual trauma therapy.

What are the effects of childhood sexual abuse in adulthood?

The effects of childhood sexual abuse can range from causing multitudes of psychological and physical challenges.

Sexual abuse can cause sexual addiction, hypersexuality, early menstruation, or early puberty, sexual abuse can cause eating disorders or even bipolar disorder amongst other psychological effects of sexual abuse.

Uncovering the signs and effects of sexual abuse is different for every sexual abuse victim, you need to consider the severity and the duration of the sexual abuse, to do this you will need the support from a trained professional sexual abuse therapist.

As a victim of childhood sexual abuse you may go through life as an adult unaware or the long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse until very late. In many sexual abuse cases, victims may internalize their pain and trauma for their entire lives and suffer from the traumatic and life-altering damage.

Childhood sexual abuse effects in adulthood can range from:

1. Interpersonal challenges.

Being sexually abused can directly affect your ability to develop and maintain close loving relationships, whether they’re platonic or intimate relationships. You may find it difficult to talk to your partners, friends and even family about the sexual abuse you’ve experienced, opening up and being vulnerable with people causes you anxiety. You may feel embarrassed or ashamed to share your story of childhood sexual abuse because you fear judgment. This causes strain on intimate relationships with a partner.

2․Intimate relationships.

Sexual abuse victims create an emotional barrier, most times subconsciously as a method of protecting themselves from getting hurt again. The effects of childhood sexual abuse can leave you struggling to trust or open up to your significant other, which can also cause trust issues and challenges during intimate moments.

3․Family members, parents or siblings.

If your childhood sexual abuse was with a family member, parent or sibling, this may change the dynamic of your relationship with them, causing distrust, anger, frustration and resentment. Studies have shown that many sexual abuse victims and survivors feel responsible to the change of family dynamics and ensure the well-being of all family members which can cause isolation and loneliness. Many victims have also said that family members had failed to believe or intervene with the childhood sexual abuse, causing strain to family relationships.

4․Relationships with upcoming generations.

Childhood sexual abuse can cause you to feel as though you may not be a safe parent, you constantly fear the same thing happening to your children or grandchildren. In severe cases, childhood sexual abuse victims have reported not being able to physically connect with their children or even changing their nappies as a consequence of having traumatic flashbacks of their experience.

5․Emotional and mental well-being.

Childhood sexual abuse victims and survivors find different ways to good and manage with their trauma. The psychological harm for some can be severe long after the event or during. Around the time of the sexual abuse, you may have experienced several emotions, fear, anger, sadness, confusion, hurt, guilt or confusion. These emotions are usually internalized and develop into depression, anxiety and in some cases, PTSD, C+ PTSD or bipolar disorder.

6․Physical health challenges.

The long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse can cause health complications and challenge from hypertension, heart disease, malnutrition, or mobility issues.

Childhood sexual abuse effects in adulthood can cause countless challenges that may develop into life-threatening effects. We encourage all sexual abuse victims to get in contact with a professional sexual abuse therapist as soon as possible to avoid any further damage or effects.

How does being sexually abused affect relationships?

Sexual abuse can have a direct effect on your relationships in future, living with the effects of sexual abuse can lead you to develop intimacy and trust issues in personal relationships.

Sexual abuse creates a fear of abandonment, you automatically have a wall of defense up and struggle to completely trust people and be vulnerable.

As a result, you are always hypervigilant and question the intention of others which can affect your intimate relationships.

As an effect of childhood sexual abuse, you may experience these challenges in relationships:

  1. The fear of choosing the wrong person.
  2. Guilt or shame about sharing your story
  3. Never feeling good enough for anyone
  4. Self-doubt of your worth
  5. Overly critical of your shortcomings
  6. Unable to trust
  7. Problems with intimacy
  8. Overcompensating
  9. Preferring to stay distant and isolated
  10. Keeping your emotions to yourself

There are reasons that you have developed these challenges and effects of childhood sexual abuse, it is not your fault and it is normal to have these challenges as a victim of sexual abuse.

There is hope to overcome and heal from the trauma in order to stop the effects from further damaging your life.

With the support and encouragement from a professional sexual abuse therapist, you will learn how to effectively deal with how sexual abuse affects you.

How does Online Sexual trauma therapy work?

BetterHelp online sexual trauma therapy helps sexual abuse victims not only recover and heal from the effects, it also teaches you to further understand the depths of your sexual abuse trauma and learn how to identify the signs and effects you may be experiencing in adulthood.

The recovery process of sexual abuse is challenging and unique to each survivor.

Some may experience psychological effects of sexual abuse and some may experience how sexual abuse can cause eating disorders.

Sexual abuse trauma therapy teaches you how being sexually abused can affect relationships and understanding how sexual abuse affects you later in life, from psychological challenges, to physical and emotional challenges.

How will Online Sexual trauma therapy improve my life?

It is advised for all sexual abuse victims to consider sexual trauma therapy, to heal and educate themselves in-depth about the effects and damages of sexual abuse.

The short-term and long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse can be extremely traumatic and devastating, in order to avoid any further complications, we suggest connecting to a sexual abuse therapist.

Through online sexual abuse therapy, you will have the support, comfort and encouragement that you need when recovering from childhood sexual abuse.

Healing from sexual abuse trauma through online sexual trauma therapy will teach you to heal, you will learn more about yourself, your needs and wants.  And you will also rebuild your strength and confidence to live a more fulfilled and trauma-free life without having to constantly be in fear or look over your shoulder.

Healing with BetterHelp is the pathway to an enriched, healthier and stronger mind, body and soul.

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